Keeping Your Edge

@8:12 And that’s what happens when Jesus jumps into your life. You leave goodbye the world where the Devil holds you in slavery, where sin’s got it over you, where hell is your ultimate destination. Because of the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, over your life, you are now set free.

@10:37 We recognise that God is going to do something quicker, God is going to do something bigger in Whangerei than he’s ever done in generations that have gone before, and in order for us to do that we have to leave behind perhaps a way of even thinking about church that can get too small. We’ve got to embrace something bigger as we build not just a local church in different environments, into a church that can touch one city, no, that we build a church that can touch a nation with the love of Jesus Christ. A united company of believers from Northland to Southland who can partner together to see the name of Jesus lifted up, to see people won for Christ, to see the love of God put back at the centre of our nations agenda. C’mon, if you reckon that can happen, why don’t you pause and give God some praise, c’mon.

@12:40 And I believe that for the church of New Zealand, that for the church of New Zealand, there have never been more opportunities for us than there are in this season, that with the changes in technology, with the present state of our New Zealand Climate, that this country has never been more ripe for revival than it is right now.

@14:52 We’re believing in these days that we’re gonna build a church of influence not just for a city but for a nation. We’re believing that through changes in technology and strategy that we can now network together a company of believers from the top of New Zealand to the bottom of the South and see this company of believers empowered. Not an up/down model of church but a groundswell model of church that propels life groups to be in every location, everywhere in New Zealand, not bound by geography, not bound by buildings, not limited by any means, but able just to touch people wherever they are. We wanna build the church that puts resources in the hands of believers, that empowers the harvest, that says we can reach that school, we can reach that uni, we can reach that workplace, we can reach that town for Jesus Christ. That’s the kind of church that we’re committed to building. We’re committed to building a church that in every city where there is an ARISE campus, that ARISE campus is large and prominent, and cannot be hidden. We wanna build a church that is so portable that it’s accessible to the smallest of towns in the most remote of locations. It has access to prison’s, retirement homes. It can access people no matter where they are, and we can build a church that through God’s people in a spirit of unity might actually have a shot at changing a nation for Jesus Christ.

@24:23 We’re also gonna do some things online. We’re gonna do some things with little microcampuses in prisons and rest homes in places all over the country. How about we believe that we can minister on a Sunday to fifty thousand people in ten years time?

@ I’m not afraid of moving beyond because we have got to make sure that no matter where we are in this nation, that we keep our edge.

@29:53 We’re gonna be committed more than ever to reaching teenagers in high school, university campuses people in work places.

@32:11 We started the first decade of ARISE Church with a small vision. We thought it was big. There had never been a church in over a thousand people in Wellington so we said, “Right, we’re gonna have a vision in our hearts to put a church of influence for the city of Wellington. It’s gonna fill large indoor arenas. We’re gonna do this thing” Ten years later we kinda outgrew the vision. Now we’re saying we’re gonna build a church of influence for the nation of New Zealand.

@33:00 Let’s get some big vision. We’re trying to rewrite the script of what it means to be a church of this country. To believe that we can create resources that flow down into Christian believers. We wanna build a church that is without walls, without geography, without limits. We wanna build a church for everyone, everywhere, campuses from the top of the Island to the bottom of the south. We wanna give the ability for church, any group, any people, anywhere, who wanna have one of our services linked in to where they are to make that possible, so we can empower the church in Motueka on the West Coast and in Aug…wherever, wherever you want it, that we can go there. We’re saying, “Man, let’s get a big vision. Let’s believe for five thousand life groups in ten years time. Let’s believe for an army of believers that can touch a nation for Jesus Christ. Let’s get a vision that’s gonna blow our socks off and inspire us to grow.”