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Welcome to another inspiring midrash impassive John Cameron leaf past the other life change in New Zealand. We know this message will empower and

inspire and First Samuel chapter fourteen and verse one. If you take the notes. You can title today’s message. Miss belief. Miss belief. Father bless you would we pray move upon the service eliminate your words speak truth into our hearts change us in every home every lounge room every place where people are watching this and this room and capitally we give these next few minutes to you and we pray that the Great Spirit of revelation would give life to

it and breathe it in the ass hearts in Jesus name and everyone said Amen. One day Jonathan said to his arm of the era. Come on let’s go over to where the Philistines have their outposts. But Jonathan didn’t tell us father what he was doing. Meanwhile saw and his six hundred men were camped on the outskirts of Gibeah around the pomegranate tree at migrant sells migraine just down the verse for it says no one realized that Jonathan had left the fullest on camp to reach the Israelite camp to reach the fullest on outpost. Jonathan had to go down between two rocky cliffs

that were cold both his and Sheena. The cliff on the North was in front of mishmash. And the one on the south was in front of Gibeah. Let’s go across to the outpost of those pagans. Jonathan said was I’m a bear or perhaps the Lord will help us. Nothing can handle the lot. He can win a battle where he has many warriors or only if you do what you think is best his arm appear replied I am with you. Completely

whatever you decide. That’s awesome

and all right then John of the daughter will go across and let them see if they say to us stay where you are over kill you and we won’t go up and not not go up to them if I say come on up and fight and we’ll go up that will be the lot Saud talk about the guidance right. That will be the lot sign that he will help us and defeat there when the fellas on saw them coming I shouted Look the Hebrews a crawling out of their holes. Then the men from the outpost shouted to Jonathan come on up here and we’ll teach you a

lesson. COME ON TIME up with me Jonathan said to his arm for the lama therefore the Lord will help us defeat them so they climbed up using both hands and feet in the fullest and fell before Jonathan. And as I am of there a car killed those who came behind them they killed some twenty men and all and their bodies was scatted over about half and I get suddenly panic broke out in the Phillips on camp both in the camp. And in the field including even the outposts and the raiding parties and just then an earthquake struck and everyone was terrified souls Outlook’s in Gibeah of genuine beings

humans saw a great strange sight.

The vast army of Philip’s Starnes began to melt away in every direction call the roll and find out who was missing sold it and when they checked they found that Jonathan and his arm of their own were gone then Skoal shouted to a jet. Bring the air for Hill. For at that time I had just what was wearing the e fought in front of the Israelites but Walsall was talking to the priest the confusion and the fullest sign cramp just kept getting louder louder so funny false sulphide to the priest stuff it never mind loose is good

going. And so on as men rushed over and found the fullest signs killing each other there was great confusion everywhere even the Hebrews who had gone over to the fullest fans revolted and joined with Saul Jonathan and the AS rest of the Israelites first twenty four. Now the men of Israel were pressed to exhaustion that day because Saul had placed them under an oath saying live. A curse for anyone who eats before evening before I have full revenge on my enemies.

No one I anything all day even though they had

all found honeycomb on the ground quick form of glucose glucose on the

ground they wouldn’t touch it and even though they found it because they all fear the oath that had been taken but Jonathan didn’t hear though his father’s command and he dipped the age of a stick into the piece of honeycomb and he ate the honey and after each ate it. He felt refreshed. But one of the men said to him all your father made the army take a strict oath that no one who eats the food today anyone who eats a food will be cursed That is why everyone is weary and faint My father has made trouble for us all Jonathan exclaimed a command like that only hurts us see how refreshing I am now that I’ve beaten this little bit of

honey if the men had all been allowed to freely of the food that they found among our enemies. Think how many more

Philistines we would have killed.

