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you know when Netanyahu needed a young family to come down broadcast T.V. we know to speak Klingon Empire and carry the meaning of yours Sir John justifies now there isn’t the bowl of the is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool which is called in Hebrew. But says I’m having five torches. And these lay a great multitude of sick people blind lame paralyzed waiting for the moving of the water for an Angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stood up the water then whoever stepped in first

after the steering of the water was made well of whatever disease he had now a certain man was the who had had an infirmity thirty eight years when Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already had been in that condition a long time he said to him. Do you want to be made well the sick man answered him Sir I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stood up. But while I am coming. Another steps down before me. Jesus said to him Arise take up your bed and walk and immediately. The man was made well took up his

bed and walked one more scripture say can currently in chapter five and verse seventeen. It says Therefore if anyone is in Christ he or she is a new creation the old has gone and the new has come if anyone is in Christ. They are a new creation the old has gone and the new has come this month of January with themes here to arise brain new and the reason why we’ve seen that brain new is because of two important things Number one it is the beginning of. Of

a new year and if there is one thing that you and I must embrace at the beginning of every New Year is the mutinous all of the new year. If we don’t enter a new year with a new set of goals a new level of expectation a new sense of preparation. Then we can live in the new THIS of a new year carrying the old US of the previous year and to the new year into the old year two point zero and if there’s one thing God wants us to do if we are believers in Jesus is to live like our lives are continually going to be going to another

level when Jesus close out his time here on planet Earth the last thing he said in the Book of Revelation is Behold I make all things new Which brings us to the second section not only is it a new year but if you are believing in Jesus. Excuse me then theologically we have stepped into the season of the continual newness of our God When Jesus comes to us he literally makes all things new he releases us from a Yesterday frees us from our pain of our past. Lets the clauses are so gives us the power to let

go of the sins of our yesterday and instead of judgment hanging over us because of what we once did let out because of Jesus that judgment has been atone for our guilt. Is removed as sin is gone from us and hanging over us is the new units of new expectations the power to live out our dreams the potential about tomorrows and as we step into two thousand and fourteen I believe it’s God’s will that every ball even in Jesus will lift the level of their expectation to believe that the

power of God’s Word and the truth that he is set us free from what we once were empowered us to be someone new in this new year would collide with the expectations we have in two thousand and fourteen. With the level of our dreaming and that together we should believe that in two thousand and fourteen. We’re going to go somewhere that we’ve never been before that had dreams are now empowered our destiny is alive that this fear is going to be the best year of our lives for every teenager the speaker and use campaign has got a fresh thing from

God come alive in the hot. Let me tell you it’s not just a moment that you get excited at the you scam. This is the beginning of the rest of your life. The reason why I can declare that so confidently is because I found Jesus when I was eighteen years old and I know who I was and I knew who I’ve become in my friends when Jesus is in your life. Then he changes you frees you from what you once were held and empowers you to be someone you to live a better life. Come on this doesn’t just happen the day you meet Jesus they see every day that you

meet Jesus every day in Jesus. I am being released from the sin of my yesterday freed from the judgment that should be held over my life and now I walk forward continually into God’s plan and God’s purpose and that is what it means to be a believer in Jesus. We are new we love in a little kind of Western culture to make people feel that somehow what they’ve done in their past who they are in their present is going to determine who they become in their tomorrows but that my friends is not

the gospel the Gospel is radical and listen if the gospel doesn’t change the person sitting next use extinct Asians than it has no power to change your ex they taste as if this judge been for them but only promise for you then there’s no promise for you the gospel is radical because it says even though I was a failure yesterday even though the person next to me made mistakes. Yesterday. Tomorrow is placing. I’m

assured the victory of God If anybody is in Christ.

