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Thinking kingship the for this morning we’re going to start reading in verse eight for those who have been hearing me speak in the last few times I’ve been speaking I’ve been talking to our church wherever I’ve been around the topic of worship. I mean when I was a kid I used to listen to Jack a fit on right here Rima and every time I hear him he would often come back to the same of worship and I wondered why that was in fact last year I actually got to meet Jackie I said it’s a funny story but I was in the


and Brian Houston home and Sidney when the toilet was robbed saw the front door and I heard a knock at the door and so I clean myself up as you do trying to spill anything on yourself because when you’re in the bishop’s home you want to look good you know I come out of the toilet and standing right there the front door is Brian Houston pasta Braun used to stand next to him is an elderly man and he’s obviously aged a lot in the time that you know since last August interest Simonson saw him stand it and passed the broadest looks of make his on the first person walk up and goes. Do you know who that is and this points at the Met an elderly man standing in his front

door I’ve just come out of the bathrooms. I’m feeling a little bit nervous that I’m in Brian Houston’s house. Now I’ve just come out of the bathroom and Brian Houston’s house. Brian Houston is standing at the door point to get me and saying that you don’t who day.

You know in

those moments words are not forthcoming I mean they would be for some people brain’s hearing me speak right now my brother would have the answer right there right then but i’m they to tell you that I’m not that guy is just sitting there I have no on something and I think I think it might be J.F.K. said but I don’t want to say it’s Jack a fit because what if it’s not J.K. Finn. So I just thought I’d just keep my mouth shut and after about two or three seconds possible and that we often go this Jaeger So I do it was Jack David. But I never figured Jack a fit saying that regularly he. Well the need in the life of this church to come back to the theme

of worship that every year he said annually he had to bring the people back to the simple theme of worship of the last few times that I’ve been speaking of in really trying to do this because in my hot. I feel like we must always remember that as Christians what defines us is our worship. I want you to understand that you and I need to worship God He does not need us to worship Him in fact put another way nothing changes about God when we worship him. It’s not like his you know he’s not a you know what symbol character you know that the kids watch him play house there’s

need. I can feel your energy move with me I can feel your energy. Well what is

a football on the go go on the go when the kids move with ball on the go go on the go gets more energy like like the preacher meter in my background this morning. You can see basically right now I’ve got a lot so I’m here. And the law is for aggressively doc and if I get you to stand in faith and shout a man then I get right up to this and Bowen the Goes go one of these in a gym it is all lies that with God It’s not like they’re up and even

going to move with me why ship me why shipmate I can feel your energy because you’re worshipping me it

felt like that with God nothing changes about God when we worship Him who were nothing but everything changes about us when we worship him but the Bible says that God is scenes in the shouts of praise of his people in other words when we begin to praise and to worship God they he turns up in our lives and that changes everything. It changes nothing about God but everything about our lives. So being bring in a SPAC to the simple truth you and I in fact as Christians we need to understand what defines a Christian is not a W W J D bracelet.

But I’ve worshiped relationship with the creator of the universe and the fact that we can worship him the. That we do worship Him changes everything about the way that we live the Fed whenever the Bible is gives instructions on what we have to bail like as believe is the majority of instruction is always about our worship. I want you to worship this way I want you to worship me. I want you to pour out your life in worship. It’s all about worship and here in sinking king’s chest the for the site is a passage of Scripture that before

even began to speak as think about this series of messages this passage to spoken I’m a hot and I want to be part of the series and Second Kings chap the four and the site says one day a large share went to sharing them and a well to do woman was there who urged him to stay for a meal. So whenever he came by he stopped to eight. She said to her husband. I know that this man who often comes our way is a holy man of God Let’s make a small room on the roof and put a bit in the table a chair and a lamp for him then he can stay there whenever he comes to us one day when the lies decaying he

