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one mentioned me when to him when you come to eat we notice when carried in for

Ali Luke Chapter five and verse one one day as Jesus was preaching on the shore of the Sea of Galilee great crowds pressed on him to listen to the Word of God he noticed he noticed two empty boats at the water’s edge for the fisherman had left them in the washing the nets stepping into one of the boats Jesus and Simon its owner to push it out into the water. So he sat in the boat and he taught the crowds from there when he had finished speaking he said to Simon no go out now go out where it is

deeper and let down your needs to catch some fish. Simon. Sorry Master. Simon replied. We worked hard all night and didn’t catch a thing but of you say so I’ll let down the nets again and this time the needs was sore and full of fish they began to tear and shout for help brought their partners into the in the other boat and soon both boats were filled with fish and on the verge of sinking when Simon

Peter realized what was what had happened. He found to his knees before Jesus and said Oh Mort. Please leave me I’m too much of a Senate to be around you for he was all struck by the number of fish they had caught as were the others with him his partners James and John the sons of Zebedee were also amazed. Jesus replied to Simon. Don’t be afraid. From now on your fish for people as soon as they landed they

lived everything and they follow Jesus. I read this passage recently and the soul passes this passage that read so many times came alive in my heart again and I want to preach to you from of this morning on the top make an empty boat an empty void. What I love about this passage it begins by telling us that Jesus was preaching Jesus was filling his days always on this planet with preaching we should never get over the simplicity of preaching and fact before Jesus

is public ministry records miracles records his sermons his sermons open the door and I believe in the preaching of the Word of God you should preach see yourself you should preach to your hot use a brain see your family use a break for one another lift each other up in your holy face and the Bible tells us that as Jesus was preaching so many people were drawn just through his words that they pressed around him. They lean in on him. They surrounded him and the Bible says that he lacked a

place to go invest to is really where my reading of this passage jumped then for me my recent reading through of it as the Bible says that Jesus notice to him the boat. He has visited his eyes he was looking for something to use he was looking for a solution to his problem. Now I hope you and I realize this morning that the God of the universe is still working in our generation. He is still doing great things can I get a name in his got a great plan for New Zealand got a great

plan for the world. He is working in great signs and wonders. He’s got a plan for job bottom Malaysia where people are dialing in to be part of this message that I. And is Jesus was a bat out the task of breaching he reached a place where he is looking for something looking for a solution. You know sometimes in life you can get the feeling like God isn’t using it like your day has then come light things on working out the way you want looking for that special plan to come alive in your life. It’s important to know my friends that no matter whether you’re in delay all fulfillment.

God has a plan for every life. He has a plan for every life no matter who you are if you are brazing think God has a unique purpose for you to the same him today and the Bible says that Jesus logs any notices and the Bible says that what he what what grabs his attention. Whatever rests his focus is to empty boats as a read this I thought about the profound reality that God notices things that are empty. That he sees things that are empty.

That is attention is drawn towards empty vessels. You know in life we can easily think oh where is God And why is God not moving in my life and the simple answer conveyed that sometimes the reason why we don’t walk again what we want to walk and what we not see in God do what we would desire God to do is that there is just too much fullness in allies to fall to fall of Alphaeus to Full of our anxieties too full of our own ambitions too full of our own

desires and when God finds a life that is to follow alone he might say you’re putting doesn’t notice. A life that is full he’s not Jurong towards fullness. He is just wrong towards emptiness when we find that with the rich young ruler of the. Rich young ruler comes to Jesus. He’s a yuppie he’s a he’s a young ink is full of those the Malaysian were here this morning. Literally like the crack of dawn because we’re in a different venue and so you know we’re we’re trying to get people to come to an early service

and prophesies Not so with so much face this morning that as the day goes on the services in this venue are going to go from one level to two levels to three levels as the day continues and. It’s a cold wintry morning here in Wellington. But we’re going to a lot of young kids in the service and God bless you even without children you manage to come to the service and I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking kickoff for the All Blacks at eleven am and that’s why you smile at no clear and good money but you know jesus found the young INCA. A found a young yuppie it found a new rich young

ruler and he’s like why is the plan of God not working in my life and Jesus says will you do if you won my plan to come to you then you have to empty yourself go shallow you have and give to the poor then you will have the opportunity for heaven to deposit into your life and my friends no matter what the plan is if any man any woman wants God to use them. The first thing they must do is empty themselves of all that they are to be filled

with everything that he

is this is the thought of life.

