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Taking currency in chapter eight and various T.N.A. there and here is my advice. Abdallah What is the base for you in this matter. Last year you were not only the first to give but also to have a desire to do so now finish the work so that your ego willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it. According to your means Forrest the willingness is there the gift is except of all according to what one

has and not according to what one does not have vis a live and just one more time now finish the work so that your eager willingness to do it may be managed by your completion of it. On Thursday. I decided I would cycle home from the church office. Jillian lie in a family live in glory rule and so last year I often cycled into the office but this year my timetable doesn’t work that way and so for the last few months I must admit

I confess before this morning that I’ve been a bit remiss in the fitness department. So one thing to say I felt pretty motivated output you know what I’m going to take the bike into the office. Jillian can drive the car home and I will cycle home. Now I had the added motivation of the fact that I had to be at the link church in low or hot for a creative all and by seven thirty five thirty. I was beginning to apply to out on the ride home when I realized that there was no one in the office that was going to Porirua except me so I put on my cycling gear have five forty suited up in lycra

I left the office. I must admit I lift and. Use Yes the garlic fired up. It was a great day it was kind of like a bit of a cool day but the you know no rain or anything like that and little bit of a breeze something of this going to be awesome to get down the Wellington waterfront it was nice I’m cycling pie. Asked the stadium over the overbridge alone pasta owned into the woods and her only goal which I’m telling myself as I approach them they’re wrong and gorge that when I’m going up this incredibly steep Lesa Hill. I better be conservative. I mean it’s been a long time since I’ve been

on my bike on thing it was all a bit a stage it a bit of Take It Easy did not go to hod getting it into my head getting into my head Cameron Don’t go too hot. Don’t go too hot Cameron. And then I start up in the wrong and gorge and the devil put temptation right in front of me if there’s anything you know about me is that as I’m incredibly competitive on Main unbelievably competitive. If I have a look like I’m not competitive it’s because I know I’m going to lose and if I don’t know what I’m talking about if I know I’m going to lose I put a disinterested out that but on the inside. Trust me no matter what it

is I am competitive. So I’ve paid of me about maybe thirty need is a hit is another cyclist and I can quickly tell that he’s not quite going as fast as me and if I know the stories go on so I start off go and I’ve been to take this two point two kilometer straight up the hill a scene easy until I see the cyclists just ahead of me and then I’m thinking to myself Caleb I gotta Niall this guy. I mean he’s on a mountain bike he does soon have six don’t know down so I you know on to just trying to deny my mind but I’m climbing on this guy I’m climbing on this guy and sure enough before we go to the top of the neural net go and

I did overtake this guy but as I cannot over the top and pull into Johnsonville I’m telling you my head is swimmin there’s no blood left in my head of feel like I’m about to vomit of feel like maybe this little dog coming up ahead of me. It’s been four months it’s a vein on a bicycle you understand what I’m saying and I’m telling you when I started this ride I felt bottom. I felt energized I felt excited and junk symbol. I felt like I was Genoa vomit. My POS out on trying to get through the main strip of John’s symbol without hitting another car you by know what I’m talking about Ogma I phone my back pocket on thing and I should stop I

should call Julian get her to come and pick me out but I’d phrase God for the fact that a kid go and I get the other in the Johnson will go down the hill to the tune bought that felt awesome clothes and even paid Lincoln I’m doing fifty kilometers an hour. Again through the tower and then ride through Tower in a gentle kind of a decent climb and eventually get to borrow a got lost and borrowed didn’t make it across the motorway and said Julian had to come and pick me up


But by my record buying my record. The game is wrong I could have gone home but it was already seven o’clock. So I bought a very good German company out so I may get to the creative all in on time but you know what on the going to start of the ride was pumped about the ride when I got to John’s symbol of is ready to give up the ride felt as ready to give up my lunch under the playful pavement. But I’m here to tell you that when I got to borrow even though Julian picked me out about so I can down

in P. town always just so exhilarated for having completed the ride and you know it’s one thing in life to start something but I’ve found that in life once you started. It’s really hard to keep a gallon. But in life this is nothing like finishing this amazing versus kerchief because these two words then as I read this scripture and honestly in my life this scripture verse eleven of signal and in Chapter eight is one of my theme Scriptures but when I read it just recently. It came alive in my heart again when I read two words when it says now

finish and I began to think about these two words in about us and about life and about the fact that starting is exciting made points address. Aning but finishing is in a giant thing and the Bible says in verse ten it says he is my advice about what is best for you and then in verse eleven. It’s saying now finish Don’t start something you don’t get distracted. Don’t lose your intensity what you had started. You better finish to achieve this one thing I want you to know about out God It is the Al God is a finisher.

