Rolling Back the Reproach

@11:12 I’m grateful for a Jesus who didn’t go to the cross so that people would always rip me off, so that life would always do me wrong

@12:17 And my friends, you’ve got to know that there are dual realities happening in every believers life in this room today, cause you’re born into slavery to sin, yet you live in the courts of the king. Paul said, “My body is a slave to sin, yet my spirit is alive in Christ.”

@13:40 Listen guys. Wait up, pause, check, have a little mental assessment. Your future is dependent on you. It’s not shaped by your parents. It’s not shaped by the family you came from. Our nation is ours, it’s yours, it’s mine. We can do something great for God. We get to write the next chapter of New Zealand’s history. Oh man in this room we could do something amazing for Jesus, but at the end of the day, it really comes back to what we believe about us.

@15:30 Now note church that the god who is saying this is the same god who said let there be light. In other words, when God speaks he creates, he shapes, and he defines. And when God said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” He wasn’t making social commentary, he was declaring spiritual reality. He’s saying, “If I said it, it’s done; deal, seal forever. I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.”

@20:10 Somebody give that god praise tonight.

@22:55 How stupid are people who are saying we should legalise cannabis in this country, it destroys brain cells. It’s not okay to destroy brain cells. I mean I’m against alcohol, you getting drunk on alcohol as well, but at least you’re not going to destroy someone’s mind. I mean I’ve got friends who have just smoked cannabis, and they can’t even remember what they did yesterday just because they had too much of it. Now listen, it’s not good.