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know who needs take who you may be best to override it in New Zealand who we know is that meet enjoying it or it didn’t buy it now you news know no

warning are what I want to hear Miss it’s called by say and that we as a people have got a call to live by face. You know this became very real to me in my life when on the church day before passionate conference. I fell down the stairs of my house and suffered whiplash. It’s an incredibly painful condition which some of you may have experienced a heart to heaven but essentially my whole Nick basically felt like it was out of place and kind of had it was kind of felt like it was a wank E.F.L. I my nick was on a tourist pick that if I turned it it was like going to falafel something and sure is I was the day that I was going to finish off all my final notes and

messages and do my final preparation and there I am attempting to do this while in agony her knows that at that moment we need to live by faith that we know that no weapon formed against us will prospect and that God is always got the victory over the defeat that we face. You know I want to say that this misses doesn’t come out of an absence of trouble. I mean you just think about it John got hit by cars that injures some stress to me. Yes it does. You know and there have been some challenges they have been some moments for all of us asked

by test and Curry and I really believe that as a Christian believer. I certainly had a reasonable level of price. I wouldn’t say that my faith was completely lacking I had faith to come to Wellington when I didn’t know anybody give up all my friends and the security of a job and an income. I had faith to join with John in the India of is that God has called us in and it’s been measures of faith that have come along the way like a soul I believe that sometimes we have faith for an area of ally but not necessarily. For the whole of

allies and I believe as Christians that in this room today. Some of us have faith for some things and not faith for other things and God wants us to take hold of the shield of faith that covers all of the aspects of our lives. You know it’s interesting that if they Jance six talks about the fact that we are fighting a fight of faith in the weapons about Wolfie or not the weapons of this will that I fight is not against flesh and blood. But against the spiritual forces and principalities and the Haven lace. But one of the things that we are commanded to do if you like was really

told to do with great emphasis as take up the shield of faith. This geode was a Roman geode it wasn’t like the little ones you might a saying and some things like a little but Cliff shield it wasn’t like a little round shield it didn’t just kind of cover the hot only the Roman she owed that they referring to the it was the size of a door. It was a massive I mean they would have had strong muscles to cut those things around. That’s a story for another day. But they. This was the size of a door. It was huge and as we can understand from it being that size. It did not just cover one pot of the a

body it covered their entire being it covered their entire life. So when we are commanded to take up the shield of faith. We are being commanded to take up faith that covers every area of our lives faith out of everything that we face fight of every challenge faith of every obstacle. You know for some of us in this room we might have faith that God would use us and ministry but not that God would use us in our profession. We might have faith that God will provide a house for us but not faith that he will provide a lifelong Patna for us we might have faith that he can heal

us but not faith that he can provide you know and all of the journey as a Christian believe that we start off. Firstly people have no faith. It’s kind of like minus faith the absence of fight. I believe that. And this room because we have the first level of faith which is saving faith. Which is a belief in Jesus Christ and a belief that because we believe in Him we become sons and daughters of God We’ve been adopted into his family I could talk on about that for Eva but we have firstly got saving faith then God moves us on in this journey of faith and we discover that we have some seeds of faith that we have seats that have been planted in certain areas that we believe we could reap the

harvest. We believe for this potential thing to happen we believe perhaps faith in this area and the harvest. But God wants us to not just have seeds of faith but to end up with great faith. Great faith. You know Jesus commanded the people in the Bible who had great faith and I believe that God wants us and cools us to have the studios to take up the show to have a face covering over every pot of our lives to be applying faith to every area not just the areas perhaps we’ve already had experience of a breakthrough. You know I think it’s easy to have faith that things were same. But God calls us to have the faith

of things that we haven’t yet seen. I believe that a New Zealand we’re going to see amazing move of God we’re going to see this nation one we’re going to see things that haven’t been saying I believe the day will be throwing everything he can at us because we’ve started to build a rise H.Q. and you know what it’s dominoes at all I can see is dominoes. As soon as that is built. Oh my goodness the devil knows that the next building the next building the next building the Knicks building the Knicks boating the Knicks building the next building the Knicks building up and down this nation. You see dominoes because we begin to see that in every area of our lives God

