To Be Close

There was a vast and empty space
But in one moment all that changed
As your word went from You
And it always returns true
From the start of space and time
You saw the pages of my life
Eternal love towards me
It’s everything that I would need

Stepping down from streets of gold
Came the answer for our woes
Perfect offering of grace
Sacrifice for all days
Broke the cycle of our sin
As the Son of God stepped in
Took the burden of shame
So we could bear Your name

And all my heart longs for is to be with You
And all my soul longs for is to met with You
And all I’m living for is to walk with You
I want to be close to You

There was a silence in the sky
Not a single beam of light
But You spoke it out day and night
From Your mouth
From the glory of Your throne
The breath of life meant dust arose
A million thoughts about me
Before I even came to be

I love you Lord
I love You more than anything I sing
From start to end, from high to low
To be close
Your heart for me, it’s plain to see
Eternally now free
From earth to sky, in death and life
To be close

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