went up to his room and lay down there. He called a sieve and got hazel eyes called a shrine of mine so he called her and she stood before him a life to sit to her tell me what have you gone to all this trouble for us now what can be done for You Can we speak on your behalf to the king of the commander of the Army he replied I have a home among my own people. What can be done for her allies to get high as I see it was she has no son and her husband is old then alive she said call it so she call. He called a and she stood in the doorway about this time next year a lot she said you will hold a son and your arms numb our Lord she objected do not mislead your servant a man

of God but the woman became brakeman and the next about the time next year she gave birth to a son just as allies had told her the child grew and one day went out to his dead who was with the rapist’s my head my head. He said to his father his father told a servant Carry. Him to his mother the sivin has lifted him and carried him to his mother the boy’s Saturn and laugh. Until noon and then he died she went out and laid him on the bed of the man of God then shut the door and went down. She called her husband and said please send me to one of the servants and seen me one of the servants and a donkey.

So I can go to the man of God quickly and return. So why go to him today he said it’s not a new moon or the seventh. It’s all right she said and all for Saint is here in this missive I want you to say those three words with me it’s all right one two three. It’s all right this twenty four she settled the donkey and said to his servant lead on don’t slow down for me and listen I tell you so she said out and came the man of God and Mount Carmel when he saw in the distance the man of God said to his servant guys I look there is a showman run a major Nasca you all right is your husband all right is your child all right.

Everything is all right she said when she reached the man of God on the mountain she took hold of his fate. Guys I came to push her away but the man of God said Leave her alone. She is a bit astray as in the Lord is hidden from me and has not told me why didn’t I ask you for a son my lord she said. Didn’t I tell you do not raise my hopes alive. Alicia said the guys I tuck your cloak into your belt take my soft in your hand and run come down to this thirty to win a life to reach the house there was the boy lying dead on his couch. He went and shut the door on the two of

them and prayed to the Lord. Then he got up and then he got on the big and lay upon the boy a mouth to mouth our eyes to our eyes hands to hands and as he stretched himself upon him. The boy’s boy. The boy’s body became real warm allies had turned away and whoa back and forth. In the room and then got on the bed and stretched out on them once more the boy sneezed seven times and opened his on his. Guys. Sorry allies just some and some and get Hayes on and said Cole the show my hand he did when she came he said take your son she came

and fell down at his feet and bowed to the ground. Then he took his son and went out you know is reading this passage of Scripture says for minded that in favor of the see if from this very passage another Symon was preached from this exact same stage. I think God speaking this morning do you believe that Father we pray that is we turned your word this morning that you would turn up and every heart in every life and every building every center that is here in this in Christchurch right now that the presence of God fills the room in Hamilton led the theater be filled with your glory and the camp but he coasts a mosque in you right now for your presence to fold.

That was the open their hearts be changed latest be transformed by you would we ask in Jesus name. And everyone said Amen. There’s an amazing passage of scripture about a time when a life. Was regularly posturing by a place called shown on the Bible tells us that a lie she is a prophet he stands in the office of a prophet. He is literally called by God to bring his words to people he symbolizes for us in our reading this morning the presence of God and the Word of God The object of our worship

he represents for us that the coming of God into a lot of the Bible tells us that a lie shit comes to this woman in the area shown on and she sees them go on by and she says to is self the prophet is passing me by idea to make sure that I give him a meal something within this woman trick is that when God passes you by you blasts God she she understood that is something very powerful about having God possibly by the man alive shall we see is not God but for the sake of a sermon this morning

he represents the. Essence of God passing us by and the need in our lives for a response to God I want you to understand my friends that fundamentally that’s what worship is why ship is our response to the stirring of the creative worship is out hospitality to God what a shift is about the fact that when God passes us by we don’t leave him on the street without a meal when God draws close to us when God passes us boys that our hogs respond to his arrival. We don’t just say God moves through our lives with a kind of an ambience