God never cited anything that he didn’t finish. He’s an amazing God in fact independent of humanity does only two things that God if it started to you know that outside of humanity. There’s only two things that God gave us started the first one was creation and the Bible tells us that to put all the universe in place all the stars of the heavens every moon in every living molecule our oceans our waterways are incredibly vast forest the every insect every creature. It took the God of the universe six days to create the world and then in Genesis chapter two

verse two it says that he finished and once he finished he rested from his labors and God started creation. How many people of pumped out God finished creation and then the other thing that God started independently of people. I mean he’s done a lot of things through people. He’s done a lot of things with humanity. He’s done a lot of things on side of humanity done a lot of things for humanity. But the only thing he left us out of was the plan of salvation. Jesus came he was born in a manger angels here or lose his arrival for thirty years he lived as

a normal person he entered his ministry at the age of thirty three the Bible says that our Savior went to the cross and upon that cross the bridge is freedom and forgiveness for all humanity and in John nineteen verse thirty it’s coming up on the screen it says when he had finished the drink. Jesus

said. Is shared it

is and with that he bowed his head and he gave up his spirit. Jesus said it’s finished the work of salvation is finished the work of creation was finished in fact if you read you know theology books or even to read about the cross you would know that the cross is described as the finished work. It’s remarkable theologically to know that on the cross of Calvary even though you’re alive today two thousand years ago yourself vacation was finished at the cross.

It’s not an incomplete work it’s not a ninety percent done we’re going to lay five to seem to be done after you know the fact it is finished on the cross he started it. He did any fetish that and said This is what makes Christianity different from every other belief system we’re not trying to do enough to get salvation asked ovation is done it’s limited signed up. We’ve got it because of Jesus somebody give God the price for

that he’s a

finished it wondering where I’m going with this but where I’m breaking news that I is that Al God is a finisher. He’s not just the alpha. He’s the Amiga he’s not just the beginning. He’s the end he’s just not the altar of something he’s the put fake to all of it what God starts he finishes. He’s the creator and the complete at the beginning or end the Indus if that’s a word. He’s the starter in the finish and this is amazing because this is a tremendous source of confidence to everyone in this room because Philippians chapter two verse

six says he began a good work in you will finish what he started he’s going to bring it to completion add God never began anything that he is. I’m prepared to finish at the start of the work and asked them to give a bomb because the V. started to work in me.

He’s going to finish the work in me and then Singh carries

a kiss you know what starting is awesome but midpoints a discouraging. And right now you’re in this room and you think in God’s last one number he’s forgotten the line I am now going through such pain. There are a valleys. In my life not know and that God has been left you alone yes unless you’re on a shelf. None of us have gotten by him overlooked. What he started he is going to do. God is a finish. Not only is gotta finish. But church he wants us to be finishes as well he is looking for

all finisher this here is my advice now finish as there was an ego willingness to do it may even now be a completion all of it as there was an ego a willingness to do it may the now be a completion of it as you are pumped to start it now finishes you Bob will suddenly saying God doesn’t want you to so look at it because the looking for just one or the other many people think that God is just looking for somebody who’s

willing we preach this all the time and said I would break this myself because I believe it that God is looking for a willing ha. And we would believe that we could do we could explore this all morning the fact that there is only one thing God cannot give you and that’s willingness to you you choose to do it to mean Jesus came to this earth salvation was in his hands if it was possible everything God wanted him to do was in his hands to do listen you not called to bring salvation but you were called to bring something you have called to bring the plan of God’s earth there’s a a unique reason for you in this thing nobody. Come on nobody’s

redundant Nobody has lived out. We’re all here for a special purpose. But Jesus said dupré Father not my will but you all well and the words My greatest struggle is to be willing but the Apostle Paul writes this here in this passage and he says Well as there was an eager willingness this half of it may even now be a completion of it because that’s the whole of it these two things go together we can’t just want to stop. We have to be a finish it because looking

here in arise church this morning when we did clearing up the church that this year is an appointed time but it’s not born just getting pumped up in January and go and it’s an appointed time. I’m going to save the world you know I’m the God’s man of faith and power for the alpha if we just start it it’s not enough as there was an eagle willingness to begin it. Now we’ve got to finish is this going to be a completion. You know like most dads I guess in the room in the summer. I spent a lot of time at the beach and only start my day at the beach trying to sit on a tell.

