Intro: About This Website


This website is a blog of my perspective of ARISE Church as a former attendee and now a proactive atheist/humanist/secularist. I am concerned about the alarming rhetoric that is occurring from the pulpit and the coercive recruitment tactics used to exploit the unguarded minds of the young and vulnerable. Much of the rhetoric being delivered consists of themes about triumphalism, winning over a nation, as well as overt calls for the infiltration of New Zealand schools and universities. In addition, some of their beliefs are objectionable; being delusional, anti-scientific, and potentially harming both self as well as others. My conscience has compelled me to start a blog to document what I consider to be a sinister intrusion on society. People should know that the ultimate goal of their mission is “to see a nation won for Jesus” and “to see the love of God put back at the center of our nations agenda.”

Their methods to accomplish this lofty goal consist of rather insidious, deceitful means; deliberately targeting the most innocent and credulous among us-children and teenagers. While ARISE can be commended for some of the charity work that they do, including supplying breakfasts to some primary school children, the money spent on actual charity is only a tiny portion of the total revenue that they collect though donations.

Under the “Sermons” menu item, there is a compilation of transcripts (some complete) taken from recordings of sermons given at ARISE Church, the majority delivered by the lead pastor John Cameron.

About ARISE Church

Arise Church is a modern Christian evangelical Pentecostal church based in Wellington, New Zealand, but it has centers in other cities around the country. It’s founders and lead pastors are John and Gillian Cameron. ARISE was started in 2002 and was originally named City Church Wellington. In 2008 the name was changed to ARISE Church. The church has grown in size consistently since it started, with the Wellington venue currently running three Sunday services. Currently the total weekly attendance is estimated to be around ten thousand across all venues.

The ages of the ARISE Church congregation range from newborns up to around the sixty to seventy year mark.The majority of the congregation consists of youth between the ages of twelve to twenty five or so. ARISE Church makes no secret about it’s deliberate targeting of high schools and universities which they view as lucrative places for recruiting new attendees. ARISE has special Sunday programs to cater to younger members. They also operate different ministries catering to intermediate (BOOST), high school (ELEVATE), and university (Huge!) aged youth.