This is where the journey of Christ kicks off this is where the power of heaven collides with the life. Want to live in these themselves of themselves then it is then able to be filled with what God is going to bring emptiness is the beginning of promotion emptiness is the beginning of the move of God emptiness is what attracts God’s attention when Jesus performed this first of a record a miracle the Bible says that he was at a wedding. And they ran out of wine controversial topic. They ran out of wine and six earthen vessels emptied to the side. Jesus goaded by

as mother says these vessels are here and the MT The first thing I want you to do is fill them with water and my friends. The first filling you get with God is to be filled with the water of his would if he won the power of God to use you in your lies then enter yourself of all that you are and then begin to fill your hot and fill your mind and fill your spirit with the Word of God I became a Christian I can testify to this at the age of eighteen the last broken teenager from the time that I found

Jesus and he stepped into my life I began to devote my life to this book I’ve studied it my entire life I have filled myself with this word and this would will wash to this word will prepare a year. This word what is in your life will get you ready and then once the water had filled the vessels then Jesus transformed it into wine see the power of God can touch a life that is the empty and of life that is on a journey towards the scuppering what God has. Jesus notices empty vessels he notices empty

lies he notices people that have emptied themselves and then the Bible says In our next verse this morning in verse three that he stepped into one of the boats. So I want to know that it’s one thing to empty yourself. It’s another thing when Jesus steps in it’s another deal altogether when the king of the universe begins to jump into your life. It struck me as I read this that and the vessels will be filled there and the lives will be use that Gulf one never leaves you alone when he sees a person these boats by the

way they weren’t just empty and the jet did they were empty and in the right. Place. I sometimes sometimes people are aimed the but this so Wendy that the thinking themselves. I just need to I don’t know. They confuse preparation for rejection. We lose the fact that even when we’re N.T. we’ve got to be in the right place the Bible says that they were literally the bottle States. He saw two empty boats there were at the edge of the water the waters in the Bible where water isn’t from the Book of

Ezekiel the Bible says that you know there is a river that flows to the waters the waters always speak of the nations and these boats. They’re not just position anywhere they position that the edge of a god could use them don’t just can T. get where God can jump in. I mean right now the Smalling right here in New Zealand and hearing this in job are in Malaysia people that are in the right environment taking steps towards Jesus jumping in you know people who want position in their lives in the right place should never expect to be

filmed. But the Bible says that they were positioned they were ready. They were at the right place and then the Bible says that in their right environment that Jesus jumped into their boat. You know it’s amazing when the Bible says that soul when Jesus the King Saul when Jesus jumps in when the power of the Holy Spirit jumped into his life that he was changed into a different person. The Bible talks about Moses and says about Moses that he was so empty and he thought he had nothing but God says Throw Down Your stick Jensen priest on

this arise conference and when he picked up the stick. So when he threw down the stick that the state became a snake then it doesn’t matter how little. You feel you have to offer how little we feel we have to offer how disqualified. We might seem an unnatural an empty vessel can add God step into it and when God steps into it what God can do is beyond our wildest dreams of man. William Booth is one of my favorite church ladies the founder of the Salvation Army.

I mean his side of the Salvation Army. There are a lot of bad days in his life. Pastor a church failed became a street evangelist failed. One night. He’s walking home Christmas Eve sees children standing outside pubs Christmas in England is in the winter they have no shoes on Mom and Dad alcoholics. They’re inside the pub spending dad’s holiday pay on alcohol when they should be using it to feed and clothe their children and he thinks I’ve gotta do something about this and the idea of the Salvation Army was good. He started the Salvation

Army and in five years without a P.A. system without an automobile without a plane. He laid two hundred ten thousand people to Jesus after twenty years of leading the Salvation Army their assets totaled fifteen million pounds and I believe the year was nineteen zero seven. And the Bible records. Sorry history records history records that in the final days of William Booth. He was interviewed in America by a reporter who asked William Booth the question how is

it that one man has been able to accomplish so

much he began to list off. The the changes that are coming to

society’s India. Africa.

England countries around the world still today the number one curagh of alcohol

addiction is the Salvation Army. To this very

day he began to list off the accomplishments to William Booth as a preamp. Baltar was on

her William good against the cry and he says I do not know I don’t

know but I would have to say that Jesus has always had all of me.


my friends yeah come on quickly get God some place for the Jesus has always had all of me.