wants us to have say. You know I prepared this message today. And obviously I can’t talk about our whole lives just wouldn’t be time and you people would want to leave. So what I have done today is prepared what I want to call a faith and Jackson efface injection into three key areas of the Christian believers life. Your finances your health and your relationships. Say when John Hurt his shoulder in the accident and he kind of drooped who’s a little bit said. Anyway he needs to keep doing as physio exercises I’ve become a negative wife doing exercises doing

exercises but anyway what they did is they came and thank you Dr dine for your help they came and they and chick did right into the spot that hurt and I put a steroids in a spot and amazingly the show to the pain and the muscle stopped being tight and there was relief and I believe that in these three key areas they can be quite a lot of taint snus quite a lot of tightness quite a lot of struggle and I believe go once and Jack by the power of the Holy Ghost just some words of life that will bring release and freedom over those things that are being tightly bound and our lives in Jesus name. OK so I want to stop firstly by talking about King Eissa and Chronicles

just to paint this picture for us of how we can have faith for great things but then let faith and some areas see this king had faith for the battleground. But not faith for the bedroom so let’s have a look at it. OK it says this and Second Chronicles fourteen verse nine once in a theo peon named era attacked Judah with an omni of one million men. I can hear some of our one media. That’s a bad movie one million man and three hundred chariot. They advance to the town of Marisha Eisa deployed his armies to battle in

the valley north of Marcia then a sick cried out to the Lord his God a lot. No one but you can help the powerless against the mighty help us our Lord we trust in you alone. It is in your name that we have come against this vast hoard a lot you God Do not let me and men prevail against you so the Lord. Defeated the Ethiopians in the presence of aces and the army and the enemy fleet.

Here we have unimaginable odds a battleground a battle a fit with a should know it when three hundred thousand vs a million three to one I don’t know is that right David. It’s a lot against a small amount. Let’s just say that. So basically that up against challenge it’s and Samantha go but he had faith he had faith. He began to go into this battle by faith. You know I think sometimes in our lives there are areas where we have say there are areas we are prepared to act the south a way a prepared to fight this but I want to talk to us that sometimes we

might not feel ready for the life but the challenges that get thrown about at us. Sometimes we might not feel like we’ve got our faith at the ready. But God wants us to know that we are always people of faith no matter what happens in any given day that every day we live by faith. Every day we live by faith and not by size and King I say he had faith on the battleground he had faith the military and data that the Lord was mighty in battle that the Lord would prevail and of course he saw the laws amazing victory and defeat of his enemies we see then the weight of the law it comes to a so with a caution.

It says and to sustain this to listen people of Judah and Benjamin the Lord will stay with you as long as you stay with him when ever you seek Him you will find him. But if you abandon him he will abandon you. So he’s given a prophetic caution keep seeking him. What if a challenge whatever you face don’t abandon the Lord keep seeking him and I live sometimes we think God is only interested in certain moments God is interested in every moment. Let’s see what happens to the skank who had great faith what happens to those men that were like wow that was victory because the faith. Let’s see what

happens says this and this a live in of checked assisting service twelve. Of in the thirty ninth year of his reign. I said developed a serious foot disease growth. Yet it even with the severity of his disease. He did not seek the Lord’s help but turned only to his physicians. So he died. Now I’m really glad that I don’t live with someone with a serious foot disease that because he grows. Hi honey How’s your foot. You try to keep a wall of separation quite glad that John’s got healthy faith. Just letting your know.

Pope Francis case I mean anyone sane on the horizon about the fact he didn’t have a pick us how ridiculous. Anyway. Turns out faith a quite interesting to people and so this guy he had faith for the purpose for the proposer the public area of his life he had faith for what was seen in the glory of the battle but he didn’t have faith for his personal challenge in fact he didn’t have faith that God would heal him he didn’t have any faith at all because he didn’t even ask. He didn’t even ask God to help. I mean Ascot by helping the enemy was routed you would think if you

