Freshwater In The Ocean

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You’re forty seven this one I want to talk you tonight the Smalling. Let’s get a Thompson run. What I told you this morning about fresh water in the ocean. This one the man that’s the one who bought me back to the entrance of the temple and I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the east for the temple faced the water was coming down from under the south side of the temple south of the altar. Then he brought me out through the north gate and he lit me around the outside to the area gate facing

east and the water was flowing from the south side as the man when Eastwood with a measuring line in his hand he measured off a thousand cubits. And then led me through the water that was ankle deep he measured off another thousand keepit and limits through the water that was needy. He measured off another thousand and let me through the water that was up to the waist. He measured off another thousand but now it was a river that I could not cross because the river had risen and was deep enough to swim in a river that no one could cross. He asked me Son of Man do you see this. Then he led me

back to the bank of the river when I arrived there I saw a great number of trees on each side of the river. He said to me this water flows toward the eastern region and goes down into the hour of the WHERE into the sea when im sees into the say the water there becomes for a. Swarms of living creatures live where ever the river flows they will be large numbers of fish because this more flows there and makes the water fresh. So where the river flows everything will the fisherman will stand on the shore from in

good ought to in a glammed and there. There will be places for spreading it. The fish will be of many kinds like the fish of the great sea. But the swamps and masses will not become fraîche they will be left for sold. Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the root of the river the leaves will not with the Nor will the fruit failed every month they will bed because the water from the Century flows to them the fruit will be for food and their leaves will be for healing. This is

an amazing prophecy in the scriptures and we hear another Think Week three of a series a mission and I want to talk to you tonight the Smalling going to get it right. I got to talk to you this morning from this passage of scripture about freshwater in the ocean. It’s an amazing thing to know it but beginning in verse and check the forty of his a gill all the way through to hear him Chapter forty seven in the book is about to end the remaining passages this hold chunk of scripture from his ego forty right through to the end is the angel guiding the prophet through the temple and the

the affairs of worship in fact if you were to go back in the chat the forty six you would find a verse of Scripture that I preached from unevil five weeks ago a message entire road. You cannot leave the way you came in and we remarked in a series of worship that whenever God restores his people he always institutes of process and a system of worship and it’s amazing that we spend weeks in the life of a church devoted to this topic and the sort of void ship and now here we are in a new series of messages literally back where we were last time in the book of Ezekiel we are literally

picking up where we left off we preach from Aziga forty six some worship and this morning when preaching from the Ezekiel forty seven on mission. Our last topic of messages as the church was on this topic of worship a new job to get messages is on the sort of mission and I believe that God is speaking it’s amazing the. Because if you were to read is it your forty through forty six you would find God saying this is how I want you to worship this is how I want you to enter the temple. There’s a war. What I want you to do when you’re in the temple how you go through the affairs of your worship in the temple and then here we find in his ego forty

seven that the Bible says that the angle brings the prophet back to the entrance of the temple because all worship will eventually lead you back to the entrance of the temple. Anyway ship we have a kind of engage in already here too or tended to subscribe and that makes us think that our Christian lives as spose to be just in the temple is false worship God brings you to him to always get you back out the temple again to get us into the place of our community can you say I mean this morning. It’s an amazing prophecy because it literally says here is a good forty

seven that flowing from the old there begins a river. Isn’t it amazing that the river begins at the altar the river begins to flow at the altar. There’s always a river that begins to flow. Whenever people coming can it with God in worship. If we have a come to the altar an offer of worship a no river begins to flow that I think we’ve got to look at the quality or the reality the sincerity of our worship because worship will always cause a river to flow can again I mean this

literally the Bible says that if flows from the altar to the threshold of the temple and then the river continues to flow out into the sea and what I want you to notice first about this passage of Scripture my friends is that there is a river there is a river event every time you find God moving in the lives of people you’re always going to find a river. Every time God turns up. Any environment God is in there is always a river of a. And some thirty six visited It’s described as the river of delights I like that

one in some forty six verse for it says there is a river whose streams make glad the people of God The City of God the most holy place where God dwells wherever you find God in the Bible you find the river flowing the river always flows it flows in the garden in Genesis. Jed to this tin it says that in the Garden of Eden with God Well there was a river and separate into four different pathways its is in heaven. There is a risen. Oh my gosh it’s the it’s in the garden. It’s in is eagle’s prophecy the God The river is going to be in

heaven it says in Revelation twenty two verse one. The angel served me the River of the water of life bright as crystal from the throne of God and of the Lamb the know that end of the Lamb flowing through the middle of the street to the city and also on either side of the river the Tree of Life with twelve different kinds of fruit with fruit for each month so it isn’t as they feel that it’s there be an abundance of trees and each month they’ll be a fruit and revelation this stew this still bearing fruit the leaves of the trees will be for the healing of the nations.