He’s always had all of me see empty lives that are in the right place will experience in their own unique way never compare your feeling with somebody else has your use for another’s use. The boat was designed for the right purpose and your made for the right thing but either way when Jesus steps into this boat. It doesn’t say the boat was in you. It doesn’t say the boat had an outboard motor doesn’t say it had a cabin. It just says it was empty and in the right place and lives in N.C. and in the right place can be filled by

God and the Bible tells us that Jesus he jumps into the spot. How can you imagine the boat surprise that Jesus jumped into it that it was designed it thought fishing and now was used for preaching for an ignoble purpose and certainly used for a noble one thought its call was low and discovered his call was high and I am to live quickly discovers thank God because something greater minds than you and I have understood them people have ever seen and what God sees in our lives has created a

man. C’mon can you say yes this morning. Yes today. Then the Bible tells us that once Jesus has jumped into it that Jesus is that now says now launch out. All my friends. It’s an amazing thing to have God step in your life but he never steps in you to leave you way you walk the next thing God always says except. Because when God begins to use you. It’s an amazing thing when God begins to do something for your life when you know that he is with you but God is not the God who leaves us where we are if God comes to us there will always now be another

thing an empty bowl. He steps into what he step center. He always calls further if God is stepping into your life. Then he will always call you further than you are right now beyond your limits beyond your comfort zone launch out into the dame. Let’s go beyond where we’ve ever been before he calls us here when I can see our potential then he asks us to launch out mediocre is not his style. How long or normal is not his deal he calls us beyond the Jordan. He calls us outside of our comfort zone once God gets you God

then intends to shadow where you think you could even go. Would you be willing to cross over into uncharted torture territory when God jumps into our lives. He asked us to go beyond where we might even think we could go radical obedience is the only way to God’s blessing. The Bible tells us that the obstacle becomes apparent and verse five when Peter sorry when Simon responds and says Master. We have we have

finished all night. We have worked hot all night his exact words we have worked.

Hot all night. There’s two types of weariness that you can get in life. This were and is from accomplishment and this weariness from disappointment the weariness of accomplishment is one deal nets full after night of fishing is one deal a life that has had success in it that is exhausted is one thing. But all my friends it’s another thing when you face all night and you’re still empty when you’ve been going at it for a

while and it hasn’t happened in your life. When it’s not happening even though you’re working it. It brings a weariness not just of the body but of the saw and in that moment when the call of God comes to a life. The first thing that call has to overcome is our own internal weariness

must whip been working high. We’ve worked hard and we’ve worked hard all the night this entire night we’ve been working. We feel drained we feel

disillusioned and in those moments it becomes hot to understand that the God of the universe has now stepped in and when he steps in Possibility gets redefined see when Jesus said Cindy your life. So one thing that happens to us during the lies is that we begin to reassess our potential when we’re in seasons of delays. When we’ve been empty but it’s not happening when we’re empty but we’re yet to be filled if we’re not careful we start to get a misread on what we can even do we

find this with Moses Moses knew that he was called to the gods deliver and Moses was right he was called to be God’s deliver. But he tried it in his own strength and failed in his own strength and the Bible says that because he was full of themselves and he didn’t do it and through the power of God that he ended up in the wilderness and spend forty years saying I tried I worked hard and now. And now

I’m so we’re. It’s not happening like a desire it to

happen. The scripture says that when God comes to him. The hardest thing for God to overcome and Moses is life is the understanding that just because it didn’t work without me doesn’t mean a WON’T WORK WITH ME SEE IN OUR LIVES the greatest shift to realize is that we can never lower our level of expectation based on our current experience when experience to find eggs think Taishan then Live skit elevated beyond God’s word when what we’ve seen already takes place over what God says that he can do that moment. God becomes RAWA and our

reason becomes higher idolatry is placing our understanding about God’s revelation and by friends. There’s only one way that the will of God is outward generalized realizing Jesus never calls you beyond because God intends to take you down if God calls us out if God calls us further if God speaks to us again about a new level a new step a new faith venture. Oh I’ve just got this feeling this morning that God is looking for empty vessels that he can step into God’s going to step into an empty vessel. Then the

vessel has to realize that what it could do alone is got nothing to what God can do when he steps

in he can confound their expectations. He can take his high.