They are a new creation the old has gone and the new has come. This is a powerful thing and my friends when we start reading about this passage that would turn into this morning the story of this man this invalid man this man who has been sitting on the side of this Paul for thirty eight years. It is indeed an incredible story when we jump into this man’s story. The Bible tells us that for the last thirty eight years of his life he has been incapacitated and able to move. He is lame in the legs. He is sitting on the side of a pole and he is waiting for an angel to touch the

waters and hopefully he can jump in there first and if he gets there first then maybe a miracle is going to come to his life. It’s an amazing story because it’s important to note that even though we didn’t read it if you read down in your text Jesus in speaking to the man privately highlights that the cause of his infirmity the cause of the problem with his legs is because of a fault in his own life. I don’t know what he did maybe he got drunk stepped off a ledge did something silly but as a result of his own folly this problem has come to his life and now because of his own air

and sin the man is sitting on the side of this pole and he simply cannot move his crippled. But you know what it’s not just a physical cripple that can come into someone He’s live in there are people who cannot walk and people who cannot move and there are restrictions that are there in the physical realm of allies but there are a lot of people in this world impacts even a lot of people in this room who are crippled and some arranger of their life. This man cannot walk but maybe we cannot trust somebody heard or somebody did something to us we get a moment in our lives where because of our own era our

relationship suffered and now we would never let somebody new. And there are people who are crippled in all gonzo arenas of their life. The once they made a decision to live courageously to go beyond their natural limits to step out to do something amazing for God but then they had some kind of sent back. Things didn’t go their way and now that never take a step of faith. They’re incapacitated unable to move forward in the life God has for them. Some people make a decision that they’re going to tie it put God first and their finances. Then along comes a bill along comes a step back a job is lost a situation comes their way and now the

never open up their wallet and give a dime let alone put Jesus first in the arena of their finances and they crippled they could have a plot in God’s purpose but there are unable to step into what God has for them and my friends. It’s an amazing thing to note that the reason why Jesus came to this planet was to free us from whatever binds us whatever has held us back whatever has limited us you know yesterday. The reason why Jesus came was so that you and I could be free of what once held us and we could be empowered to step into who he wants us to become He we had this man who was sitting on the side of this poll and when we read

the story. I asked the question why is it that in the middle of so many people Jesus singles out the one I mean verse three tells us that a great multitude many people blind sick paralyzed sitting under five separate colonise In other words there’s a lot of space and a lot of people who are hiding from the harshness of the sun and waiting for the waters of the spool to stir yet Jesus is attracted to the one when even Jesus as a child is the one in the Bible. I always want to drill down on it. Why is it that there was a room

filled with people yet no miracles happen until one man is lowered from the ceiling by his friends. Why is it that people crushed Jesus is walking down the street. Yet one woman could reach out touch the hem of his garment. And be healed. What is it that sometimes causes Jesus to be attracted to the one in spite of the many I mean so many sicknesses yet this man got healed. Perhaps the key to why Jesus was attracted to him comes to us when we read in verse six that the Bible says Jesus knew or Jesus had already heard that the man had been there for a long time he already was aware of

the fact that this guy’s alive had been home Glaus for thirty eight years he was journeying he was doing life. He made a mistake. He ended up unable to walk and now for the last thirty eight years of life. He has been sitting on the sidelines watching life happen in front of him watching people move past them watching others step into opportunities watching Favre come to different individuals but not him he sits on the side as he watches life pass him by and Jesus walks up to this man and at the moment

that Jesus walks up to him he steps into the journey of this man’s life as this one thing that I know about Jesus my friends. It is that Jesus always comes to our lives whenever Al lives are on pause. Anybody who ever feels like somehow they’re living under a pause you Jesus comes to us always to free us from a life that is on pause to break us out of a static life. If you are a Christian you are a person who is on the way before we were called Christians we were known as people of the way the way literally meaning a journey. Jesus didn’t say I am

the he didn’t say I am the boss the truth and the life he said I am the Way the Truth and the life. If you are environment you then your life is going to be moving. He hates it when people are living their lives on pause. This man has been on pause for thirty eight years and Jesus comes to mess up his paws to free him from it. Jesus and these. Waiting rooms is what he does he hates waiting rooms and the law so I preach in the serious I preach from the following verses in second Corinthians Chapter six and five the seventeen. It says if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation the old has gone and

