Faithcation – Faith and Hope

@12:32 Thanks be to god, we are being led in triumphal procession in Christ. But that triumphal procession is not just tiptoeing through tulips. It’s about the fact that no matter what hardship comes your way, greater he that is in you than he who is in the world. That’s what it means to live with an expectation that is inline with the faith that we have in our Jesus. Great preaching John this is so good. GO is good. Our church, our church at the moment is just so, I think, pregnant with that sense of expectation. And god wants us to live like that. He wants us to live, I mean I’m here in Christchurch tonight. For those of you in Hamilton and Wellington, it’s a long weekend let’s be honest. Cantabrians go away for long weekends. And this place is full with people, I mean it’s just alive. We’re out of rows at the front but we’re also going back. It’s filling up with people. Jesus is on the move. We’re seeing amazing things take place. I mean, man I was in Wellington this morning, it was just alive, sense of expectation in Kapiti. We baptised eighteen people. I mean in Hamilton we’re experiencing growth. We’ve just purchased this amazing block of land in Wellington. Five thousand square meters. One and a quarter acres. And on two Sundays time on the tenth of November we’re gonna receive an offering and as one church in four different locations I’m believing we’re gonna raise seven hundred thousand dollars that day and be able to buy that land outright. And here’s the thing, everything that we do in any campus of ARISE empowers everything that we do in every other Campus of ARISE. So we’re all-in in Christchurch, we’re all-in in Wellington, we’re all-in in Hamilton, because one step leads to two steps. I’m so excited about what God is doing here in Christchurch tonight, but I believe god wants ARISE in Christchurch, excuse me, to be right at the centre of a new Christchurch. As this phenomenal city is rebuilt out of the ashes to become something great for the glory of our god, I think the church should be at the centre. It should be shouldn’t it, because the city is called Christchurch. We’re gonna build this campus in Lower Hutt, we’re gonna build on here in Christchurch, we’re gonna move forward. We’ve got the

@21:24 Somebody just needs to do some stargazing tonight, needs to look out and realise that if god made all those stars and then said, “Hang on a minute, you’re greater than a star, you’re greater than any problem, you’re greater than the sunrise. You are god’s pinnacle of creation. He made you and he’s the best thing he has on offer. He painted that sunrise just for you to have a good morning. You are the good morning. You’re putting the good back in to morning. Tell somebody near you.

@27:27 I don’t know about you but I’m finding that in my life as I’m entering into this next season, I’m so fully persuaded that god is gonna move in this nation, more persuaded than I’ve ever been before. Living more out of that conviction that the promise of god is alive for us, that New Zealand is going to see a move of god in our nation, that the church is ripe for god to breathe upon it, that god’s got something great in store just around the corner. We’re gonna make a decision whether we’re gonna waver through a want of faith and live our lives just being driven and tossed around by circumstance and pressure and what’s coming our way.

@30:53 I believe that what we’re doing in the next season of our church is gonna be the most exciting season. I really just wanna just take a minute and speak to every venue tonight and say, as we receive this offering on the tenth of November, I’m believing that we can rock seven hundred thousand. I’m personally holding a faith goal that whether with no mortgage at all or with a short mortgage over a couple of years we can build that Lower Hutt campus and pay it off outright. Why, because I don’t want to spend the next ten years of our journey moving slowly and incrementally towards something. It is going to be a powerful force for change for what god has called us to do in the Wellington region and in the nation and the equity is going to empower us to do so much more. But I believe god wants us to move towards it speedily. Seven hundred people giving a thousand dollars. Seven hundred grand. Done. There are people who are literally just gonna decide this is the moment because it’s all going in to building equity, land. It’s time to write that check for fifty thousand, time to write that cheque for a hundred thousand. If we rock seven hundred thousand it’s just going towards phase two, the construction of the building that will go on it. But I’m believing that we can move so much faster. I really am. This next ten years. Let’s believe that we can build a church that’s growth rate is literally unprecedented. And that, and that many other churches experience the same. We’re not the frozen chosen, we’re not the only ones. But this we can influence. This we are part of. This is not just an empty prayer for revival. This is substance, this is power, this is change for a nation. This is the future of the church in Aotearoa. This is what we are a part of, somebody shout amen. See, c’mon, let’s believe together for something incredibl… in your own life. I’m believing, I’m believing for a church filled with conquerors, filled with people whose lives are a testimony to god’s greatness.