had Stinky Feet serious issues that you would have us alone to help but he didn’t you know I think this is with Sometimes we living by what we see rather than living by what is unseen God wants us to act the supernatural faith that his faith is available in every area. You know we can thank gods available if I come and serve a church that the thing will happen in my life Oh God God can work in this spot and portion of my life but not on the spot if he had prayed the Bible as outlying lining it very clearly that if he had prayed he would have been healed. That’s why the scripture is

there because he should have us teach this is quite clearly he turned only to his position doesn’t say he should have gone to a doctor but the problem was he. When only to his doctor not to the great physician he needed to go to the great physician and I believe he would live and would not have died. You know in our lives I want to put out there this the thought the smoking in this challenge that is asked they contain to areas that we think God is interested and as us they contain this morning to certain areas of our life that we perhaps saying God do something and so we believe he

can you know I think sometimes our experiences dictate the faith that we carry for our lives that God wants us not to just live by phone experience but based on His Word and His promises and the truth of his would is that if we live by faith then just about anything is possible in fact it is anything is possible for him who believes in Jesus and if you ask in My Name. You will there are even greater things I mean how to comprehend that we could do anything greater but the Bible says it so we must believe it and it’s a living would have gotten it is a truth that can fit us free and put us on the right path. I said

changed from not from saying no one but the Lord can help to not seeking his help. We willing to ask God for His help. We willing to trust that by His Spirit we will see change when we have faith that God is able to help in every battle both public and private you know I think that sometimes F.A. is just too limited God wants us to grow F.A. that it would cover every area of our lives Romans eight thirty two says since he did not speak to even his own son that gave him up

for soul. What he also gave us everything else. He didn’t hold back. Jesus do we think he’ll hold back those of a blessing. Do we think he’ll hold back health that we desire. Do we think he’ll hold back a job that we’ve been praying for do we think he’ll hold back. That spouse that we’ve been longing for if he didn’t withhold Jesus. The Peten is that he is not a withholder that we have to get out faith on that we have to grab the shield and then we have to start to access

those promises. I want to encourage you today to begin to name it and claim it. I know I have shied away from some of these things and you might sort of react to that and think Oh she’s being overly Pentecostal this morning well yes yes I am in a pain to cost witches and the truth is that a trip us would says if we ask for anything in his name according to His will He hears us and he will perform and so this morning I believe that some of us need to name it and claim it in Jesus’ name in the nicest way. So let’s get into these three areas this morning. Let’s get into these three areas where I believe

we need to begin to claim the promise of God and by faith act out what God would have us do. Let’s have a stop and join star in the Prophet OK safe enough finances site enough finances. Why would I bring faith and I finances the first one because I believe it is an ongoing challenge to live by faith because I think that we are an incredibly generous church see today this this point is not for the convincing of those that don’t give this point is not to convince you to give if you don’t give I think you silly. I think you’re ignoring the word of God and the truth of God that

shows abundant placing windows of heaven opening. So I’m not here today trying to convince you to give OK. What I want to do is talk to every person here who is already giving and you see because of the generous giving about church. I know that I’m talking to people that a giving but what I think as that sometimes we have giving without linking linking and connecting af faith with giving say we don’t give blindly we don’t saw it just like that we saw in faith. So whenever I receive an offering you notice I would. They saw in

faith today. Put your faith together with your IP today. You see we have to connect the faith with the action. So we connect the fight we believe that when we sowed God says He will open the windows of heaven that have a look at Malakai eyes is this Melaka three bring the tides in the storehouse so there be enough food in my tempo. If you do I will open the windows of heaven for you I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it and try it put me to the test your crops will be abundant I will God them.

I will I will I will see this scripture. I believe is a promise and in our sowing we combine a faith with the promise. So what am I talking about this is getting a little bit by is it true that the let’s bring it here. So perhaps you are looking for a job. My friend you’ve been a faithful giver. God will faithfully provide rebuke the devour a and declare that his provision is in your life begin to proclaim claim and name his promise. My friends if you’ve been faithfully giving that he has a job and a provision