About three weeks and three days ago on a Thursday morning I was riding to the office on my bicycle and I’m a Lycra guy you know it’s an honesty suit you know everything hit that is hidden will be revealed under skating in a. Months on that you know I was riding my bicycle to the church office in Wellington and it’s a twenty seven kilometer ride in and I was going down the street when I was hit by a car the cartoon right. I just received the photos this morning when I woke up taken from a traffic camera on

the front of a truck that was right there and catch it and freeze frame as this cause just radically turns right. Out of the blue and I went straight into the side of a car. I was knocked out of the two minutes fractured my skull. I have a concussion a fractured rib. A frozen shoulder with a long name that is for aggressively getting better but has no strength in it right now a sprained left thumb teen days off work found myself about seven hours later. Kind of finally coming to the hospital being awake but I couldn’t remember anything.

And suddenly about one third in the afternoon my first memories began and I’ve been getting better ever since and it’s interesting what people’s reactions are when something like that happens to you. Firstly I just want to say I’m just incredibly grateful for the massive outpouring of love and of prayer and of support that Jillian and I have felt and. This is great to know how much people love you and not have to die before you discover it’s this great feel like a really had a massive you know a blessing it’s been great. And then people begin to tell you things and I write notes and cards

and some of the things people say a quite strange one of the most common things people putting cards are in takes Mrs or tweeted on line is the phrase if it doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. What’s wrong with it it’s like suddenly Kelly Clarkson has become an oracle of wisdom for a modern generation. What a stupid thing to say to someone in a hosp. But Obaid who is recovering from an accident a didn’t go you have to make you stronger. You’re an idiot. It’s maybe we


It’s only been in the last six days that I can do that. That is progress. It didn’t make me stronger. It may be weaker you moron.


all as one of two people who come along and they say well you know I guess the Lord knows what he’s doing. I guess the Lord knows what he’s doing and behind that is an incredibly fatalistic view that many people in our world hope that somehow God was involved in the accident in his own this since he knew about the accident and allowed it to take place because somehow it’s woven into God’s will for my life I want to say something might shock somebody but I want you to know the accident wasn’t God’s will for my

life we live in a womb. With God’s will is not done all of the time Jesus urged us to pray that it actually would be done but whenever you find a child without a meal. Whenever you find abuse and a home whenever you find allies bound by some kind of suffering whenever you see injustice crawl today. Whenever you see somebody doing something maliciously you’ve got to know that we live in a world way God’s will is not done all of the time and to

think otherwise to think that somehow God was involved. God is tolerant all but taught as a missive of our suffering neglect and he is somehow just overseeing it going just during the parade as it is a Miss believe about God It is not sure. And I guess one of the one of the

greatest challenges for us is that we’ll

all prong to my. Belief a mis belief is something that you believe yet what you believe is wrong or false. Yet you believe it and the crazy thing is saying you don’t have to look too far to find somebody that’s got a misprint leave about the God that we worship. I mean expressed in that notion does that notion of saying the evil people I’m just saying that if they think that the accident was God’s will. That’s a misspelling. And in our lives in our Christian experience misbeliefs everywhere. I mean you might meet a person who is like repetitively asking God for forgiveness for the

same sin. I mean if you will come up to me and you say I’m really sorry I’m really sorry and I say that’s alright I forgive you and you come back to me five minutes later and ask me again then come back to me an hour later and ask me again and then I see you next Sunday in the church boy and you ask me again and I see the next week and you ask me again after one week two weeks. I’m going to be running every time I see you. Because of I told you that I forgive you I’ve forgiven you I’m over it now you get over it and many Christians are

repetitively asking God to forgive them of the same thing over and over again. White because they do not believe that he forgave them the system. It’s got to be true doesn’t otherwise we wouldn’t keep asking the same thing you can find a person who you know looks at a flood or an earthquake or another natural disaster and says well that’s God’s judgment that that’s God’s judging those people and I’m here in Christchurch where there was a devastating earthquake and I want you to know with absolute certainty it wasn’t God’s judgment and it was an God’s will even Jesus said When a tower fell over and it killed those

people do you think that they were any great Asenath than the people who missed it when the tower fell down is not God’s Will that’s not that’s not right or wrong to think otherwise is. Misplaced is not true if we find people who think that way all of life sometimes it’s trivial admitting any Christian who would buy something do something that’s going to place them maybe bless the family. Maybe take them on a holiday maybe buy an expensive treat that just you know not necessary for their family but some it’s going to be nice you know buy a boat do something that’s joyful for you but you’ve