Maybe talk to jelly and told friends that are there at the beach with us relax a little moment. My kids go down to the water but how many dads in this room know within a half an hour. They’re not asking for mom. They are still mom after one hour and thirty minutes when they want morning tea. But after thirty minutes the one that they’re asking for is dead and who can tell me won’t fall sandcastles. There you are as a dad immediately getting signed up especially you know I was with Will my son Dad let’s build of sand castles Buddhist angles so now his vision of his saying Castle is one of those force that keeps the water out and he went on I’m talking

about is the matter with the a fifteen or fifty you know what this fort is all about you’ve got to keep the water out it’s you against the top. It’s stupid really isn’t it because the tides are always going to win but then we asked. And we’re booting this for the movies and let’s do it dead and or OK so I’m lining it out in the sand I’m getting it all structured so he’s the edges kids now. Already get to do it from the outside. Come on you know it goes and put it on the inside done to get on the inside because then we all stuffed up. We’re going to get to do it all around dude Buddha train three gold thing coming around that you know we’re going to higher and higher and higher and we’re going to stave off the storm and we’ve got this thing

going and you know then I’m into it and you know who didn’t know that was in maybe ten minutes. One of the kids to go and collect shells to put on the four in the old into so then later is often just getting a few shells to put you know then will he ends up covered in sand or lovers and die a body wants to scratches knows that I was going to wash the water off and he’s off doing something else and then his dad and I you know I’m in a body in the summer I’ve got a bad back from boating same house those. Because if they had to get away do you know I and I’m one day I’m down there in the big shit I’m doing my thing I’m helping the kids and suddenly this couple start next to me and they go that’s a great thing cause of that you’re building and I stop and I look

up a realize that Lyra’s way down the beach over here will lose in the water over here and it’s just me all alone with an auto not how long of a in there for Obama self. Come on give me a wave dads of event itself in the same boat there’s lots of us with starting a support


Because a Sega is easy for my kids to have an eager willingness to start it but I’m looking for something in with then that’s going to a match by a completion of it and even vote in this room with got pumped about something you didn’t finish a project to do or oppa a repainting of something ot another diet a new year’s resolution a commitment to eating healthy a correspondence course you’ll never find me at home I love doing it all the correspondence course I just don’t like sitting in a room alone and alone trying to work out somebody else’s plan for me in a room alone but you know out of

science and is Sod off on these things together and every person in this room’s got something and parents that made a commitment. WRON teenagers some again label briefs and says on your parents they hate that I hate Sonam I get a commitment on my parents and we make commitments commitments made to our spouse. But Al rage has lost the substance of what it means to be a finish and were all filled with eager expressions I love you. Let’s get married. Let’s make a commitment to finish this life together but people have forgotten the essence of what it means to be

a finisher. And I want you to understand in life there’s always going to be a voice saying don’t finish. And when I get got to Johnsonville on my ride every go another is a strong voice in my ear as the vomit is beginning to come up from my stomach saying don’t finish. Jesus came to this earth if he had a just arrived just gone through the motions not gone to the cross. We were not of the devil doesn’t mind that you stop things he can whether you finish things said Jesus is come to this earth but the Bible says that when he hung up on the cross three groups of people tried

to get him from stopping us from finishing what he set out to do it meant these twenty seven thirty nine let’s read it. Those who passed by this is Jesus on the cross who old insults had him shaking their heads and saying you go you again were going. You were going to destroy the temple and build it in three days. Save yourself come down from the cross. If you are the Son of God don’t finish in the same way chief priests teach of the law and the elders mocked him saying he saved others but he can’t save himself he is the king of Israel. Let him

come down now from the cross and we will believe in him and all the words don’t finish. He trusting God Let God risk you him. Now if he wants him for he said I am the Son of God and other words don’t finish and every. Voice coming at Jesus on the cross on the eve of his real victory was the voice saying do not finish and friends it doesn’t matter what you’ve set out to do for God with your life. The greatest team tightish in this going to come your way is not the one to not get started it’s the greatest destruction that happens in life is when