Have been not only to Moses that happened to Peter when Peter said I will I will stand I will stand even though everyone else falls away from you everyone else denies you I will never deny you. I am mighty in myself and the Bible says that even though he thought he had it going on that he failed themselves and then he went back to

fishing the solution work ha hasn’t happened. That that perhaps that perhaps is the greatest trap in the line. When you’re in the moment when God is trying to step

in when you. When we allow what has happened to taint of God could perhaps the most dangerous

thing in this entire passage. Imagine a PETA had let

that Trump from the challenge of

God by the wife to the Jesus to jump into his ball doesn’t know more about fishing than he does in the natural and then Peter is a fisherman Jesus is a carpenter trades identified people we’re talking about an agency now people ask you in some cultures and you know on a New Zealand it’s a myriad depending on your cultural background but in some groups. One of the first questions I asked is What do you do we get a feeling for who you was by the job that you do and Jesus is a carpenter conversing with a fisherman and he says launch out

in the date. It’s easy to think that you know more than God. It’s a lot easier than you think I found oftentimes that when God comes to us what he calls us to do is against the grain of our own natural understanding this is an important part of being filled. It’s an important part of being used by God is dallying intellect to God’s A B.D.’s God asks of us and the Bible tells us that when Peter has this challenge. He says you know what I’ve got to face up I’m weary I’m dissolution. I’ve worked hard all night. But you know what he says in verse of believe it’s verse six

at your word sorry verse verse five. If you say so if you say so then I will obey you. If this is what you want from me then I’m going to give it a shot. This is where it kicks in again this whole passages like layers and levels and we’ve got another couple to go to get ready. But we find an empty vessel that Jesus saves energy. The steps in the cause of further experiences want to hold it back but then Peter says if you say so then I will respond to you out of place see sometimes in life we do have to choose that we’re

going to risk of B.D.S..

And it might lead to failure.

That it might not work out the way we want. I want God to use me. He well but he will always ask you to risk so. There’s now a B.D. ANS of God without defying some natural

law for the way that works. The only way God chum’s into our lives as when a BT and strums experience. If you say so if you say so then the Bible says. There you go down in the date he paddles out this boy’s alive what are you doing.

Why would you do that more full year

to the fish in easy to catch with a net at night time here you are in broad daylight the sun Aluminite ing every action that you’re making now you’re lowering down Ananth fishings down a night it’s a nocturnal activity. It’s not something you do during the day. Oh man this is like a life on the top of Mount Carmel when he’s having a standoff between the prophets of Baal and himself and the same whichever god answers with fire. That’s the real God and they have all day to do it he’s got only the moments in the fading dust of the day but the Bible says before Alija prays for fire

the first thing he says is let’s pull water on the sacrifice. Let’s make this so difficult. There is no way it can happen naturally no one’s going to be able to say this is spontaneous fire. It just got a little bit hot on top of this mountain spontaneous fire. There’s always questions. Always. People trying to pull down the miraculous. Sometimes God waits until it’s too hot for any person to do it he sets of circumstances to lead it to a point when he gets the glory.

Sometimes when God asks you to do things you know that in the natural if you waited if you circumstantially aligned it to a better season or a better window that Ovi more likely to take place that will never lead us to

the plan God has.

Or I have you want me to I’m going to give it a

shot so brought dilated petals out. He grabs the net grabs the net. He’s a bang God But when he puts in the

name The Bible says that in verse six so great was the catch of fish that threatened to break the Net Not only is this a wonderful miracle. It’s also an unbelievable lesson.

There’s more than one lesson let me give you the first one the first lesson on this is that of God steps into a life. He never leaves that was done when he jumped and see if God jumps into a life of God jumps into a boat then God is no man’s dead and that’s what the Scripture says God is no man’s there to put it another way God is a great tipper. If you give God your vote. He won’t return it to you dirty and God takes your vote. He won’t use it and then leave you broke at the end of it. This is so key to a bank God is to understand that if God jumps into a life and he uses a life. The only reason why he said

go out for a catch a fish is he’s saying if I’m going to use it then I’m going to place it. And this is so true in allies when God uses OS God places us home and that’s that’s encouraging right then yeah right asserted the need and he’s come to about that. Every second to save a billion to move to donate and then God isn’t just going to use this life and impoverish it God’s going to use it and God is going to play it say yes. I could use whatever is surrendered to God is going to be blessed by God whatever is empty and then filled is going to be blessed

wherever God moves wherever God touches him banks it better than it was before for the second thing that I learned from this lesson as I learned that I better not only empty myself I better get ready. So it’s one thing to be empty and wait for God to move. It’s another thing to occupy the time we’re in this is taking place. So when we are empty when we’re in the preparer Tory stages that’s what this Miss it is really for for the seasons of life where you’re trying to get ready for God to take you further we need not only empty ourselves but our bench of Peter was there gone all my gosh