sense of well that was a curious moment so many Christians stand even in a church service like this one and was singin songs and left in God up and there’s an exile Taishan and worship. Been happening in four different places right now and as we’re reaching out to God I’m here to tell you that God was passing us by his presence began to move and there was two different responses there always is whenever God draws close to people you hearing me this morning. There are those who when God process them by a like this woman and say I have to bring God something he is passing me by and I cannot let him just come and

go without being hospitable to him. There are some people who just watch him pass by let him pass by but others who reach out to the scarred when he reaches their lives and say I want something of God to get into him I go to are going to respond to him. God is moved by people who are hospitable to his arrival he is looking for people who when he draws close again respond to him in worship whether it’s the closing of the eyes whether it’s just literally the opening of a Ha ha I just know that

you can tell not necessarily in the gesture but in the counts and ends of a person when there is a response to heaven does anybody hear what I’m saying then this morning. God is looking for our response. Thing him in worship and the amazing thing about this passage is that the woman feeds the prophet and then the Bible say is that whenever the prophet came back the same way that he would come back to the house because what you feed returns to you. Every parent in the room knows this to be true doesn’t matter how old your kids are when on uncross you just say my mom and dad’s house the sitting on the front row but I arrive at their home get dropped off in a car caught a bus to live in

my dad he gets up early is I’m dead mom’s I’m bent my money. You know some of you look at the grand jury and Anyway I’ll be I’ll be walking in the house the first thing I do is I go to the French and I open it because what they feared returns today. And it’s the same in everything in life what you feed return so you.

If you feed your head in return if you feed cynicism in return. If you feed your wounded and your deservedness then returns but if you feed dogs. If you feed the Word of God If you feed worship

says this This is the difference between Christians who had a moment and Christians who live within moments see they had a moment to touch a tingle and it’s it’s about when the lights go on to on if a given worship for me made since for me I’ve been a Christian for maybe two years before I ever got worship is to read the New Testament find out memorize chapters of the New Testament before I ever got were shipped. But I never forget I was sitting

in Swanson and AUK and abroad at the back in a car reading the Psalms and for the first song when to read a psalm it came alive to me and I had a moment and I knew that I wasn’t reading words to just decide for technical terms or to learn more about the Scriptures but that I was actually having a moment where I was reading a word that expressed worship. Oh God and entering into it I knew that there was a moment I knew God was passing me by I’m so grateful that in my life. Maybe the age of eighteen or possibly nineteen that I fit that moment a fit I feed worship. Because what you feed returned

see is see my friends when God comes to us in moments of allies with his we know what’s in the promo D.V.D. everything when we when we when you God come see you in seconds and hours and times when you know that he’s there in your life feed that moment because what you feed returns to you and because this woman fed God God returned the void of the Lord return to him her alive. My friends. The question for us is would God want to come back to ask would he feel hospitable.

Around Us All my friends this is what God is looking for in our lives is a life that reaches out to God when he turns up in our world and then the Bible says that this prophet keeps coming back and the woman does something so powerful she says well man. If God’s going to keep turning up back in my life. Then I did a build a room for God oh God I’m going to make sure that when he comes to my house he doesn’t do so right. There have a meal and leave. I want him to have a room where he can stay if it’s one thing and we need allies.

It is a room for God The worship responds close to us that we would make a room for God that we would open up our hots to him alive to him that we would make room in our lives for Jesus’ little that this woman knows that she wasn’t just constructing a room she was building a literal miracle road. She was creating an environment for God to step into her life and do all only God can do those two A friendly to the presence of God come to realize in their lives that there are

some things. You cannot obtain in and of yourself you can earn it. You got word for it you can deserve it but what we need now lies is a miracle from heaven and here we find this woman builds in a life a miracle room for God. It takes time to build a miracle room. It costs you something to build a miracle room it takes time to build a miracle room. It costs you to build a miracle room and God is looking in our laws for our response to him to build a miracle room that he can dwell in Miracle

