Get Your Provisions Ready

@And we’re gonna spend some more time in this book this year because I believe that god has called our church, ARISE Church to be a Jordan crossing, promised land possessing group of people who will defy every obstacle, every boundary, every limit that has ever been spoken over God’s church and do something amazing for Jesus. If you believe that that might be possible in this church, then shout yes!

@8:45 Joshua has just become the leader of the greatest move of God the world has ever seen, the Israelites leaving the wilderness and literally taking over the land that is now called Israel. An amazing moment, an incredible movement of God on earth.

@9:05 This must’ve sounded weird to a generation of Israelites who had lived with a constant supply of mana every morning and quail every evening for the last forty years provided for by God.

@13:14 The last ten [years] was believing that we could build a church that would defy boundaries. The next ten is believing that we could build a church that will impact an entire nation for Jesus Christ. C’mon, who says we can’t do it, start ten more campuses in the next ten years, reach every segment of this nation, from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South? Be part of reaching a nation for Jesus. Changing statistics. Seeing Christianity flourish in abound. Seeing people find hope and life and faith in Jesus Christ. C’mon.

@15:12 I believe that this is a season where God’s saying over many people in our Church, “Get you provisions ready.” That he wants you to have more influence in your high school teenagers than you’ve ever had before.

@19:57 I’m not reading it to feed you, I’m reading it to change me, because if I haven’t got a bigger Jesus then I’m not gonna take this church forward into the bigger thing that God’s got for it.

@36:56 I’ve got a commitment that every single bay of that balcony will be filled with people who find Jesus Christ, that we would progress forward and see a city won and a nation impacted, lives come alive, promises kindled, hope for the hopeless, freedom for the captive, c’mon, that Jesus is the answer, the reason, the one we worship.