I want you to understand that these trees in this river were in the Garden of Eden is the prophesied newsy kills it’s again in the heaven. This is a very significant revenue high for him the next thing I want you to note about this river is that cherries planted by the river now trees in the Bible are always significant because either the tree of life the Tree of Knowledge of good an evil or most often in the Bible when you see trees and pictures all believe is illusory season one president scripture that we are all of trees. It says in some one place that is the man who does the walk

and accounts of the wicked will stand the way of sinners who sit in the seat of the Mokka but his delight is in the lore of the load. And all his glory minutes a day and night he is like a somebody shot and hears like a so will I trace turn the person next year and say You’re like a tree dude I saw Jet The sixty one verse three as I sixty one verse three talking about believe it it says you will be called Trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord. What’s amazing about this passage is that we’re got a river that flows from God we’ve got trees done on

the banks of the river you and I are the trees and the Bible says that every month every season of the year that you and I will bear fruit man you know that shows me bore important than the season of life you’re going through his what you’re planted Nexus follow vain. Doesn’t matter I I can be sixteen or sixty four but I’m going to bear fruit in every season of my life. It might be summer in my life when I’m hanging by the beach or it could be the worst autumn your life is ever had in the midst of a reversal but you bear fruit

in every season. If you’re flying today it’s a God’s river. Man that’s encouraging. The river the Bible says. Gets deeper the further it gets from the temple. Now this is where we go to Saul because it says that the further you take this river from the temple the deeper the river is going to become now and live in the natural and lists you have a significant tribute Tory this is some of the streams that are coming along this literally

doesn’t happen. This this is just something that in one share never takes place there is no such thing as a river that the further it gets from its source gets steeper in fact a river is did it is normally limited by its source. That’s why here in New Zealand. Understand the why can’t a river the mighty WHITE care a river that has its source in lights help or so because of its source. We have a mighty river the size of the source who will always be the great A size of the river yet not in God’s kingdom because here the Bible says that we have a river that when a lays the throne of God It is only ankle

deep and you will know this is how the river which you call that of a creek if it’s ankle deep but then you go another thousand cubits who have a father that is and now is needed another thousand give us that is wasted and another thousand Cubas you go to swim to get from one side of the river to the other in the laws of nature this river is literally impossible it does not happen it’s a it’s a it’s a non-reality But here we find that God is saying that this river that flows from his throne is going to get deeper the further it goes

away from the throne room of God Why why is that arrow can that be but we start to realize my friends that when you were speaking about something that our agendas are in God we understand that it doesn’t come from natural laws but from supernatural. So even though naturally this doesn’t happen biologically this doesn’t happen whatever science is called We are looking at nature even though it doesn’t happen in the natural It happens in the spiritual because God said it so and the reason why is that this river is not a natural river but is a

supernatural river. If flows deeper the further it gets from the temple. This doesn’t make sense until you and I start to realize that this river is so very powerful this river is literally the source of a Mrs this morning this river is what you and I a cold as Believe us to be custody and over God’s looking and you and I together in this river to work. This river to usher this river to lead this river and we find about the service that starts at the throne of

God and it’s only angle they A sells in Cuba’s help but it’s needy two thousand cubits and wife the three thousand cubits and I want you to understand that this river that you and I a cold to because soda and so the if it’s not just a prophecy about a result this is a picture of a river. It’s a prophecy of something that is about to take place because the Bible says that beginning at the old A river begins and the river flows Dever the further gets from the throne room

of God But I want you to understand that the Bible says that when Jesus went to the cross town that the Lamb who was to be thrown slain was made an offering for us that Jesus was placed upon the hill of Calvary that they now designs out wide the narrow street to the cross and they took a spear and they put it into his side and from his side came was wrong blood and water. So from the side of Jesus came a river the river is seen in the Book of Revelation twenty two where it says that the lamb is seated upon the throne the lamb is seated

upon the throne. I see the lamb a seat upon their own throne and from the throne becomes a river. So once you understand that Jesus was split open. And from the side came blood and water sees as the key to live in a case of Attica seventeen verse eleven is going to come up on the screen the verdict is seventeen eleven says that the life of the creature is in its blood. So the life of Jesus was in his blood. That’s why the the old days when Believe us were never allowed to drink blood because God said no no you’ve got to understand the significance of blood blood represents life

when Jesus’s blood was shed his life was poured out his blood has covered us his blood his. Made us alive in the hands of the blood of those red dorks judgments classified so the blood came out and the water came out to the water is the bridge the river and the blood is the life to the river that flows from the throne of God from the old to in this passage is a living water. Wow. And that’s what you want I called to carry on living water living water.