rooms don’t come cheap. You don’t build a miracle room just blood drawn a few fish sheets of corrugated on the side of the half a saw the lane turn is not a garden shed miracle rooms have to be built well that’s to be constructed with excellence and the Bible tells us that this Miracle room was constructed by this woman on the roof of the house she had to add a story on in order to build a miracle rooms a built in our lives for the word and through worship might be struggling to connect us with some people because you’ve got to

understand that I’m not preaching here just about a life that’s about Bible principles of course we’re going to preach said. But this is about a Hobbs relationship with the king of the universe and if you’re on the outside looking in and that if you discover religiosity you’re not a living relationship with Jesus then it seems confusing but what I know is that there are people I want to be one of them who built rooms in their lives for God to dwell rooms than an ordinary room set on their own by and consumed with just cooking and cleaning or sleeping or entertainment or socializing. But people who have the presence of Jesus in their lives.

Bill Ruth said God dwells

and have a taste for the

miraculous they built spices in their world with God can hang out with. Him. If you haven’t got a miracle room you can stop making one today. If your word and the worship become real in your life then from this moment forward everything could change because every believin needs a miracle road. It’s just what you get when you come to church on a Sunday you’ll never get the true thing that God wants for you in your life because you’re passing by his possum by you can hear the word of the Lord as it passes by the gods come all for

every believe in them and he wants to make his home in a hobby. He wants

to come and hang out. He’s looking for people who are going to build a miracle room that he can Twell and I can be with you I can come any time I like the swarm and went through the exercise my friends. It takes word and it takes worship and the construction method is time. In our microwave generation where like me put a piece of frozen bread in the module I put in there to make the kids’ lunches on a Monday morning why is it always Monday morning that there is no bread ready to go. Probably because Sunday is the chaos. But you

give the bread you put it in the Marco and then for twenty seconds your waiting is because.

And I’m standing in front of a can. I don’t maybe starting at nine o’clock I think that now I get an error

and you know in this model brain the saying goes on we want everything to be quick but you can’t microwave

thought. Firstly doesn’t fit in this Secondly.

Second he doesn’t buy into absence of her


But we’re going to make a decision in our laws do we want to build a miracle room for him to do well and this woman said Man he’s passing by we fed him he keeps coming back but let’s take it to the next level. How do we let’s make him feel at home here. Let’s give him a permanent place where. Anytime he wants to get a scan up in our lives. The first in the happen to me have to begin to be awakened to God was to begin the construction of my miracle room when I used to get up early in the morning when we lived in Mantell but in Oakland and I would cry in early in the mornings and apparently I made too much noise but when I was

praying when I was reading my Bible at the age of eighteen and nineteen I was starting on the miracle room was building a miracle room. Why wasn’t this prayer wasn’t just devotions I was building a miracle room was getting the place ready for God to come and hang out and so I was to this the spot might take me five hours but I’m going to get another blog done among miracle runes. There’s a formula either but it’s about PSI and will undergo to devote my life to the construction of my miracle room and the pick in the middle of favorite is felt like God said to me fast food a fast Face Book read the Bible cover to cover before you open your bible

again I’ve just joined Twitter again in the last couple days but for the last two months I have been looking at any media had me watching any television of the missing the hurricanes games this is a massive prize take up in go on without the what I’ve been doing is building my Merkel room because it takes time to build the miracle room. It takes devotion to build a miracle room. It’s about a deeper life of worship that makes a place for God to listen I want you to understand and analyze it is only one place you can build your miracle room.

One can send it when you and I come to build a miracle room for God you can build a miracle room is extent as an extension. God is not the West Wing he’s not the East Wing he’s not the extra bit outside when this woman says let’s build the room on the house. She’s speaking to you and me about the only place where you can make room for God and that’s going to be above God is not an extension he is an elevation.

