Start to Finish

@21:04 This is one of the things I appreciate about Tony Clark. He’s been my friend for the whole journey of ARISE Church and one of the things I love about him is his life is constantly about what he felt God spoke to him about many, many years ago. I mean, he’s got a family now, he’s got pressures, but I love you Tony because you’re just committed to always advancing that mission that God’s got on your life. It’s like I’m not, I’m going to keep the blinkers on, I’m going to learn Chinese, I’m going to go forward, gonna influence governments, gonna change the world. And it takes a lot of guts to stay through every season of your life saying I’m gonna remain just as on fire, and just as focused and just as sacrificial and just as determined as I was when I started.

@29:00 Now listen, in the book of Exodus the bible talks about Miriam and Aaron and it says they began to speak against Moses, began to speak against Moses. Then God says, “You guys come out to attend a meeting. I wanna have a chat”. God turns up and says, “Alright, here we go, Miriam, you now have leprosy and I am going to finish what you have started.”

@34:39 We talked about the fact that God started creation, and he finished creation. Everything he’s started, he’s finished it. But break it down for me my friends, because God just didn’t start and finish creation, he did it in stages. So the Bible says the first thing he did was he said, “Let there be light and darkness”, and he created the chronology of time. The sequential nature of this universe that intolerates [sic] our finite existence was the first day of creation. And that’s all he did, he said, “That is first!” Then he said, “Okay, now I need to separate the expanses, I need to have water, I need to have land and I need to have sky. Gravitational fields, the fact we have an earth and there is not just water and earth and everything everywhere. God said let there be, and this where the universe really began to take shape. Was not just through an explosion but because of the hand of God upon it. He said, “That’s day number two”. Then day number three, he says, “My Lord, we’re gonna have some plants, we’re gonna have some trees, we’re gonna have some vegetables”. This is incredible by the way because that’s what he did on day three, he laid the, he laid the structure of fertility and multiplication on day three. But check this out, it’s not until day four, that the light came and enabled that which was already created to begin to flourish. So God literally says, “I’m gonna get it ready, and then turn the lights on.” How cool is God. And then in day five, the bible says he created the birds and the fish, in other words, everything in the ocean, everything in the sky. And then on day six he created the animals. And once he’d done that he breathed life into a lump of clay and as a result of that came humanity and life and the breath of God is our lives which is why we are the pinnacle of all of his creation, because he chose to breathe life in to it. But look at it my friends, it is actually a construction of something God built progressively over time. This just absolutely blows me away because really what God wanted was to get everything ready for you and I so that when we came into this world, the whole universe would be ready for the arrival of us. And then he said, “Now you rule and reign over everything that I have created.” Check this out, if you start and finish the wrong thing first, then you don’t rule and reign over it cause now you’ve got a lot of stuff that’s actually at the bottom that should be at the top.

@38:53 In other words, what you’ve started, you’ve got to finish it, and you’ve got to keep going until you finish it. It struck me as I was preparing this message the longevity with which the heroes of the faith had to keep going before they finished what they started. And it seems to kinda go down over time, but Noah was 500 years old approximately when God told him, “Build the ark”. But the bible says it was after his six-hundredth birthday that he entered the ark.

@40:17 But think about Noah, a hundred years building that ark.