never had it and your life people and people get very concerned that somehow God is not pleased with them because of the because the willingness to do something that just a little bit out of the necessary box. Passes that on the law I mean tell the truth. I’ve been a pastor who has tried to take a holiday and felt guilty that somehow you know you’re walking away from the move of God Like somehow you are the same tour of it you are in control of it like it was you when you’re also

in this that cause that all to take place and the truth is whenever that feeling of guilt arises within me it’s it’s a misbelief but don’t judge me how about every mom who goes on a date with her husband and feels guilty that she’s not being a good mom because she left her kids at home. That’s a misbelief think about think about those Christians who would really like to give all they have to Jesus they desperately want to open up their lives totally and completely and say God you can have my life but for a nice

the surface is this huge fear that if they do that God’s going to send them to some cannibalistic tribe and a forgotten corner of the universe and they’re going to become a modern day Livingston and get eaten for dinner by somebody not realizing that God is only going to give you the desire to do His will and if you don’t desire. It’s never going to be is will it’s the Mets believe right. Come on have that the best this person who’s in

business but and that really like to let God into their business pry over their work trust God with their investments but is this massive fear that if they were to give their business to God God is going to say give all of your money away and really the going to end up broke I’m poor because God required them to give so much that the business is now in suffering friends. That’s a mess believe about God God wants you to be blase remain blessed with a you can be a

blessing but I would be the incorrect divided and say I’ve seen

Christian business people and thought that I want to lift their hands in worship that don’t want to open their heart fully to my word the message I’m preaching I’m talking about because of a fear that God’s going to get

him. And everything for it’s going to be gone Miss police just pervasive in our Christian faith a wrong or a false belief in fact if we want to say a truth that I think you could say that our battle it’s a gets missed police say Grant the INS to in three to five to the battle is not against place and blood but it’s against principalities against Powers says we take authority over every stronghold every. Every argument. Every pre-teen should we take every thought captive because at the end of the day we’re all thinking you’re all thinkin of we’re not careful

that fort starts to become in our minds a pretension which is like an assumption it’s something you live with without tasting that that I’m arrested pretention grows and become an argument that something that you will you will fight to defend something that forms your worldview and when you meet somebody who has a different one you feel very challenged and upset about the way. They live and they have that if it’s not torn down becomes a stronghold an impenetrable fortress that exists within here and the reality is theme is that what the Bible sayin is if you’re not careful you stop believin stuff then enter and of

that doesn’t get dealt with then you and I end up living a life that is different to the life that God has for us. My son will assist in heaven the most or some kind of personal awakening it’s been so cool to watch it play place and him and I were were praying as we were going to bed and. You know we have these spiritual themes in our house each week so a couple weeks ago it was Thanksgiving and so the kids got to thank God for three things you know that week and the next week it’s faith which is awesome because every night. My son plays for an X. price for an X. box three sixty and my daughter plays for a price for a puppy every single night.

Ace is so handsome because my wife does not want the second period to be granted. As like the rest of us are getting T. shirts going to be me but for my son my son this week was awesome because he comes out to many goes Dad Dad I decided God’s

real. I’m like

oh that’s good like kind of glad about that you know yet because I prayed for something and it happened and of God wants is my prayer is not God decided he must be real. And I think you know what when I went to heaven that conversation hard for me was loving it the HOF of me wanted to shut it down because in my heart I’m thinking how can my kid ever doubt that God is real yet I’m so grateful that he’s going on his own spiritual journey because he’s the deal is that we in

life intentionally form. Our beliefs. We accidentally form our missed beliefs. It’s not normally the other way around is it you have to actually actively decide you know what God is good he is for me yet I believe God can heal. I believe that God is great I believe that through God I can overcome weeping within singing a song this morning that I feel is literally part of a sound God is bringing