for you if you’ve been faithfully tithing he will rebuke that advice. A few alive that business idea will prosper. Don’t worry it is being failed God save his word that he will open the windows of heaven so Axxess the promise by proclaiming and declaring this of our lives when we give online when we give insight when we saw or put it together to say look today as I say this into the harvest God I believe you would open the windows of heaven of my life of my family they will prosper my life I believe you got a house and a harm to me I believe my business will sell I believe my business will increase I believe that you are the God of ideas you are the God

of inspiration. You’re the God of all creation I believe that this will overflow in my life see this promise is a promise of. So the flow not just surviving but thriving my friends we need to give by faith. Now why do I start here because the neighbors a season Haber’s Chapter eleven in the book of the greats the great examples of faith it is fascinating to me that God is not the accidents in Scripture in the first person that it talks about us living by faith was

able an able does one thing that is not where they what do they differ he gives an offering by faith. So my friends don’t just give your offering give it by saying give it by faith and see that God would unlock the supply of Hidden of the all life. I encourage you to read Hebrews eleven later but I see them both for. It was by faith that Abel brought a more acceptable offering to God than tainted what separated offering faith. Why because it took faith able to give the firstborn because he didn’t know anything else

was coming after they put his trust in the unseen not in the same when we give by faith we are ultimately declaring we do not trust and what we see. We do not trust in the world economy we trust in the supernatural and abundant provision of God You see I know the housing market is a bit crazy here in Wellington right now but if we are a person of God then by faith. If we have been giving we say got you have a house for me a place nay all to a place where I can raise your young begin to The clear that he will provide

that he has got something set aside for you begin to name it begin to claim it because you’ve been getting by fight this should be a raping by faith in Jesus mighty nine. I’m in safe enough finances abled off at his best he didn’t count on what had not yet arrived he had to just go and do it and sometimes in our lives there is a sowing is season and then a reaping. But if we have faith we can trust that God will rebuke to devour and his promise will come to pass. You know I have she had before but it’s it’s a funny little story. But when John and I were

literally living on the smell of an oily rag and often apprehension with a few gold coins in an envelope went out even in an envelope sometimes I have no idea they were just some random gold coins and later books. No idea how to kind of work out but amazing how a few dollars can keep you going sometimes. And back in those days when we were just giving our lives to serve God and you know it was. It was it was hard work but it was also Faith Faith Challenging in faith growing we were down to one last meal and I had I was in charge of the food this to say that’s a good thing John being in charge of

the food. I don’t want a pancake so little time and so it’s a good thing that I was in charge of the food and I realized that we had one chicken and a whole lot of vegetables so it you know we can be out a they can awake but on a ADA it’s like give me the mate. So this was a this was a problem we were going to run out of meat we had one chicken and John to see me a baby so my hat we’re going to have this couple ever we need a we need ten spend time with the M. and I’m like OK but just so you know I was only got one chicken left that’s going to be the mate for the week so just so you know and he goes That’s OK baby. We’re going

to slow that chicken see what he did. We’re going to sew them that chicken into them and I made sure it was good I roasted it up good that was good chicken crispy skin but have to pick from the council gotten those of the day from our net when I remember one of them anyway cooked up a chicken but you know what John did that shifted everything as he said we’re going to sell it so if we didn’t just give in and have a nice meal he connected

say to what we gave I think this is such a great analogy for us and. Lives that we have to connect F.A. to what we’re giving and so it’s like OK we’re going to slaughter this chicken and so we cooked it up we had a beautiful beautiful time together and then the next day I’m like OK. What am I going to make out of these vegetables. And that surely that same next morning I have no idea how this happened up to outdoor rocks a white van a white T. go van and dropped off delivered to our front porch was not one not two but nine frozen chickens. I gotta

say sometimes there is here and I think God was laughing that die. Because literally we had connected faith and then we reap the harvest I was just glad there wasn’t a long time between the sea time and have a set time. Oh I’ve got to say sometimes you do get sick a chicken. Shouldn’t complain I’m grateful and I’m grateful Lord. That’s another message right there isn’t it OK let’s get into this when God will provide Let your faith go to work the F.B.I. has to be put to work. It’s not me to dispell I quietly there in the background of just giving. Just

