@7:30 Church, if there’s one thing I know, it is that you and I as Christian believers were designed to have on going and regular encounters with our Jesus

@11:23 We last year, last Sunday sorry, announced our vision for the next ten years of ARISE Church; encounter, community, mission being the process and the three things we are really committing to because we recognise as a church community that if our church is really going to move forward in to the great things that God’s got for it, we need more of us to live our lives out from a God encounter.

@20:01 Notice that when God begins to speak to Jacob in our passage of scripture he never imposes himself upon Jacob. He says, “I am the god of your father Abraham, and I am the god of Isaac.” And then he begins to prophesy over his life, but it is Jacob who makes the decision to say if this god is real then he will be my god.

@20:52 Some people in this room have had great families and a lineage of faith. Others come from brokenness and turmoil. But you know what, no matter what your family background has been like, the moment God intersects your life and becomes your god, then your family begins to make sense at that moment, your life makes sense, your challenges, your family setbacks all just got turned around in to one great-yeah give god praise this morning- that your life counts.

@39:23 Adam and Eve, every evening the Lord would come and walk with them in the garden as a man talks with his friend, he would talk with them, and you and I were designed by God for a living relationship with the king of kings and the Lord of Lords