Faithcation – Faith for God’s Promise

@10:34 From there that’s not the end. The reason why I’m believing that we can do this with either or just a very short term loan is because change a nation in the next ten years. Christchurch needs a campus. Hamilton needs a campus. What about Dunedin, other cities, Palmerston North, I dunno where god’s gonna send us. I kinda do but I don’t wanna say it out loud. But we’ve got a great future, we’ve got ten years of expansion, changing a nation, doing something great for god. This is our vision, this is our future, this is what god has called us to do, to do something great for him. And as we move towards this future that god’s got for us, I believe this is an amazing season for our church and a season where we need faith.

12:22 Hebrews eleven also tells us that through faith we conquer kingdoms. We’re not here to conquer the, you know, the, the civil kingdom of New Zealand but we are here to conquer the kingdom of darkness that is at work within New Zealand. To see, to see animosity go out of relationships, brokenness go out of hearts, addiction flee from people, to see suicide eradicated, marriages strong and healthy, salvations come to life, pornography vanquished, prostitution out of business. We are here to empower life and wholeness and healing and love and grace and forgiveness and blessing and joy. We’re here to see the kingdom of God come at work. We are here to put to nothing the things. We are here to see the kingdom of god established and it is faith that enables and it is faith that enables us to achieve this for our god.

@17:34 And then the next thing that happens is Abraham gets to verse six, and the bible says that he got there, and when he got there, the bible says that god said to him in verse six, “And I will give you the land upon which you are now standing”. Go, show, give. Go to the land. I will show it to you. When he got to the land god said, “I will give it to you”.

@35:34 Does anybody believe we can change a nation for Jesus.