if only this net was better. If only this net was big and I emptied it. I mean I made this post ready but only if I know it’s speak of constructs structures they speak of containment they speak of capacity. If only I had to realize that it’s not just a dormant season of emptiness and waiting. But it’s also a season where I need to get my capacity big I need to expand my realm of what God could do. There is something that we got to know about God if God’s going to move God’s going to move

big Sure there’s a pattern of church history. It’s a pattern of revival. It’s the pattern of God moving in lies the things the A.M.T. the pause it seems like nothing is happening and then bam suddenly everything happens overnight. This is the pattern of spring. It’s a pattern a blessing as that god suddenly jumps in to a God and that looks like it’s been doing nothing but roots of. Going down nutrition has been soaking up and then bam everything explodes. I want you to know that God never gave any person a

drain in order to leave it as a distant fantasy. He always intended to fulfill


there’s no life that God has given a promise to that God does not intend to fill it but we must make sure that we not only End The ourselves but we get ready for what God is going

to do Baba talks about ten virgins and it says five of the Virgins of foliage and five of them will rot wise and the reason why is that the five foolish version virgins not version’s virgins the five Polish

virgins only HOF got ready. They only had a half the amount of oil the wise ones had enough oil they had enough foresight not vision to realize that if the master is going to come then the master is going to do something big and I better get ready for that

moment then in verse eight the Bible says that Peter

realized what had happened. You know one of the greatest challenges in life is that sometimes we’re in the middle of it but we don’t realize it. I love the way this site is recorded and then you live in translation because it says Peter realized what had happened in the middle of the miraculous using of God There is a portion of people that God is using them but they just don’t understand what’s going on wonder it’s an awakening to Christ and wonder is an ongoing thing that must be

top of the journey we’ve got to look back in life sometimes and realize how far we’ve

come if we don’t we miss the hand of God

Atwood space in our culture where everything’s

about looking forward perhaps or looking around and looking above and seeing something else. It’s important that we stop and we

realize what. Has happened. Peter Peter could have pulled in those fish and then has got on with his life but praise God that he had the understanding he had he had he had the he had the reason the the thought to stop and go hang on a

minute this is amazing. This is miraculous.

This doesn’t happen. He realized what had happened and then the Bible says. Then when he realized what had happened. Let me just pause on this for a second and say this is most often when God manifest Himself to

us is not in the arena of unfamiliarity. But in the arena of our expertise. The pattern of scripture I believe the pattern of history is that where God Most shows himself at work in the area where we know the

most what Peter knows is fishing what the maj I knew was styles. Then I see one style that’s not there and it leads him to

Jesus the intervention of God into our natural environment is always to lead us to Jesus to help us to understand what has actually happened. And what’s actually happened is Jesus just stepped in. The unexplainable is beginning to take place because Jesus just stepped

in and I believe with all my life that our al our

alg need in life is to live with Jesus is stepping it then in verse eight as he is that he falls to his knees and he says oh lord leave me banking come. Oh Lord leave me leave me to pop from me for I am much too much of a sinner to be needed to

use an empty boat gets ready for God was ready for God has God step in God steps in. And awakens potential ones got awakens potential he calls you out he calls you

out he does something miraculous. He does something

miraculous it empties us

again to the next and it happens as Peeta when he falls to his knees.

He said in a. Ah I’m too much of a sinner. I’ve of still got things to empty from my life of going to the gold more you are too holy to be near to me right now this is not just my boat. You’re now stepping into this is a whole nother deal you stepped into one area of my life you stepped into my boat. But now you’re stepping into something greater you’re stepping into my ole and Peter had an empty boat but now is an empty life and the Babas is the empties themselves as he sits there on his

knees as the nails and his empty I’m empty empty myself and as he emptied himself. Again the Bible says then Jesus speaks to him and he says don’t be afraid verse

ten. From now on you will be fishing for people put this all together into one simple for awakenings to God or a way to use to potential when you come awaken to Christ to begin to discover who you

are God never shows he was hand and leaves you the same. When Jesus resurrect his spirit he resurrects their

dreams. Peter thought this was the end and he discovered in a moment that it was on the beginning. This is the end of the miracle. You’re amazing. We’re call it quits here. No no no I am amazing. And it all stopped. And it’s always the why would god isn’t. That when life is empty the life then gets filled with only one thing Jesus ever found in their lives and that’s to.

Everything else got ever filled. He kept it still. And it flows over always in lives when the life has given the

Jesus in your life. I know a better life in Bengal tiger any body mind what a junk human a baby in a