people fail to finish says in My God my spirit has been this would I ever had should say it is literally say now finished and there was a willingness to do it may even now be a completion all that there are four things I want to talk to you about about finishing you with me this morning the first one is the possibilities are born from what you begin. But breakthroughs are born from what you finish see my friends the ones on the stay in the moment you begin the anything possibility comes alive within your life and then

does no possibility if you don’t begin. There’s a word for some guy here. You’re not going to find the girls you want unless you buy a bunch of flowers and ask her out for dinner alone. And this you begin there is the possibility possibilities Bolen when you begin. It’s the moment that you begin that possibility comes alive within your life but breakthroughs don’t come from what you start breakthroughs come from what you finish. At the beginning of two thousand and eleven both my brother and I passed the brain is preaching in Hamilton this morning while Julian is preaching in Christchurch and boss of brain and I at

the beginning of last year both began a new exercise routines. I decided I was going to take up road cycling which I’m really enjoying and so I took Rhodes likely up and my brother he decided that he was going to intensify his commitment to the gym he was going about once a week he said I’m going to go four times a week and so we both began now but it’s on we got to my. My long rides was seventy four kilometers every Tuesday. I was riding seventy four kilometers all through Whiteman’s Valley in the Hotton bag home again it was a big ride take me to an OPS the reality and I began

well but then coming into June began to travel we did change tolls for two weeks. I went to Australia for two weeks then I went to America for two weeks and then you know we’re back in Australia again and then arise conference then after Oz conference. Another thing comes around and from June all the way through until all Toba I did not hop on my bike and then I have a short stint in one of the some a break everyone does the some a break is really like a Greek phrase some of Reagan’s Greek for a too much and so you know of the some a bright or a too much as a you know last week my

brother is staying at the same house as me now I started but he finished all the eight kids eating well. All he ate get going to the gym well. Now listen. Most of our lives and we’re not playing my brother out but he’s been faster than me most of allies together under schooling is quite a spike.


last week he sang in my house and we both go to help on the spot together. Well the eerie is he’s at my house the takes of this T. shirt it is replaces adds with like a washboard. The shoulders a big IS got like a vase shape going on like a cylindrical such


you know you want to want to watch as tall guys afterwards took a bit of detergent but Awards went up and down as ads like that.


tried it my told disappeared in the little hole little boy it takes they


a leg to stomach to go to sore handy when my stomach is still shaking


I’m here to tell you that. These were born the moment that we both began but I got no breakthrough because I didn’t finish. Now he didn’t finish. And my Lord what a breakthrough it is.


came to the Senate that’s great but of all Jesus did was come to this earth see when you begin when you begin it’s always exciting. It’s exciting to begin isn’t it. Now when father when you begin the first thought the first day you have to go for the run then we will know it’s also you feel great I exercise today and nobody cares how long it was. You just did it aren’t tain stands for all your pretty or your friends always you went for a run.


comes to the surface and really his birth is symbolic of every beginning I mean on the trying to take away from the birth of our Savior but when Jesus was born angels here on his arrival. MAJ I come from the eighth. They give him gifts. Everybody loves you when you stop. Everybody’s with you when you’re beginning. Everybody’s excited about the stuff that you begin that. But of all Jesus had done was come to this earth. Even if they taught some moral teachings healed a few people. If that’s all Jesus did even if every sick person Jesus mate. While

he’s on this planet was healed and he taught his sermons my friends we would not be in this room this morning because he came he began but the real deal is not the possibilities came from its beginning. So you’re in this room and this literally been a moment in your life were angels have appeared that moment when you feel I’m going to start this thing do this thing move forward. I’m going to I’m going to be a van a husband be a bitter man and I’m telling you the moment you made that choice. There is going to be that sense of heaven bearing witness to your beginning because God wants you to begin. But

the longer the moments are not in the beginning the lonely moments the towards the ending the finishing and so Jesus prays in the gun the get similar. But all my friends. How many people in this room a happy that Jesus didn’t begin. He didn’t just begin that Jesus finished and now because he finished the gates of heaven a wide open salvation has come freedom has come salvation is Alice life and healing and deliverance and man. Any person that wants to can have access in the heaven not the breakthrough came a knock because Jesus began and