the new is come. But if you read down to chapter six verse one. It goes on and says you’ve heard it said in the day of salvation in the hour of my power. I came and moved in your life and then the verse to say is I’m here to tell you now is the hour and now is the day and all would stop waiting for God to move in your life. He’s already moved in your life. This time for us to take the lives off pause and begin to move forward in what he’s got for

us this man is

sitting waiting hoping wondering and Jesus like Hang on a minute. My mission is to get your life off post and get you moving forward I mean have you thought about the first thing that Jesus have a did after he died was the empty a waiting room. I mean when Jesus went to hell there’s a whole lot of saints still living in hell under the bondage in Jan in the waiting room and she also under the waiting room waiting not able to go into paradise in heaven but Jesus open the gate of those who are held back and said this mom and dad people when rolling down

straights and then everybody went up to heaven and now the moment you die you goes stright and a heaven for all eternity. But Jesus said this No more waiting rooms. I’m free and I’m empty in the waiting room.

Nobody is going to wait a moment

longer that’s not just what happens when you die it’s for the way that God wants to move in our lives when we’re here on Earth. It’s only a short lived and God once every day of our lives to count I mean Moses is a guy who lived forty years of his life and was grew up with a sense of destiny a plan and a purpose. God put His powers lies in the book of Acts Chapter seven. It says that Moses was a man who was powerful. In speech and action that so we was yet the Bible tells us that when Jesus turns Ari when the God turns up in his life in the burning bush moment that Moses is the guy who says to

God I have never been eloquent and never been eloquent in the Book of Exodus is going to come over your screen. I’ve never been eloquent neither in the past nor since you have spoken your servant another with whom he was he’s lost it as he’s lived his life on pause. That’s what happens when you live your life on pause muscle has lost strength is lost ability is lost and we just end up with less than we had before we put our lives are on pause. That’s why the doctor says Get moving in your healing will come. That’s why God wants us to move forward and was to take allies off that pause and get a sort of

salary and what he has for us but here is this man who has been living is live on pause for forty years and God seen a burning bush to get him off course. I mean how about beda beda denies Jesus three times and I’ve gone back fishing he’s back on pause. That’s what he was doing before Jesus came to them. Jesus rose from the dead turned up on the side of the like gave them a meal. Just to get his live a pause when people are going to come back from the dead turn up in your life to get you moving you know that that kind of person can is about your life moving

forward and Jesus clearly key is about you and I not living our lives in a yes. But being empowered to move into our tomorrows he wants to free us from the pause and get a life moving into what is God when it comes to cycling you know.


stories about cycling. You know when it comes to cycling you know you start the big hill climb with your friends you know coming here way Joe Pass the pleco career because I’ve been up in capital this morning and shown a day in Green is for me this morning. You know we were. Well I’m not the playa co-curricular Hilda the some of the top it’s one of my favorite climbs and you know when you step out of the bottom of the hill with about six or seven cyclists you know you stop at the bottom of the hill hoping that you’re going to be first to the top. OK. Depending on the length of the climb. Maybe about a third of the way up you start

wondering no will I make it there first but will I make it with everybody else. So your goal quickly shifted your heart rate such that climb as the legs start to fill with like Dick acid you trade the dream of finishing first for the dream of finishing at the same time as everybody else finishes because only sense not embarrassing when you know when but it’s all kind of shameful to finish at the same time as everybody else and then as you continue to climb the side asking you questions How far is it to the top how much of the guys on my left and right hurting. I mean are they hurting as much as I’m hurting right now because of the maxing out then they’re about to button

off and if we all but not for the same time I can still finish with the bunch. As you continue to climb up the hill if you’ll hurt more and more and more then your son looking for new things reasons why you can find a reason to button off while everybody else keeps going to as you’re riding up but often this is on some kind of you know a country Hill where not many cars goes so you go about three or four riders across two or three right is the serve but it’s kind of in the same group wanted to go as a drop off the back and you know you think it’s great and lease out and finish before them and then along comes the