C’mon if we’re going to make room for God to

live if we’re going to make room for God to live there’s only one. Place we can make it and that is to build it above we we cannot go wider to make space for god he’s going to be higher without adding something extra into allies will lowering everything else the preeminent view the number one point the highest height has got to be the room that God listens. This is only one way to build a miracle room and that’s the place that above place it above our thinking place that above our daily retain place that above our our marriage our family finances a life that can sense. We have to put the miracle

room above everything else. Then a vis A live in the Bible tells us that one day a lie. She came to the woman’s house and laid down in his room which we could preach that. That could just be one way you’re telling me that this woman made a room for God for the man of God symbolizing in allies the presence of God and that he literally came in just hung out.

There he lay down there he just turned up and decided on not going to I’m just going to lie down. I’m going to hang Al in my miracle room on a sense of the struggle for people to get the hint around this is to recognize that God is actually looking to make his home in our hearts he actually DOES NOT just want to ask to have religiosity he doesn’t just want us to put take some boxes of church attendance. He actually wants to take us deeper he wants to make his home in our lives and the Bible tells us that this woman made

Comerica room and that God came and hung out. He laid down. That’s amazing because you always want to place the place where you hang out. Oh man. If you can get this straight in your head this morning that wherever you hang out live you. Want to get better. I love Wellington. I love Christchurch I love Hamilton and wherever I hang out I wanted to get better. Nobody ever moved into a house and said we’re going to make this worse than when we moved in and let’s say of the devil or one of those neighbors from hell but you know when you move into your house you always want to improve it always want to bless it always

want to increases and he has a Bubble says that a lot is just hanging out in his bid is lying down and vive this eleven is lying down but by verse thirteen. He’s saying what can be done for young you’ve

built the room. You’ve built the room. Now what can be done for you.

Oh man. Listen. Wow. Because this is a rich check. She’s still playing this is a red

chick this woman is not a widow she’s done impoverish she’s not a need. She’s a well to do woman. I don’t know what she’s highbrow she’s having a high tea at the hotel. She says cutting going on her husband’s rolling in it. She’s got servants and not said a husband will let them go from the paddock and take you to the prophet she’s a ranch check and God turns up in your life and says what can be done for you because of what you’ve done for me and other words he’s not emphasizing her needs. He’s emphasizing who deservedness Wow. Because now we sudden I understand the

gods response to the construction of a miracle room is to bless the place where he feels the harm to miracles come into our lives church not just because we are worthy of the miracle but because we make a home for God in our lives. He is looking for people who are going to make him feel at home so that he then is triggered to bring the miracle into our lives a logic goes up. He lies down. He wants the boy place a place where he hangs out because you always have a hot full way you feel at home. What can

be done. You miracle room causes miracles from the Miracle room came a miracle miracles cause miracle rooms cause miracles from the Miracle room came the

miracle because this woman wanted the presence of God in her life and because she built this room then things began to happen in her life. Jesus on the man a transfiguration is literally so transfigured that he begins to glow and then the disciples come down the mountain when they come down the mountain the other nine to Saville’s have been trying to cast a demon out of a boy and it’s an amazing thing to understand my friends

that miracles come from the Miracle room miracles come from the Miracle

room here they come down the mountain The confronted with the situation and the boy’s father comes to Jesus this boy who has these seizures and the father comes to Jesus and says if you can do anything to help us help us and Jesus is low hang on a minute if you can anything is possible for him who believes and the boy’s father says I do believe but help me overcome my unbelief. He say and I recognize

that a miracle is possible but I haven’t got a miracle room. And Jesus is well because you put one block thing because you lay down before me then you started to build your miracle room and miracles come from the miracle run and the disciples then come to Jesus and so I will hang on a minute why couldn’t we cast the demon and and Jesus it was this kind doesn’t come out a simple prayer and fasting and always you have to make a home for God in your hot. You have to pay a price you have to enter into my presence. You

can microwave this you can’t want to have the Regulus power and never worship the God of the miracles. You can never spend any time in the ME. Circle Room and expect miracles to break out everywhere you go you have to devote your life to the miracle room if you want the miracle the come to your world and man I reckon goddess look innocent people in New Zealand for going to say I’m not just going to let God passing by and not going to let him just wander through my life I’m not just going to allow him to drift in and truth that when he gets in the I’m going to feed him was unfair I’m going to build a home for him his presence is going to come and live with me

