Misbelief: Part 2

@16:15 “Misbelief first jumps into the bible with Adam and Eve. I mean, you know, here they were created by God, ruling and reigning over the world and then sin enters and the Bible says they’re so afraid that they hide in the bushes. They’re filled with a sense of we are useless, we’re nobody. God turns up and says, ”What’s going on?” And they said, “Well, we were afraid because we were naked so we hid.” And God just says, “What, hang on, who told you that, where did that misbelief come jump into your way of thinking and seeing, that you see yourself that way? That is not a right belief, it’s a misbelief and the symptoms of that misbelief are seen in the emotions of your life.” We’ve got Adam who was hiding.”

@30:14 That’s like Gideon, who is in a wine press, a little scaredy-pants, yet when God turns up in his life, God looks at him and says, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valour.” We think God’s lying. No! Gideon has been living with a misbelief, and coming face to face with God, Gideon began to realise it’s a symptom always. He was fearful, he was doing nothing, he was burying his head in the sand, he was unable to deal with conflict. I mean these are themes, and God said to him, “Stop allowing your misbelief to rule your life.” Flip over a page in the Bible and we’ve got Gideon with three hundred warriors confronting the army of Mideon and winning a great victory for his nation.

@32:38 Oh what grace I found in you my Jesus that my soul should entertain your greatness. If this life holds nothing but my Jesus, then I will praise you. (Disparages people for not praising Jesus properly)

@ 36:13 C’mon, if you believe that Jesus is victorious, then no matter where you are I want you to stand to your feet and give our God one great shout of praise this morning.