The Oil is in The New Bean

@33:14 See, what makes church exciting is mission. See, Elevate, Elevate exists so that we can win high-schools for Jesus Christ. Some Elevaters shout, “Yeah boy!” HUGE! Exists so that we can win university campuses for Jesus, someone shout, “Yeah boy!” But listen, it’s about every age and stage. You know God’s given to our church huge open doorways to teach Bible in Schools. It’s literally in our New Zealand law that churches and people of religion have to be allowed in to schools for thirty minutes every week to talk about religious things. Well I reckon that what they need to see is not just a grandma whose sixty five-although God bless her, I’m not speaking against her- but they need to see someone in their thirties, someone in their twenties, someone in their early forties, whose part of a vibrant and alive church who actually loves Jesus, got some energy, saying to a whole new generation of New Zealanders, “My Jesus is alive, he loves people”. C’mon, somebody needs to be salt and light. We’re on a mission! C’mon. Children’s about mission. Young Inc. C’mon if you’re over twenty five, you’re in Young Inc, you’ve got a salary, somebody shout amen. Enjoy it, enjoy it, and save. But anyway, you’ll never have more money than you do right now, I’m telling you. But, you know, if you’re part of Young Inc., it’s not just a kinda we’re gonna sit round drink cappuccinos, it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that this city has more young worker, people between the ages of twenty-five and thirty, eighteen to thirty, more people in that age bracket than any other city in our nation by an over ten percent. This is the young worker capital of New Zealand. And so we have Young Inc. because it exists to win your workplace to Jesus Christ. C’mon, because people move to Wellington, are looking for hope, looking for life, looking for friends, and we exist to win a workplace. Young family life groups. It’s about the fact that you go from someone whose got a whole day to hang out, to basically ninety minute sound bites in between feeds, nappy changes and sleeps. C’mon, if you’ve got young kids you know what I’m talking about. And it can be a lonely stage. So what better than a young family groups filled with people who are great parents, or trying to be, you know, and are also just loving and kind and know Jesus. C’mon we got adult life groups so that we can win communities to Jesus. Young family life groups so we can win young families to Jesus. Young Inc. life groups so that we can win our workplace to Jesus. Young adults ministries so that we can win university campuses, we can win high schools, we can win our world, we’re on a mission from God.