and varicose again I have been in my life. Come on somebody give God some praise God wants to turn up in a loss could have been that we could believe that we would not just build an ordinary church. I don’t want to build a church that’s just ordinary love hearing stories this morning and uprise reports here in Wellington of praise the ring prayed and answered. This is supposed to be a miracle room. This is a cloak for miracle rooms and Hamilton That’s your miracle room and then we build a private miracle room and God’s once

believe us who are going to be defined not just by the events of the allies but by the miracle rooms in their lives who who carry unusual favor who step into Blessing beyond what they deserve to see the hand of God move in their lives and ways with which they feel perhaps unable to access but can’t because of the presence of God in their world a Miracle room moves this woman from natural success to supernatural favor. See in the natural this woman’s already successful. But she can succeed who way too

with some say in our lives there are things that you can to succeed your way into them. You can’t just say. No matter how much results you have in your life no matter how hard working you are. Can bring miracles in the old world being hard working is good the Bible says you should date but God doesn’t want us to just be studious and hardworking he wants us to be miraculous He wants us to bring what we could never earn or profit our

way to into our laws and it comes by building America around this woman went from so highly successful to supernaturally favored the favor of God comes from a miracle rune the blessing of God flows from the Miracle rune the touch of heaven and allies comes from the miracle run the unobtainable. Comes from America runs what the money cannot buy America room can provide so in verse eighteen the Valvo tells us that this woman is visited by

God feeds and builds a home for

him a miracle room gets a

miracle from the Miracle room. And then of finally says and verse eighteen that tragedy strikes this woman who’s being given this great gift has something go wrong in her life. I think that every person here in this you need to understand the significance I truly believe that at this moment in this woman’s life is when we see the power of a Miracle Road and allies. It’s not when life goes well that our miracle room comes into play.

It’s when it goes awry. It’s when you can figure things out that the miracle room is the most needed when I was a young believer in fact all my life really of being a poor sleeper. So I always wake up during the nine and I made a decision as a young believer that if I woke in the night it was because God wanted Martin. So I just made a decision that of God wakes me he gets me so if I sleep. I sleep but if I wake I wake for him so no movies.

No T.V. no no no just reading stuff. If I’m awake in the night. I’m awake for Jesus. So a power price read my Bible would should put on worship cities destroyed to spend time in the presence of God because that’s my miracle room. It’s amazing to have in your life. I Miracleman because the Bible tells us that. When this woman experiences tragedy can you imagine being given this Miracle and then having your husband send the boy who’s complaining of a headache. He comes back home and she holds his son in her lap and this

boy just flat out DAWs What is she to see what do you do when life doesn’t work when it’s not going the way that you want. What do you do when it comes unstuck because if you’ve got nowhere to go then it’s a very bad day but this woman. All she knew was to do what she had and that’s to grab the boy in or alms and to walk up the state is and the Bible says she laid her dead son on the Prophet’s bed and then walked out and shuts the door. There are moments in your life where you have to take

your problem to the miracle

room leave it there and is shut the door through the season when you can figure it out and it’s beyond our comprehension and the problem defies a natural solution to what doesn’t have a natural solution always has a supernatural solution as God is not postulate sufficient he is all sufficient always able never lacked the power and so this woman takes this problem. I don’t know what

your problem is but I know that you can take it to the miracle room. You can take a broken marriage to the miracle. Room. You can take a broken finances to the miracle room. You can take ill health to the miracle room and then she shuts the door she walks out and she says to her husband air it’s all right so what single made this passage come so alive in my heart is that I know what it feels like to be this woman are never forget returning home one day only I’m on my own box and finding in the massive document of paper that told Jillian life that we had a leaky home and a two hundred eighty thousand dollar repair bill on the first one that would have