over a rise at the moment and the song says by your spirit. I will rise. I will rise. I’m getting better I’m healed I can overcome that’s what it’s saying cause you actively form belief and you passively end yourself in a place where you have a misplaced Miss belief has been in the world from the time of Adam and Eve I mean you know the Bible says Adam and Eve chose to sin and then God turns up and he says the Adam and Eve. Where are you and Adam comes out you know and he’s like well you know the

truth is I’m here I was afraid because I was nine kid so I hid myself away and God I answer to Adam was to say hang on a minute. Who told you you were naked. Where does that mistaken belief. Where did that way of seeing yourself. Where did that fear come from where did that apprehension surface from what made you fearful What made you ashamed he was saying Adam. This is not a right way of thinking. And seeing and acting you have a misspelling and friends. I believe that then needs to be

moments and I believe God wants to bring us this Sunday next Sunday as the church through moments when may be a Miss belief in our lives just get. Surface we can see it for what it is because this is what I do know when I read this passage of scripture and I see soul and I see David. What’s what’s the difference between the two the i answer is the why that they say God I mean when you look at Saul and you look at David you’ve just got a picture of two people who are

serving a different God yet the same God who got the difference between a right. Belief and a misspelling when we see soul in our past a description we go to guys doing nothing. He’s war eight. You know that he isn’t doing the right thing he is at brains. He is paralyzed. He is fearful. He’s double guessing is guidance. Even when God is obviously moving he is still questioning it on the other hand we’ve got some Jonathan who’s just you know he says willing to take risks. He’s adventurous he has great confidence in God He

uses trial and error to figure out whether it was God moving or not you know the science is like this giant of the words that God has for us if we failed and God was in it but let’s let’s not just sit here and do nothing. We’ve got soul who institutes a fire. He’s relying on some kind of extreme form of spiritual discipline. And we’ve got Jonathan who thinks thing. Who’s living in a state I’m calling spiritual celebration confident that God is with them willing to step out chick out these two central verses

in this passage the first one is verse six Jonathan. Let’s go across to the AL post of those Pagans by halves the law will help us for nothing can hinder the Lord he can win the battle where there is many warriors or only a few those eighteen and nineteen souls shouted to our agent br. Ng the eve fought here for that time I Joe was wearing the E four but Wall priest was talking to the priest the confusion and the fullest on cam grew louder and louder. So salsa to the brace. Never mind. Let’s just get going. We’ve got into some amazing contrast between

two people and it’s just a difference of how they saw God and friends I believe that God is looking for you and I to make sure that we are not living our lives paralyzed fearful gal tank filled with shame. Warry anxious. God is wanting you and I to know live the life that Saul was living buried in the taint paralyzed on certain questioning unable to make a decision

thinking that the sky was going to fall down at every moment that he did something that was an absolutely safe and then God wants us to live a life like Jonathan to say you know on his walk through life. God is with me are not saying you need to be an entrepreneur but I do believe that God wants to free you from the fear that your footsteps will fall if. He wants to get you one eyed to a point where we are certain at least about who he is in confidence but it’s going to move in allies. Jonathan through Revelle Asian live bald and courageous and big and Saul through misbelief and religion

lived small fearful and doubting Shauna’s than believe that God was for him and Saul was not confident of that at all and friends I believe that God wants to correct our misbeliefs and fat the easiest way that we can see I must believe in our reactions. And we all

have we all have that bit in the world since Adam.

And whether you’re new to this Christian face or a mist in it since you were a baby in a womb. I want you to know that I don’t believe any of us have got this thing locked down. As long as God is God He will be revealing more of themselves to us and every time he reveals more of themselves to us more truth occupies a hot and more lies they are fully right. Not good or bad. It’s just the journey of life. You know what’s amazing is that it’s really in our responses in our reactions that we often spot M’s beliefs. How we see problems. How we respond to challenge what we do

with opportunity. How we handle money and wealth all of these things showed to us whether we’re full of belief or full of mistily the crazy truth about just by the Jonathan and soul is that they both would shift take Nick lead the same god. Yet when you look at their lives they couldn’t be more paradoxically different. And when you look at Christians you’re going to find souls and you’re going to find Jonathan says it’s not true and friends. I believe that religion does have a way of clouding us in doubt and fear and uncertainty but