in allies the breakthrough doesn’t come from things that you begin to break through it comes from things that you finish whether it’s your finances your budget. Whether it’s your walk with God whether it’s increased commitments that you have made that following through on the things that we start that brings the breakthrough into allies and God is looking for somebody who is going to finish the devil will let you stop things your whole life long who will know that I made on that people who are honestly just. Every time I meet them they’re pumped about a

new idea. In fact in our stuff we have a thing we call an ideas and this literally you cannot have any ideas of OK we had a lot of ideas. Now there are no more ideas and somewhat similar BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT. And I’m going to I’m going to keep you up and. So I’ll just get a bit too much but my friend’s ideas are not always what they cracked up to be starting things because the devil will let you just get busy studying one thing after another thing out or Another thing after another thing are really pumped about this you start to know you’re really bummed about this and start and really pumped about then the started and I start this and I start

that the devil’s just sitting back going go ahead. Say I want to understand that. In your area all of people writing new year’s resolutions. The older I get the less I have anyone know that to be true man but the thing is the devil’s not big oh and yeah I’m just going to just you know just pour water on your just really turn destroy your beginnings of he’ll let you have you stop then you’ll come to you when I wrote to mom. I don’t want to say I mean because I’m talking about you but it comes to you and I told discourages you a little bit this good sit

down. I don’t read the Bible cover to cover by the way it doesn’t matter with you finished it last year but it doesn’t matter that you finish what you stopped because the breakthrough will come when you finish it when I first set out to read the Bible I said I’m going to read the Bible cover to cover and three months because I had to go on a short term outreach so in September I said by Christmas all of read the Bible cover to cover or read forty chapters the first day fifty chapters the next story I’ll go around read first jet was the first day forty chapters the second I read the cover Bible all the way cover to cover in three months on man invited just go through Genesis and never finished

revelation on a how much I would have missed out on because when I speed read the Bible like that it was reading it differently wasn’t one verse that illuminated. It was one thing matched with another theme matched with the same in the New Testament and sudden area realize that because those read it within such a short window that what was spoken of in numbers about when they came out of the of Egypt and then felt on the edge of the promise was what it was also speaking about and first Corinthians tin when it says there was written down for as an example and a type for us on whom the fulfillment the eight and the peacekeepers match together with peace and I me to tell you that wasn’t the fact that I started they gave me the bright through in the project it

was the fact that I’ve finished it. That’s an easy example but what about in your life how many things that we stop but that we never finish over the next three Sundays I’m going to talk more about this concept. Finishing because I believe that God doesn’t want us to be a church of a community of people who are just busy with new ideas and new initiatives and starting left and starting right now I’m going to live through this year but not not in August you know the science. God wants us to be a group of people who say I’m not for the son sat in silence and once I started. I’m going to finish it.

I’m going to get the bright side. I’m going to move forward because the devil would love for all of our energy system be dissipated by a bunch of starting but never any finishing number two who’s with me today. You’re saving the word. Number two God doesn’t get the glory for our beginnings but for our completions So whenever you start something you get the glory for it but when you finish it. God gets the glory for it. Nehemiah Nehemiah begins to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and everybody around is

saying whoa. Nehemiah you crazy name. Do you really think you can rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Do you really think you can do this and we’re going to dive into this another week because how amazing is it that Nehemiah starts this work and then everything tries to get Nehemiah distracted but he just says I won’t stop. I can have a conversation with you on not going to the left are not going to the right because we have the gun began began a good wood and now I have the gun and I’ve got to finish it he said I got to see it through and the Bible says because he was focused because he wouldn’t

be distracted. He wouldn’t be intimidated. He wouldn’t be dissipated the Bible says that he not only began it but he finished it. He finished it in such a short period of time that people said how can you do this in such a short period of time the hand of the Lord must be with you Nehemiah and onwards. Nehemiah got the credit for the. Adding it to God got the glory firm finishing it and in our lives anything that you see through to the end in this day and age is remarkable when we think about marriages that last god

gets glory for them because he’s a testament to the fact that you might not be able to do it by itself but you can do it with God It’s about God getting the glory God gets glory when we finish this means we’re going to be hot out committed to finishing what we started nine years ago we began to rise church and will drama whole a new town with seven people a little kind of rambunctious you know just a little band of people starting it together and my friends of all we have a did was start it. How many of you know God wouldn’t get the glory but in ten years time from now we to entertain at the in this year but I’m