a boat with a first homebuyers deposit and realizing that we were hundreds of thousands of dollars short on being able to appear what they said was a problem with our home and no and that I had a problem there was days in my life and bigger than I could naturally comprehend but I’m glad that I would spend not just the last few days but the last years of my life getting ready I didn’t realize I’d been getting ready I had no idea that I’ve been getting ready. All I knew was that God was waking me in the night all I knew was that when you’re a Christian you read the Bible you put blocks in a miracle room your growth and your intimacy

with God So when it all fell a plot and I couldn’t sleep. I took the problem to the mirror and go room. That’s the only place I can take it was to the marital room. I put it in the miracle room under the Forget will going to church the next Sunday morning got the letter six o’clock on a Saturday night walking into church the next Sunday morning and having to put a small in my face and literally to say A It’s alright visit date son in the miracle room but it’s alright. You can help

me but then everyone can change me that can fix things but this can transform and I can’t get it from here but I’ve already gotten their kids. All right. He didn’t deserve a clue. Oh my gosh. Somebody is realizing that the life isn’t defined to spice. One step back for tragedy zero circumstance but there is a miracle around but you can take the impossible to somebody if you’re seated some pray on a God He is the God of miracles.

He is the God

of nervous predecease. Unable to get flying to get to Melbourne once and one morning when my son had been sick the night before and getting to Melbourne calling jillions are you going to go to the doctor the Cygnus it’s not just the flu. She goes to doctor and she gives me a call about an hour later I’m driving in a car in the middle of a nice Melbourne and she says to me we’re gonna wait in the airport. They say he might have the sickness called William borrow I say to my driver Have you ever heard of a sickness googly in Bahrain. He said heard of it I had it. They carried me into the hospital the age of fourteen I couldn’t walk again until I was seventeen I had to have single my legs to teach me you know like Forrest Gump

to teach me how to walk again and I was just this whole tragedy in my life he had had I’ve never heard of that he drove to my hotel room what do you do. What do you do when you’re trying to white to the next flight back to Wellington You got to wait for the next morning I answer you call to them they’re a cool room. I spent that night and then they’re a cool room I sprayed all night fever maybe to have was the one that whole my but I spent my time in the miracle room and about how plus three in the morning saying you’ve got to come to this miracle room God I need you to come I need your word

in my life I can fix this but you can you have the God of America’s and then begin to claim every scripture on healing in the Bible and declaring it over my son and I’ll never forget it and help us three in the morning realizing that I was having a picture in my mind some sort of vision of a big boy now up until this time will it always been a normal height but a sort of picture of a teenager Toal blonde here said above other people confident surrounded by friends big smile on his face and I knew that God was saying. He was going to be healed and

it would be all right. I got on the plane the next morning I came home. You know my son there was like literally a head taller than all the kids in his class. He is literally walking in the picture that I got at half past three in the morning and I can’t guarantee is there will always be gone but I know it’s your message now.

But this is what I love is

that God is looking for people going to understand that he passes you

by for you to fade him and when you feed him he returns the waiter returns you build around when you go tomorrow you get Americal And when you

get American you can get another color vertical room and this morning that God is looking for people who are going to live in America room build a miracle room with this

woman she shut out every voice just shut the door. Sometimes you can talk to people that what’s wrong. I’m not saying you can’t talk your up line. I’m not saying you can’t talk to a few conference. But this woman she won’t talk to a husband about it she want to get Hazel about it. She was there a discerning character.

She just gets to the prophet falls down a nasal passage who told me the chicken is

son says take the stuff and run. I didn’t read out this morning the riddles much scripture but a law says if you go and he says she says I will not leave you I need you to come with

me that is also because she sent all I need is God in my miracles. I don’t need a doctor’s report and into different bank statements on a

god in one miracle room. That’s the change that I need. That’s a true. Information that I

need is caught in my miracle. She brings him back and you know the story lost a liaison a son. Head to head mouth to mouth. The boy comes back to life again she says take your

son while my sister has the power of a miracle right.

This woman had one and I reckon God wants every Christian believer to have one.