Jesus said about this water. If anybody drinks the water all my gosh if you drink the water that I give to you it will become an you. I rode a river of living water well the loosely overflows into eternal life. This is the river and this is the water and you and I have colds to be carriers of this water here I want you to understand that there’s a reason why every thousand cubits a river needs to get deeper because there are people out there.

The river is the river of grace. That he covers us. He covers us and he covers that transgression. He covers us our owns he makes us right with him how many of the grateful for river of grace. If you’re just one take a dive into the river Grace someday. But there are some people who only need ankle deep grace because they were raised a thousand cubit from the table. I mean think about I think about my own loss.

A grew up in a Christian family. I went to a Christian school for five years when I went to Vic literalize literally memorized my first Psalm when I was six years old with tell my kids that yesterday. You know they prayed followed by the Who’s Who in the Christians a minute. A group of sleeping and sleeping bags on the back row of the church service. You know I’m talking about I mean of never seen my parents have a disagreement like a fight never a disagreement. No in my whole life now and to this day I mean of a quality time with my dad you know made me above all at home at the workplace eds both things I’ve had an

ideal upbringing I mean we didn’t have truckloads of money but you know we had food on the table and we had a great life. So then when I was thirteen I walked away from God I walked into the world so I did the things that people did in the world and I drank and smoked and. You don’t have a dick to do it but you know that you tried the coal and you know I. You know swore like a trooper like everybody does in the world I had a


like everybody really needs an intervention in their


Cycle honestly real about the bit at the age of eighteen I became a follower of Jesus Christ. Now the reality is I gave my life to cries I’m a the twelve but I woke up the next morning. I didn’t smoke. I didn’t drink. I didn’t swear I started tithing from day one that I became a Christian have done ever since and God bless you with three pay rises and six months of the rice became a Christian which is just amazing probably a change in attitude and the blessing of God you give to God is always a give us a. Here I am a man I don’t drink don’t smoke go to honest with em a whole live change of an idea let’s be honest with the church and say coming from that kind of upbringing. I only

needed ample ankle deep grace. I grew up a thousand Cubans from the temple but how many people know that there are people who live in our community who didn’t grow of a thousand Cubans from the temple. Come on somebody come on. I don’t know what it is devastating bag under a church pew no one gave them a ham nobody gave them quality time with the father of grown up in neglect and abuse and difficulty in a verse that I. Never heard the word A J’s us walk into the service some evil grateful it doesn’t matter where you have come from

how bad your boss is down miss out your Yesterday was when you walk into the doors of a church this great enough for you somebody give a god

some brains in the church this morning and jeopardy given by the keys got great enough for you oh God and man we need a revelation of a church that doesn’t just have secrecy Lenny Christians have only got ankle deep grace. Oh they took the thing. Well they said they found Jesus. I heard them drop the jail if would just the other day and they said they found Jesus. You know I mean come on I mean when I became a Christian it was like I survived in

the church to be honest with you because I needed encoded Grace. Because even though people in the church look for this one gone Jonas that you’ll know exactly gone think you know when I say this but there’s one God he said is trying to wind me up every time where to use good to vent because God’s been working on me for twenty years and I still have a temper. So back then you can imagine light the fuse was only you decide to get the match near it and it was going to


So he just you know he just pushed me stop pushing me and then I would step in the real hall. Oh John come on with Christians here.


Long of another be with a woman and that you couldn’t balance out of it you’d

go. Why

because you need more than a goody gracious. When he simply needs Amazing Grace we so wasting Grace. We need some man you can swim in it counted Christ taught there of people today only going to be one to Jesus in ass church and they say Fine so bright that I just. Remend future of all the way from the temple but you can swim in this way if you can find a girl a second chance or chance for chance. How many loves you to cover your phone. Because the river is good enough.