looking forward not to just this milestone on the we’re going to potty. But when we get to twenty years time and we’ve gone from what we are now maybe three four thousand to twenty thousand and another thing is Syme and we will know we’ve got the quit of a siding and God will get the glory for finishing it. C’mon man anybody reckon we can build a church to twenty thousand people in Wellington see thousands of people come to facing Christ sanctioned nation ground God If you believe it shout a man a man God is looking for some people that I’m just going to stop but some people who are going to

be made in God’s looking finishes he’s looking to finish is Julie and I made last year in a miracle for in the largest commitment to the miracle offering with a given in a lot of the largest offering with a made in allies. It was a huge thing to stop and then you know we were excited about starting it but the nice thing is not that we started it set last week we finished it and then when I started it I guess I got the glory because I put in the largest book which.

But God gets the glory that through his intervention into my life I was able to complete that which I started. And now I’ve got a big God and we will know if I started it but I didn’t finish it then or more will get smaller. A good dwarfed I don’t believe that I can do it anything you stop but that you don’t finish makes you a world small but when you start anything and you finish it as many was somebody just the other way you can feel you know about a possible situation and they’ve got dreams up the was you want to do this want to do that want to change the world

got huge aspirations influence government missions. Massive esper Asians and the City what do you think I should do I said here’s my

advice get a job get

a basic job doing forty hours every week get a regular pay packet do the basics in your life well and then when you’ve done the basics then look at to make sure study. Once you’ve done the extra study then look at the next thing but you’ve got to finish something because in life if you never finish anything then your life is never going to count God’s never going to get any glory but when you go from strength to strength to strength man when we played their final amount in we like how do we pull that off and God has begun while he’s for us the moment we put it in with stop thinking

about this year’s miracle offering why because we’ve already seen God do something great and now a belief is that God can do something even


command God something for somebody who isn’t going to stop but somebody is going to finish. Number three doing things will drain you but finishing them will fade you. Boy how many will know that jury riding my bike when I go to John’s level. Honestly I was driving. So drained the bottle I’m about to Polly Rua always pumps always energized. I’ll bring a cow a jillion I’m not talking like a million miles an hour. I mean I’m just I’m as alive I felt like zinging with vitality I’m buzzing with

life because I just rode my bike up the neuronic gorge and survived. I deserve a credit for that. Come on somebody I made it I finished it I did it I got to pay down I did not bomb and I’ve said no PA sat I am alive today. Somebody is happy about that I am having out there because doing things will drain you but finishing them will save you I want you to understand you get worn out through the


Alright on this money all these you know inspirational but you’ve got to hear this that the midpoints of flat points made targets are not pleasant moments to be in and so a lot of people does give up on either having a target because in the middle. You’re always exhausted and I just feel this is symptomatic of our society. I don’t watch

T.V. One of the reasons why I don’t want somebody else telling me something new that I’ve got to do. I’m busy of already got things that I’ve decided today. So often it’s that. And now I’m open

to a new

influence because what I know is that the Bible doesn’t say you build strength you Bewick to strong it says we go from strength to strength. So when you finish something it doesn’t drain you want you finish the June. And jump for thirty four Jesus asked about where he’s going to get his food to eat and he says My food is to do the will of Him You sent me that’s what most people think but it isn’t he said My food is coming up on the screen is to do the will of them is in

me and to. A month and two and two and two to finish.

Jesus was unfazed by what he started he was fed by what he finished because when you finish the thing it feeds you it comes alive would then use the doing will drain you but the finishing will freak you suddenly like man I did it I can do I can do I can do anything I’m you know I’m too Christian for my church I mean I’m on the Meridia go I’m up for a job Believe I Can Fly spread my wings and touch the sky. I mean you just believe that you can do anything when you finish something and

said God’s looking for people who want just going to stop stuff but people who are going to finish things because when you finish them they energize you could I be honest with you I’m really not that good at doing jobs around the house. Of the married for fifteen years to Jillian I’m still a work in progress. The good ladies are going to give a man at least ten years of after ten years. He’s going to stop being actually slightly useful. It takes us that long with just a really were a long term project Gill’s you just gotta accept this the moment that you made us. I married a jillion for fifteen years. I do fine around the section you know around the outside of

the house and noise and I do OK around the sake Sion inside the house and just Julian will say to me OK Sweet out so we’re going to divvy up jobs for the New Year and your job’s going to be the dishes by March she’s doing all the dishes in about oh Dagobah but I don’t use that. So what Julian would do is after the after dinner she would say OK John I’m going to do. The boss and you can do the dishes. Now the reason why she knows this is because she knows my personality. So she takes the kids up cities and she’s doing the bottom line. But you know what Once I stopped something. Why finish it.