giving another company a test. I’m giving and thought is going to bless me believe it in jesus name. I want to charge you today. Don’t just hold to heart hope to faith hope to faith of your finances and over the provision for your family. The second point this morning. The second faith injection at sites and how you know Scripture shows us time and time again that trouble with the health as actually a blessing as much as we might feel like it’s a kiss when able with that it’s a blessing because God does something in our lives through suffering. Jesus was made perfect through suffering we can never mitigate the sovereignty of God and when it comes to health

and sickness on the first to say we don’t know everything but I believe there are some scriptural principles of how we apply say to when we as suffering when a loved one is suffering. Perhaps we have a child or press we have someone in our lives who has got a health challenge and it’s a real challenge that I believe these are the scriptural principles of how we apply faith when I turn to James Chapter five this fourteen. John Chapter five this footing and it says this any of you sick. You should call for the elders of the church

to come and pray or the you anoint in you with oil in the name of the Lord such a prayer offered in say will heal the sick and the Lord will make you well and if you have committed any sins. You will be forgiven. So the scripture leaves no room for debt doesn’t say as you know sometimes you can have the faith to pray for yourself. Sometimes you don’t have the fight that’s required. I love. That because the person who is sick doesn’t stand condemned that they don’t have the faith to be well sometimes you just don’t have the power the fight when you’re in pain and you’re

suffering and the Bible has these Hey let someone else give you the I say get someone to pray with you lay hands on you and the prayer also to incite will make you well see we see this again an instance of the paralytic who was brought to Jesus Loa through the roof that it wasn’t his faith that made him well it was their faith. Jesus looks at them and says their faith has made you well because the friends brought the person into the prisons an anointing of Jesus to be raised up to life. The sometimes of ways that quick so easily get condemned. But God takes us on a journey up

a thickening something in us through suffering and also we have to humble F.L. then ask other people for help. Sometimes we don’t want to let people into what we’re suffering or share this issue. We feel like somehow it weakens us if we share our weaknesses Well I love that God never condemns witness he says Let the weak say I’m strong. You know when we come to God When we come to others with a problem they should be this beautiful covering that takes place. We see this happening by faith. We can access healing and we can see that God will do something great in our lives when we come and offer this prayer faith.

You know we don’t know sometimes why sickness doesn’t go when we pray we see that the Apostle Paul the super apostle of great man of God I mean you would think that anything he prayed for would happen he had a handkerchief and I went to somebody you know like he just had an ID prayer with a handkerchief it was given to his shadow Lou That’s amazing you know he did these crazy things that God just use them to heal people all around them and yet the Bible says that he was contending with his own sickness. He had a thought on his flesh that never left and he prayed he prayed that it would go and many people think it was some kind of and family some kind of

sickness some kind of difficulty and he’s a super apostle with these other people he owed and yet didn’t leave his life but you know what we notice about this poll said that he didn’t stop praying that it would be taken away. So we had to neva give up. We are never to give up in except the affliction we have to continually contained. We had to fight the fight a fight. We had to continue to pray continue to us continue to think and believe and look for God’s healing. You know it’s amazing thing that pull he was kept humble by that boy and I mean he was a mighty man to go up perhaps pride would have taken him out if he didn’t keep the still and I don’t know. I don’t know why sometimes sickness Dyson’s that this

goes but what I do know is that as a people of God but living by faith we continue to pray and believe that God would do something by faith we receive Priya and by faith we can face healing can facing a healing is found in the in the scriptures we take hold of the scriptures that talks about Jesus and what he did on the cross by history. I am healed by his stride by His stripes Not only is sin and if broken but so is infinity. You see we take the Scriptures of the Word of God and we let them common us spirit and when we can face. Them with our mouth. We have full meaning of the