They say everybody to that’s the kind of church I want to plaster own a boss of the can a church were believe was a garden of grace for an everybody no matter what they’ve come from no matter how Christian they are. When the you say still being Jesus is the word they use when they stop their talk when enough grace to cover every person. And they were going to fixes


to the ones that understand they God’s got enough grace. Oh man a one year stand in verse eight this passage tells us that the river. If flows into the ocean. This is so fundamental so fundamental to it hard enough but a maybe this is a simple but can we just stop and just say this that it’s the destiny of every river to reach the ocean an ode simple but on the simple main But whenever you see a river on the earth and

you’re wondering when the way that river


You can know that the river is this and for all. They know the ocean. There’s only one place where is this post in the right. All the supposed to end up in the ocean. But you know so many Christians come to have this mindset like the river is to be protected from the ocean to the river the river is the move of God. And the ocean is the world. Oh. And so there are literally whole camps of Christianity that are out there trying to build

dams to keep the river out of the ocean. So we just got to keep the river out of the ocean so. Men don’t let the ocean get in here. Oh my gosh do not let the ocean get that so what that’s the world getting in here. That’s a Ocean getting in here. I want you to understand that it’s not our job as believers to game the the river out of the ocean because trying to get the river in the ocean. The whole purpose is also reverse to suggest to the ocean the river only exists for one purpose to

collide with the young ssion see literally the plan and purpose of God for us is believe us is that we would give fresh water in the ocean The Because when fresh water hits the ocean is when those things really begin to take place but I want you to understand that so many believe a spin the time trying to guide the river protect the river dam the river stop it from Mike in the river the river more salty like something else if we’re not careful the sole water from the ocean is going to get into the river and ruin it. Listen. The only way you can ruin a

reverse or ruin it


Oh see James one say is how can so water and fresh water come from the same strain is not possible because if the spraying is fresh water flows from a whoa is the phrase and how many people know Jesus is God living water. You can’t be Jesus the devil can overturn Jesus. Oh man the world can conquer Jesus so want to tell men for Jesus is always generally fresh water always still of a living water

sadness tons of accounts the lights come on my friends. Jesus is victorious and there is living water flowing from Jesus we don’t need to partake. Jesus. Listen we don’t need to protect the


Come on we have bad names for believers who end up trying to hold out of the Google fortress away from the world all man because it’s getting dark and you

heard getting bad the Anti Christ is


Henry Kissinger’s in a wheelchair yet when I grew up he was going to conquer the world and become the N.T. cause remember those days. No one here does but the people in the balcony


Thank You are a few ways from the back corner.


don’t need to be fearful of the world we don’t need to be fearful of the world because whenever I see the thing is my friends listen what’s the church what’s supposed to protect the church the very thing I’m talking about here. It’s amazing when you start to look at the scriptures in the pictures of the church. There’s only one dog the church that God is building and it is a church that into the ocean and listen. Everything it touches when into the ocean becomes fraîche not the other way around the fresh water stays fresh but the sea water becomes fresh through and things that were did become alive again. To the fish couldn’t live

but now they came and that life was impossible but now it is on telling you when the river hits the ocean it brings life to everything it touches not the other way


and God doesn’t want as damming up the river and stopping him from reaching the ocean. So let’s jump metaphors and make the church now no longer a river but a city when you find cities representing just the church in the Bible and since our daughter twenty six verse twelve and annoys us sixty verse three and it says them both passages scripture the God makes the walls of Jerusalem salvation and it’s Gates praise. Is Wolf’s salvation through its walls salvation was said people in the world finding Jesus become the next wall of the church. It’s a picture of an organism or of

a thing so rapidly growing think you can’t build a wall around it because the next person adjoined it becomes a new route Elia and then the next person to join that becomes when you add a layer and it’s just continually expanding hankie songs grow and we’re not here to hunker down we’re here to push for what. Somebody give a lot a shout uprising this is all man see if we give bad names we give bad names to rivers that don’t reach the ocean. We don’t think about them well.

So what what name do you give to a river that doesn’t meet the ocean. Well it’s amazing because it’s right here in your scriptures this morning. If you read verse eleven and says but the swarms and Matias will not become fresh they will be for Saul and other words if the river is flowing towards the ocean and is not in powered if it’s not enabled if it’s restricted from hitting the ocean. Then the Bible says that it swamps and masses will not become fraîche say I

love Rivers anybody else I love the hot river the Sun The year old Elise fall in the river all of the you know I love the ocean Bynum kept but he just the other day love cinema saw the ocean will live kind of close to the ocean love the ocean a love rivers. But how many people here would demand my dream holiday destination is next to a swamp. Nobody not a single hand and this turn to spotting native birds or duck hunting swarms just not fun.

I’m in the future do. One thing they smell. It’s. This smell. I mean is something nice about it.