God wants to deal with them especially he wants to free our hot weather here in CA pretty well you’re sitting in a home in New Zealand with you’re listening from another nation of the earth or in this building in Christchurch I want you to know that Al God can free us from all our doubts all

our FIA and occupy our hearts

which proved only to see he would let me give you signs of misplaced I’m going to give you seven and then next week we’re going to talk about how we can form rightfully so let me give you seven signs are not going to discuss preaching negative we’re going to hopefully get through them and make it positive but the first sign of misbelief is a fear of. Judgment. If you’re going to find and most common for aid to a Christian’s misbelief it is the fear that what’s happening to them in their lives is God’s judgment or Afia that

what happened to their parents what happened to the grandparents is now going to happen to them that somehow we believe that we are a fatalistic to supplant in things that have already been decided and that judgment or condemnation or failure is out garron teach a lot in life glycine chapter three verse thirteen talks about Jesus and it says he became a curse for us when he was hung up on the tree because Jesus became the good.

There is no current saying of a me and there is not because hanging over you there is no judgement. No pronouncement of failure. No Does these that is automatically your law no divorce that’s going to happen because this has been in your family. No anger problem that manifests in his father. That is guaranteed to manifest in you there is no judgement hanging over any believe is why. Come on I reckon we need a great shell of victory can free us from now on this

belief Romans chapter eight verse one. There is therefore now. No condemnation for those who are in Christ because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of Life has set me free from the lower sin and a there is no fear of judgement hanging over us. No fear of judgment the needs time in your

life your god. Really missed. And now this is happening. And that’s because God judging me. You need to know that’s

wrong I’m not saying life doesn’t have consequences for my actions but I want you to know the moment you asked God’s forgiveness and hell with whatever consequence your actions have brought you to God that moment flip he is now only fully and completely committed to helping you even if you were stupid he still committed to helping you. He is not against you he is not judging you. He is with you here is for you and in every moment all of your life all Rika one more

time somebody needs to put their hands together and praise that kind of God I met this bully. The second common missed belief. I find is an apprehension to take God honoring risks. I say God on ring because there are some risks that you should be apprehensive about. But when your friends they jump off a building. You know but when you when you have an opportunity that poses a risk that confronts you in life and you have paralyzed

like soul was paralyzed then friends I want you to know it is the presence of a misspoke leave that fellow fills the Hobbs with fear and doubt and uncertainty and stops us from stepping out into what God has you know when I was starting off the ministry. I had the privilege of driving around several great men of God you know driving around and looking after them and carrying their bags learned some of my greatest lessons through doing that and I remember one time this great wall wide leader happened to find his way into the car I was driving and I stole that moment

I took that moment I see what advice would you give to me I’ll never forget it because it. Pause.

Look to me look back at the road and see. Yep I’ve got one thing follow every idea you get and don’t you worry about whether it’s gotten or. Why would you say that because fear that it’s the right thing is probably the most common way that believers stop doing what God wants them to

do get rid of your apprehension rid your life of your fear book if it doesn’t work out learn from it to better to look at Jonathan he’s like Guy. Let’s just say I have God does this no not Jonatan your life it stank. Hello. There’s a whole army using you I’m of there are folks we don’t see the record of scripture chastising him for his risk taking God is not against you in taking God honoring risk. He is for you involved in you stepping out of the boat

and look if you fall into the water. He’ll grab you and lift you back

up again and that’s the God that we worship

long ago two minutes so let me throw a couple out because I want to get the last one cowardice of spirit. Cowardice of spirit. If we are afraid of life. Afraid of obstacles fearful that life is going to reign over us rule over us. It is a misplaced number for insecurity our insecurity or inferiority don’t say them together. You know in Genesis eleven. God said Who told you that you were naked Where did you get that inferior. Where did you get that in secure picture of who you are