Lord. We have forming a thought that will fight the enemy and will rebuke the devour and allies. The Word of God has to dwell in us richly has to build strength on the inside and if we facing a health challenge facing a crisis. Perhaps with struggling with the pain condition or something that just isn’t leaving our lives. Then we take scripture and every day we write it down and speak it out speak it out. You see there’s a sort that comes against you but that thought come prosper. The Bible says no weapon formed against you will prosper. Why is

that because you have your own sword the sword that is formed within you will come against the sword that comes against you so there’s a sword that is formed within you when you declare the would of God and it means that no weapon that comes against you can prosper what is Prof the main have success. No weapon will have its affix no weapon will hit Mach no weapon will reduce your strength because you have this weapon and Greater is He that is N. your then hey that is in the world half life has overcome the world. The devil is under our feet resist the day off and he will flee from you

for a beer to devour and I will leave you alive my friends let the sword of the wood of God be full and within you and by say by faith and the weapon that comes against your will prosper. Do you understand the small thing that we can be clear that we healed. You know it talking to my great friend and Barros the other day and she said to me you know when she got prayed for recently here on the stage for her Nick she said that she instantly felt something happen in a nick she instantly was healed but then the next morning she woke up and it was like the sometimes with the

A So she said I began to just say I am healed and Jesus and I’m healed I was healed. I am healed. I don’t believe that I was not I am healed and. So she can faced that she was healed you know what. Sometimes we give up. We wake up that next day when we felt something change in our bodies and we just accept OP I just felt something in the moment no my friend fight the good fight a fight. Let’s fight fight the clear that you have been healed begin to confess it don’t accept and reject the lies of the enemy. Sometimes symptoms will come in making us think that they’re really my friends we have to stand and say. And as we can face I am healed. I am here to stand on what happened there was a physical change in my body go up again

a work of healing that work of healing will continue and I will be fully race back to health. I believe this and the name of Jesus. She said it took seven days when she stood just every day waking up to clearing it and now her nic is fine she doesn’t have the symptoms anymore it is remarkably bit a but sometimes we have to contend for health for healing for our loved ones for our children contained and not accepted tolerates rejection. Because we have people who live. Not by sight but by say not by the dictates of this will the by the dictates of a heavenly will demand and

that heavenly Weld’s is that everything is available. That Jesus has made available. I want to ask you today have you asked Have you asked God to heal you if you need healing. Have you claimed the power of the cross. Have you to clear the cross of Christ of your situation seen every challenge and every taste and every circumstance when things just don’t go the way we want them to waste choose. I’m going to cling to the cross the Cofidis of Christianity isn’t it when we

suffer or when things happen to Kofi and we make a choice we will do what we believe we would do what we what we say we believe in what the Scripture says will actually do it will cling to the cross and we will persevere and we will enjoy it and at the end of injuring we will fire. And Joy because after enduring a trial and during a circumstance and holding say Joy awaits because the one who comes as given the crown of last. All right. The third and final thing I’m running out of time I preached along.

OK That’s all right. The third and final thing that I believe we need a faith injection. Is faith in our relationship. Faith in our relationships that we all have relationships we all need a relationship. But when relationships are going well we feel awesome. And when relationships and not going well we feel completely dejected and despondent the relationships have such an impact on our emotional well being but I believe our emotional well being physically has to be tied into God and sick and really the way that we have faith in our relationships can affect our emotional well being you know I believe that we can imply

faith in our relationships marriages friendships. You know brothers and sisters in every aspect of life I believe we are called to live by faith not just the ones that we would think of in the natural but relationship to such a crucial part of our life how would we exempt them from living by faith. You see we need faith to overcome difficulties and challenges in relationships. You know when we’ve got a faint has when we’ve got struggles when perhaps the passion has become complacency. We need faith that God would reignite things in a marriage or we need faith that they would be

this person that we could spend our life with we need faith that relationship breaches can be repeated and that difficult things can be overcome. You know I think breakdown in relationships happen to us. Oh all of us can have breakdowns in a relationship none of us are immune and I love that the Bible shows us and I just a touch on this briefly but an extra to fifteen. It shows us these to mean bonobos in school who are the best of friends they will like ministry amigos they will like compadres in every way did everything to. Get the impact on the church was phenomenal. They were being seen together they preached together for over a year they like to get better men and Rob and they

would like the left in the right of the Holy Spirit they were just punching things out they were unbelievable they were just and a fatal They had no if to take the energy was boundless together with a dream team but what happens is something comes between them as is their disagreement with some other shop that they separated this amazing ministry Pella house that got it so clearly put together they have a bit of disagreement pull the super apostle he had a problem in his relationship and it broke down but you see sometimes that’s because we have different perspectives. A lot of the times in a relationship there’s a breakdown because two people say things just