car coming down the hill and often you know a guy will call out quote car up and means everybody make sure you’re on the left hand side of the road car up everybody pull over and normally because I’m a pastor and I care about others. And really don’t sell focus it’s not about me I’m a shepherd of a shape and I gotta be watchful if a really really hurt and if I’m really really feelin the impact of that climb a button off and just pull into the back of all the group that they are I’m not just moving for the Cowra tell you what I’m doing is I’m giving my lungs a moment to recover. I’m learning I’m letting that opportunity become a moment where I can just pull in the back

and recuperate and perhaps even just drop off the back slowly but it’s OK that I drop of the bag slowly because I didn’t actually drop of the bag. I just pulled in to make room for that car because our mothers focus on the past or I care about you I don’t want anybody to be in danger on this ride such I just use that moment to reposition myself as a sacrificial act to care for somebody else. And the truth is that when you get to the top and everybody’s talking about you know who came first and you know you get to say I was always with you but when that car came up I had to I had to pull in the back and

then of course once I pulled in the back you guys had that group. You know going to group thing and I didn’t have that anymore and so I kind of the Left Behind but but I would have made it to talk with you if it hadn’t been for that car that came down and there’s nothing like a really good excuse.


mean there are a lot of them in cycling I pulled back to help the new guy you know that’s the reason why I didn’t really go for it well I did the I led out so then I set the guy up and that’s the way he got it he got there first but I did the work to get him the I mean there’s always there’s always reasons with it we get a lot of boys a lot of testosterone and everybody wants to win. There’s always a lot

of excuses and in life it can just be so awesome to have an excuse or reason

or reason why everybody should just expect a little bit less of you. A reason why that might be possible for somebody else but it’s an unreasonable expectation to put that on me. A reason why I can actually go with somebody else wants to go in life because of my circumstances. My events my precious. It’s so easy to live your life with an excuse and it’s amazing because. You know so many people have been crippled in different arenas of their lives and when we start

talking about the area of cripple that is within us a lack of relational strength there are an ability to move forward find an inability to really progress forward in what God’s got for us why we can live our dreams why we haven’t been stepping forward and what God’s got for us why there is this continual lagging problem in our laws. It’s just so easy to live our lives and we’re always talking about the Cava descended down the hill about the person that Durata us about the moment that came to us about this thing and apis analogy

and aphasic go make up in our background that stops us from moving forward into what God’s got for us and then along comes the truth of the gospel. This is not a person is inadequate. There’s no failure. No one is living under a sentence of doom. If Jesus is in your life you can be free from whatever has held you back. There’s no limit to your dreams. There’s no ceiling over your tomorrows that stuff may have come to you yesterday the Jesus comes with a promise for your tomorrow. I mean that’s what the Gospel is a man and in the middle of it all here is this man sitting

on the side of the road first thirty eight years thirty eight years with the

saying excuse. Well you know you can expect more from me I could never rise beyond that and along

comes Jesus and His question is amazing. There’s only about maybe ten fifteen times in all the Bible that God asks people direct questions. I mean the first question ever asked was Who told you that you were naked. Yes.

Sarah is anything too hard for the Lord. He asked Jacob. What is your

name and here we asked this man a pertinent question after thirty eight years he system

this question do you want to be made well.

And then my friends this we say if in a two thousand and. Fourteen I want you to know that you can move forward if this series in January is about anything at all it is about saying left your expectations for this coming year. Don’t live with small dreams. Turn left feeling that you are somehow disqualified. Jesus is in your life then you can go somewhere in you you can step into a better tomorrow. Listen relationships can be restored. You can exact same promise you can change your life you can enter into prosperity man whatever held you back in two thousand and thirteen is in two thousand and

thirteen that may have been a year of adversity. But this will be a year of prosperity and may have been a time a

setback but this is a time of set up.