So I mean AUD load the dishwasher I shudder to turn it on I grab the pots. Wash them. I take the things off those the oven and I’ve been you know doing the spray and wipe all over the earth all over the hall than they don’t spray and wipe on the bench top the group for doesn’t look that good about the vacuum out taunting away the cookbooks I mean when she comes back. The thing looks amazing because just this just my personality once I started on never going to do a mediocre job I’m never going to come to do. Haha I can’t even help myself sheaths tricks

me she to sees me she tracked me

I one of the evening for watching television. It’s on a cook. I just finished cleaning the kitchen on the clean and Julian always wanted my obsessive personality means that once of started I have to finish it. But when Julian comes back downstairs after putting the kids and bade him a good knowledge of woman months. They’re tired when that just finished when that gets them but she walks in the sort of it’s like gleaming shoots of light coming off the bench stop.


doing drained over the fact that I finished it it energizes her and it’s like that life anything finish will energize you. So that’s why the Satan wants you to never finish. He wants you to is never finished never get victory never complete never take off the to do list never achieve it never does stop but he wants you busy starting he wants you tired. He never wants you feeling rewarded. He never wants you to feel fulfilled this is what the devil wants. That’s why God says this is my advice you are willing to start it now finish it. I do with a lot of classes to deal with this thing called burn down. I personally don’t

believe in banana. But this is what I do know that burnout really is the gap between what you started and what you were able to finish. Because anything you finish won’t kill you if you finish it. If it takes you to the edge of your strength you get past it your wrists and you go I am I can change the world but it’s the way your life your culture your disciplines are set up so that you start something and it’s just got so much further to go and you’ve got nothing left to give to it that’s when people start to feel that feeling like I can’t do

this and so God says don’t stop too much but what you start finish and then we can together move forward number four need to God know people are impressed by Sada’s but everybody’s impressed by finishing. Luke four fourteen twenty I did thirty suppose one of you wants to build a tower will not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if the as enough money to finish it for a fee lays the foundation and there’s not a goal to finish. Everyone who sees it already kills them saying this

fellow began to build but was not able to finish. He said other words people will come and say about the guys started but didn’t finish it.

He’s not very good. We don’t have a lot of nice words for people who fail to

finish a began to think about all the words the nicest word for failure to finish that we have is non completion. That’s the best when I get to go. There’s like a polite way of saying he did not score enough to pass the

test no on completion other words for a family to finish failure quicker Szoka Luiza The problem is that no Christian is destined by God to be a loser by very nature we are a winner. So the Bible says this is

marvellous finish. And there was a willingness to start it now finish it and then it gives a little caveat. According to your means and of the words if you had an. What you mean to do is not possible then readjust the goal that may come when talk about this next Sunday but the goal is not that we just keep Stodden stuff. The goal is that we make course corrections. But what we start. We finish last long sentencing is didn’t study it please yes except the civilization the end of the matter is better than its

beginning man the whole Bible is full of the thing finishing is better than starting the ending is better than the beginning the Indian

is dead at first in the beginning. I don’t think many people would disagree with

that but I don’t know if a lot of people get to

experience when Jesus was born the angels appeared the wise man will give ship but it’s Dow down to worship it was amazing stuff but it’s often like that in the stock and then we get lost along the

way the where in this room this morning able to notice a given us a sense salvation freedom life healing have a relationship with God not just because Jesus died but because he finished hanging on the cross it is finished the Apostle Paul writes of one Thomas one of the

sincere whatever it was to my prophet. I now consider loss when I consider my own life or his as one thing I want I want to finish the race. I want to complete what is called me to do I want to get the crown and then he writes elsewhere. He says later on this last I have run my race. I have finished my course you know it’s possible for any person to

finish. You can finish everything and you can finish what God told you to listen every person can finish what God’s told you confidence what he hasn’t told you but you can finish what is called you to do an.