totally differently and Poland bonum it’s the same situation with two different perspectives. One of them wanted to give someone a second chance and one of them felt that that person truly could not be trusted with a second chance and the Bible doesn’t say that either one of them was right or wrong. The Bible doesn’t take sides and who was actually right. And I think that’s so powerful isn’t it because so often with when a disagreement with convinced we’re right. I’m always right that’s for sure. Whenever I disagree with John don’t worry I’m always right that you know we’ve just become

convinced we’ve become convinced in this disagreement but you know what it takes faith to let it go. It takes faith to let things go to let disagreements go to lifing says GO TO SIT give it takes faith to forgive because actually we’re putting US else in harm’s way sometimes we feel like I’m going to be hurt again this person they misunderstood me and I don’t know if I can trust them but you know what and some of our relationship is there is actually like a bit a hostility building and perhaps we will end up in a vulnerable and lonely place if we don’t leave the walls of bitterness come down by letting things go

by having faith to forgive by having faith. To believe again that God could renew that God could restore that God could rebuild the Bible says that he is the repair of the breach whatever has been broken he is able to fix my friends but it takes AFAIK. To Axios a whole in a healthy relationship. Can we have faith to see things differently to believe the best him to pray for risk duration. Sometimes it takes faith to be the given in a relationship when we feel that we giving and giving and. Everything thing tike him and nothing is being given back. You know what it takes faith to keep going into relationships and I love that scripture that says He who tins the fig tree will eat

its fruit. It’s a promise declared over your relationships. He who Cane’s it will eat it for it if we saw entire relationships eventually they will be a reaping think of Hebrews eleven one faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen. Faith is the confidence maybe you are hoping for something in the relationship faith is the confidence that what you are hoping for it will happen. I believe that they will be prodigal that will come home because by faith you keep that loving welcome it out by faith you say I love you no matter what you will always be welcome in my life I believe that faith will stop

complacency in relationships and that complacency will become passion. I believe that sites can stop addictions that a destructive in relationships and there will be breakthroughs. I believe that by faith. Baron can become fruitful in our relationships can the band come and join me today we need to let go. We need to give and we need to believe and look for that God could do a work of restore ration in our relationships. You know as we as we come to a close this morning and I’m sorry I’m just going to slight little bit of us I’m not going to keep you much longer but I really want to do this I really want to pray a prayer of faith.

I want to enter into agreement with you today because I think that some of us in this room. We’ve had faith that this area of a life and not for the Syria. That perhaps it been areas where we’ve asked God for help and others that we’ve been reluctant. You know sometimes if we really care about

something we almost a his A to God because then if if God doesn’t do it it’s like a rejection that he doesn’t love us actually have to trust the loving God. And that he will work on our behalf and his appointed time the miracle comes to pass I want to encourage every one of

us that maybe there’s an area where we have been holding faith an area where we have in us God God I want to pray a prayer of agreement today agreement with you this morning that something that you have believed would happen would you stand for just a moment right now just think right now about something in your life. I need to live by faith in this area. I’ve been just thinking about it naturally but right now I’m going to think about it and hug God would want me to think about it I want you to think of that thing and I want you to pray and ask God for the miracle. Maybe it’s a breakthrough in a relationship maybe it’s a breakthrough financially

if you’ve been giving thing claim your promise may be in this place and your health or the love when the developer has come in rebuked rebuke the infirmity believe that by cross that no weapon against you will prosper with a weapon that’s within you will stand and to clear the goodness of God call it looked up with your private agree with you right now

a lot of it if read the correction of every declaration of every prayer in this room from the letter of the people of God as they look up this publication as they lift up their place at they lift up their prayer book right now I agree with him. I agree that in the face of the probable come to pass I agree lot and faith be a provision. I have great insight but hope and healing. I agree with pleasure to be restored by a sense and agreement by say that I would come to a PA Jesus mighty name of

Jesus. If you would like to find him live better right here in Killeen came in here right here during the whole of the month when it really came in and get it right