but look. Adam is not alone. How about Moses. I’m a stouter I’m an old body. How about How about Gideon I’m the least in all of my tribe. By then we’ve gotten two pages lighter in the Bible admitting that his family are so good looking that they look like royalty is just a misplaced fruitlessness is the result of a mis belief. Matthew chapter twenty five. We’ve got the guy we’ve got the parable of the talents and the guy with the one talent digs is that out of the ground comes back to the master and he says

you know masses his way would you do and he

says well this is what I knew I knew that you are hot. I knew that you were

harvest we have not so on and that you gather from those you scared a seed so I was what. A fright is a word again I had a mist believe so I did absolutely nothing with my life. Fruitlessness is a sign of a mass believe. That your day is done that your neighbors don’t want to hear the

Gospel that your life cannot have a testimony that your dreams are over. That God can use you that you’re a star or that your you know from the broken dysfunctional family I’m just quoting Biblical examples right now friends these misbeliefs of God put His hand upon your life. It is to bear fruit and it is to His glory that we bear fruit. So let’s give God more goal raised by taking some rays and producing some fruit. Come on if you believe and say Amen.

I’m out of time and out of time. Two more on this and then we’re going to wrap it up number six a lack of conviction. The problem with a missed belief is that it forms the foundation of your life so when you try to build on it you can’t because it will always bring it back down it will

lack conviction faith is the conviction of anything that. Get to what you believe is the height to which you can

go. I want you to know that some of my greatest struggles in decision making is this getting to a point where I wholly totally and completely believe that this is the right thing to do the moment that’s the side it is done conviction conviction is the bedrock of the life of faith. And God wants you and I to not have a mis

belief. Can you do it.

Is this God’s will and unwillingness to say I can. Yes will often come because of a misplaced. God wants us to form foundations convictions and the last one is double mindedness. Double mindedness. Man. What a paralysis that dealers. You know it’s amazing in Genesis chapter two verse nineteen that we’ve got Adam and God and the Bible says God brought every kind of animal and then God said to Adam. What are you going to call

it and then it’s on your screen hopefully that Adam. Nine the animals and whatever Adam named them. God said yeah. All right that’s what it’s going to be called from now on

Adam you can choose.

Adam you can decide you know probably the most prevailing misspell leave is the four that there is with God a right decision and a wrong decision to nearly everything that’s wrong. Ever it’s not

moral most often God doesn’t care.

He wants you to make a decision and the moment you. Make a decision right now you’ve decided let’s get on with it friends double mindedness something I’m not talking about slow to make a big decision Don’t be hasty walking out of this message today you know go right. I’m going

to sell my house and move to the country you know like. I’m not sayin the discomfort of the Brits I’m on the sign he should

just be a moron and lose your mind when you walk out of here but friends think about how many times we were presented with decisions and

we decide

I don’t know what God wants. God wants you to shut up and make your decision. He

just doesn’t care enough

to overtake this. If you choose then God is going to bless it and friends I believe that God is looking for you and I to make some decisions. He’s looking to free us from our misplaced

always than a.

Hotel room in San Diego California last August and I had an amazing night where God just downloaded some things into my heart and something that I just sat there in my subconscious and Food me with all kinds of just negative stuff. God just highlighted to me through his wood and I began to see that I had it I misspell leaf about God and I believe that right now with the here and CAFFERTY all online God has the power to free us all our Miss believes that he can change us that he can free us if we see

can then he will be found by us. So right now what do we do is close our eyes going to prayer prayer and then we’re going to release copy and every place where you close your eyes would you open your heart to God Father I pray right now that you would come to us that you would. Help us to understand you more deeply this is the central coast pursuit of al lives to know you and I pray that every must believe that is set and allies

and whole hurt us and hurt our relationships and handed our lives would be gone if you want us to be Jonathan’s and not so you want us to be strong and not weak valiant and not cowardice you want us to know that you are for us and you are not again. So I pray right now that as we seek you you would deliver us from all of us. Touch every person we declare the by your spirit we are coming alive in Jesus mighty

name Amy thanks for letting us he’s going to have his on camera. If you would like to find out more letter by chance to get a rise Jet dot com to find the one you choose.