Listen you can drink the water from God’s river but you can drink the water from a swamp. It’s it’s unclean it’s settled is contaminated. And my friends. What happens to the church is when the church started letting the river reach make the ocean. We build swamps and we build Matias and God says you’re never going to have an impact. There’s not going to be any fresh water come from you keeping the river to yourself why because among the gods happens for the church it doesn’t happen to the church. To

God They have emerged as the weekend is kind of enjoy a little tango and now worship experience this morning he wishes for us to that then we can take it into the world to surround us. He only ever gets to us so that he can get stronger. Come on man. See Schwab’s are not good places. I reckon they’re out in the woods and I’m just preaching like a see it but I reckon in the world today there are what I like to call Burwood churches to suburbs and cross-stitch. Mum and Dad used to live there. My brother lives do fifty metres from one another on the same

street in a beautiful subdivision nice manicured lawns as you’re finding Christchurch wide streets wide open and closures It must be the same Diego Zoo. None of the mean is this it was a beautiful area tox modern parent cycle tracks all these nice houses their own new double glazing you know central heating lovely homes and everybody’s living and boom would it once have the Mburu would not knowing that boom would was built on a swamp. And I reckon sometimes everything looks good when you build on a swamp the gods the building a church that can be shaken.

He’s not building. Churches own swarms he doesn’t want to just thinking about well the water is flowing in here and there’s a great tingle here and the children’s programs are good here. So let’s just enjoy a little swamp experience and let’s all just keep on takin and keep on takin and keep on takin but none on a let’s not hit the ocean and God says not hang on a minute you watch what’s going on because you build you a church on a small you build satellite Burwood and the first earthquake that comes along. It turns blue wood into a ghost town and churches that goes through rum lumpy patches and

become ghost towns of ones that were built on swamps and not beside Rivers culled one has hit in

the ocean should tell on how to finance isn’t hitting the ocean arrant bank isn’t in the ocean as. Destiny is hid in the ocean. Don’t put us here to change the world sandbag humanity to be potty astronaut positrons loves killing somebody.


put us here to change the slope to Jesus and says they’ll be for swamp now. So the swamps will be for so now in the New Testament. We know that salt means good things. But in the Old Testament salt means bad things. Saddam got turned into laws why it’s going to end in two and it says if you let the river get to you but don’t they to get out from you as the river doesn’t touch the ocean you become not good to God saying to us he’s saying our whole mandate is to reach the ocean and then it says in verse eight. The second half of the

verse eight. It says when it empties into the sea the ocean the water there becomes fresh swarms of living creatures will live where ever the river flows. There will be a liar John numbers of fish because this water flows this and makes the salt water fray. So where the river flow. Almost everything will live see this amazing isn’t it when the river flows through a large numbers of fish that replaces with fishermen with the Nets the salt water fresh where the river flows. Everything is going to live in other words the real impact of the river is not in

the river. The real transformation. The real metamorphosis the real night and day is between where the river is touch the ocean and where the river hasn’t touched the ocean because where the river touches the ocean. Everything comes alive. I don’t know about you but I want everything in my community come alive. I want everything in my school the come alive. I want everything in my neighborhood to come alive. I want everything in everything that we touch as a church family to come alive because of God’s grace. And Visteon it says that fishermen will stand alone the

shows remember that Jesus said I will make you fishes of means. So the river is the ocean. So are the rivers the church in the ocean is the world the river started at the cross the river flows to every believer every oak of right just as he blesses your life every day that you are here on this planet. He brings you abundance of fruit and joy and even you of leaves your words will heal your neighbors bless your communities. Everything about us is called to be a testimony to God’s blessing and his possible healing and then it see is that when this war to touch is the ocean that the river. Into

the ocean and that there is a great catch of fish Jesus said I’ll make you fishes of me in because when the river of his grace that started at the cross of Calvary reaches into my life through my life and touches the lives of people around me then the Bible say is that their lives will become fresh and that there be a great catch of fish and God is want to you and I to be fishes of man and to see people in it as community comes in a Jesus. Rice is the Lord and Savior of their lives. That’s our mission. If anybody here realizes this morning there we’re on a mission from

God to get the river. Into the oceans of the fish can be caught. So we can change a community and sea also has to do with people finding Jesus. OH MAN See if you can to stand on the shoreline with a name and catch these fish. I mean that would probably interest me when you can keep your on line. You know I’m so and they shouldn’t go there fishing next you call that Whiting But if you get a neat throw it is pulling this full of fish. Now it talk and

now we’ve got some action now we’ve got some ever present reality you know I’m up for this kind of fishing and Jesus said when the rivers touch in the ocean it was Bob who says when the rivers touch in the ocean all the time that there is this going to be an abundance of fish that are there to be caught now this is the thing if we believe that a river is touching the ocean but there’s no fish being caught them we’re going to ask ourselves the question is it a river or is it a


And so glad to pastor a church where every single Sunday people are making decisions that Jesus God. This year already we’re well well well past one thousand people making a decision to cross and Eros church service going to give a

local brights and I

deny the reason Cafferty was there peoples all of the balcony of this venue is because we are growing when you believe it so finding Jesus if there’s great enough.