Come on we can do whatever we want to do if Jesus is in us this year is filled with promise jetplane with abundance a declaration of put a brand new potential and or a fresh streams. But as we step into this new season. Knowing that Jesus has already emptied every waiting room restored every blessing removed every

curse the question that he asks us is do you want to be made

well to put in question is a very important question because if we don’t clarify our answer to that question we can do is live forever wanting to use the excuse of what we had in our yesterday to somehow be the reason for the lack about the formants an out tomorrow and some where we have to find an ownership for where we’re at and then find empowerment to move to where we want to move into and it comes when we say answering this question. I mean if you live your life renting a house the so long you can put it out there that one day you want to own your own home but do you really want to be in a

Will every bill comes your way do you are you willing to accept the fact that you once had this. Discretionary budget to cover the. These items and now that budget is gone it’s gone and mortgage repayments which will result in capital gains and blessing for your children but do you want to be May Well I mean if you live your life and someone’s hurt you at some point in a relationship it’s gone south you can say well hang on a minute I want to

get married but do you really one of the May

will be willing to accept that there’s a new set of habits and you said routines ready to sacrifice for it is sheer will really give up ready to take a lower seat will it somebody else

determine your life a little bit when once you tried that before it didn’t work that way do you want to be made

well I mean anything that God’s going to take you and I into is going to involve us actually stepping forward into a new arena or of risk. I mean Jesus say Man you’ve got your life you’re sitting here on the side of this pole and every morning. Somebody brings you a morsel of food because we’re a charitable community with Jewish people and you know we believe in looking after those that are among you that’s that’s in our law God’s law that he gave to us he cares about the poor and the needy. That’s why you have placed in this community make sure you get your morsel of food some guys care you sit here you beg for food all day. You’ve got a circle of friends and neighborhood you’re familiar with are

you willing to let go of that to have no longer begin being a legitimate form of and come for you Are you ready to find some new friends because the guys you’ve been hanging out with for thirty eight years. Payton and Barry and Sam are you ready to admit that if you’ve got legs back and they’re still sitting here you’re going to have to find a new circle of comfort. Do you want to be may well Jesus say man every blessing in every opportunity is ahead of us Church but as we power in the two thousand and fourteen. I think there is not called pertinent question when we discussing brain you then I answer the question of Jesus to us.

Do you want to be made

well once that question is answered. I’m telling you. Heaven is empowered to move on your behalf. Once that question is. I answered then the grace of God can begin to move and now lives. Once that question is answered guys. Then there is no limit over where we can go. That’s how we get salvation. Jesus says Do you want to already purchase it for you but do you want it. I mean you don’t have to have it you can live forever with your own independence pride rebellion you can refuse to submit to the Lordship of Jesus you can go to hell it’s your choice. Jesus made hell only for the devil and his angels but if you want to side with

him that’s your choice and God can reverse that. But if you want salvation then Man Hell is no hold over you your sin is

forgiven your future is blessing. Jesus comes to you alive.

It’s only a question of whether we want

to and

man as we step into this new year. Let’s think about the area of allies that we believe in to move forward

in that area that God holding out for us and saying this is your new horizon. This is your new train to we want to.

At the beginning of last year when Julian took a four weeks off on holiday. I felt God spoken to hot about some area of my own character and he asked me to change it and I praise God I got the end of last year and Julian said to me you really did change your life you have been a man that you were at the beginning in two thousand and thirteen nothing that’s the greatest compliment she’s ever given me but you know and match of that year I was thinking about this area of my character. I don’t think of myself I’m turning forty next month I mean I’m turning forty one in April of this year but I turned forty in April of last year and I’m I’m in fall or a fungus. I’m in finding a and I’m

singing to myself once again.