Come on if is grace enough if the river touches the ocean.

The catch of the fish is what we’re all about we have to be sold that flavors the world we have to be a light the loom a night’s the world. We had to be fresh water that brings life to the ocean. Now Revelation Chapter thirteen let me leave you with this Revelation thirteen gives a picture of the Dragon which is the devil and is going to come up on the screen but it says in Revelation thirteen one that the dragon stands on the shoreline. The fisherman standing on the shoreline. But the volatiles us is that the dragon the devil. Stains on the shoreline. Why because he can’t stop the


He can’t stop the river. However grateful that it was a one punch fight when Jesus went L.. It was a one punch but devil. I won the case no on taking them devil defeated Jesus victorious thinking but over the devil is defeated and Jesus has won some of his

sinus life before.

But then we find that the devil is standing on the shoreline. Why is that because he is literally Psion if I can take it if I can stop the river then I’m going to stop the fishing. If I can get believe this not letting the being a fishing if I can stop Viking prevent the fisherman. If I can take out the fisherman then everything can be right for the greatest harvest the world as they have a saying yet nobody will find Jesus Christ. If I can just stop the fisherman from fishing and I reckon even in this room this morning. There are awesome

fisherman to be feeling a little bit attacked lately feeling a little been discouraged lately and I want you to know that the devil doesn’t want you and I fishing for me he’s going to throw discouragement at you intimidation at you dispute is going to try and come at a loss for me every way the god one. You don’t notice that the real fight is all over the fishing called me

in and he wants us returning with this that are overflowing with the greatest such official generational deviltry I believe we’re in for in

the greatest place the church has ever made and we’re going to see some of that amazing take flight go from the great tent to slug Rashad the mission to show why the ship went down on the shoreline. Come on board the sunshine

the plane haha that’s a tough job. Everybody side the ha ha ha ha ha the great surprise. Well it’s the mock up of the night

because the top just throw away

the bomb this is a mission to keep the river began on the cross of Calvary that goes deeper is raised there because from the to the loss of every person


that people are here this morning. That’s a campaign of your balance and you literally signed yourself. I don’t know how I could do that I’d love to be a fisherman on the shores. So I literally don’t know a single non-Christian maybe a healing or maybe a feeling like something more than a do you know what it’s possible to remember sporting. Fix Jay every time you go to the gym every every interaction you have but you know it is also things like Bible schools as a church this is for us to feel a new season

that we’re entering into is to make sure that you know Bob the schools teachers are getting all the while out to just getting younger to feel like God saying hey church have a you know just look at that. How about you do something about this so we’ve been talking to the people who run boggle schools across the country and say what if we just started to encourage our congregation to engage in public schools because you know we don’t want the next generation New Zealanders Coming up without knowing that Jesus died for

them that the Bible is the Word of God It’s a huge opportunity laws will be out in the foyer this big stand out there isn’t it you can sign up today if you’d like to capital I’m sure you can sign up as well toughen our awake and just teaching Christian values the would of God literally the gospel to students the massive opportunity and I for one don’t want to see another Dominion Post from coming with a kid in a Catholic school uniform is in meditation posture with their knees up to see a new generation of

New Zealanders knowledge

of the

course the dragon stands just as a couple of things you can do you can help with breakfast clubs and feed impoverished children a breakfast how to go to school a good day the next in that you can do is open Home Foundation your changelog takes time for the Open Home Foundation healthy families within a church family might say once a month. We’re going to take a kid who comes from a dysfunctional family. And they can spend Saturday with us. I’m going to kiss Mom on the cheek and trade in Austin say good things about it as a DEAD.

I’m going to spend quality time with all the kids because the way you cure dysfunction is you surrounded by function leaving dysfunction in a corner doesn’t work if every bad thing left to itself tends to describe what you surrounded by healthy things that’s how we change it but I reckon to get the gods called us to be on a mission.