I’m thirty nine years old I’ve always been this

guy I’m going to like you know when Jesus came to my life I was passive you know oughta know opinionated and then Sunny Jesus came to my life. When I became active and strong and you know I’ve always been a strong character I mean Jesus made me a bit of me. He made me a new me but it made me a different

me you know so I mean I’m of always been the same and I think in myself you know is it is feasible that I can change in Syria. I mean is that even possible. I mean come on man a man can can leopard change its spots I mean. Can I really do this and I guess as feeling a little bit discouraged about this goal that I would say it of trying to improve in this area of my personhood. And I soon found a

day and I went walking into a motel room where I was staying and I’ll never forget it. As long as I live because I crossed the threshold of the motel room and I shut the door behind me in the motel room had like a little bit of a lounge the and as I walked in are standing in this lounge area with the kitchen it in front of me and as I was such the door I felt two things Number one the presence of Jesus just fly out of that motel room and I knew it was a moment for me and God and the second thing

happened as God just dropped straight into my on these

words he deceived me or older Blee no booming voice the thunder came but in my heart I knew God was speaking to me he just said to me. Do you want to be made


It was like I just realized that the only thing that was going to stop me from changing was with the I preferred the old me to the new me that of Jesus was in my life I can change anything that is not in line with who he is the only limits. The only limits of our potential is Christ


through our whole journey on this planet is to become more like Jesus. So if there is failure and allies. Sit back and allies hatred allies bitterness and allies failure now whatever setback you’ve got whatever Cygnus is in your body. Jesus Paul as Cigna says here that is these is remove the curse thought every blessing and now Grace is about the. You know we can become more like Jesus every day that we are on this planet and so the question for me and the question for us is do we want to be made well there’s been a screensaver of

my cellphone for the last ten months has been the versus quote your I’m preaching to you from this morning. I put a deal after that moment and much typed it out the next morning. Put it here it’s been here ever since do you want to be may well. Because church I’ve got the sense that no matter who we are or what we’ve been in that if we would be willing to answer that question. This man is a bank come and join me this man just says to Jesus our sir. I’ve been sitting on the side of this pole for thirty eight years and every time every time that water gets stood by the angel. I mean I’m calling the move and I’m scraping my knees for this some blind guy

and he’s like I don’t care and he does cut or runs towards where it thinks the water is sure he drops it along in their bum says here on the side of the pole but his eyes start working the moment he gets it is always somebody. There’s always someone who just seems to have their life more together always somebody that gets a promotion ahead of me. There’s always someone else that look a look at their life and I think I would like that life but I can’t have it because of this because of that because of this setback and Jesus comes to our lives where ever we feel they’re somehow what they’ve got is easy for them but

impossible for us and he’s just asking us a question do we want to be made well. Because once we answer that question friends then he comes and man this guy says I wanted I wanted so bad but I’ve never been able to have it and Jesus says well this is why I came I came for people like you I came for people like John and I came for people like us.

That’s why Jesus came he came to that no matter why no matter what held us back. We are brand new we have a brand new year and if we have brand new in Jesus

then we must lift our expectations to believe. That marriage is going to be blessed in two thousand and fourteen that God is going to open up a doorway for us I prophesied this two weeks ago but I felt like God was speaking to some people in our church and son you know them equity to loan ratio might be eighty percent whatever twenty percent deposit and all of that but don’t you let that stop you from the dream that one day you can own your own home because of Jesus is in you he can open a


and we can we can move possible have a family with down.

We can step into the promise of something better. Do you want to be in a one the moment the main

C.D.F.. RA I take up your mass walk but. What do you say in something in

Jesus connected with this God and the Buy was this and made it Lee a guy who’s been sitting in the same spot for thirty eight years. He is a would have Jesus and he’s just like all right. I mean what I love about this is that the guy took up his mat. I don’t know about you but if I’ve been sitting down for thirty eight years and along comes Jesus and I mean I mean stuck there for thirty eight years.

I mean you know these things have just wasted away.

I’m sitting there. I’m shuffling around

and along comes sees us and he just says rise. Take a pic of a man but he you know the guys it’s like oh and he jumps up to his feet at those of his man I mean how does that but he just he just gets

this life turned around and when Jesus turns your life around. It’s a freeing thing an empowering

thing he

says of nice things and I just. This thought in my heart that as we start in the two thousand and fourteen God’s got a plan to exceed every dream with ever had of him live Joe focus believe for more don’t settle for a living don’t expect the same rotation of the year you’ve already had last year it’s ass season. It’s your moment. It’s a new day.

Can you ignore your right to ignore when ex just came in getting a knife

to get back.