Book Preview: Tales Of A Conquering Generation by John Cameron

So far I have only flicked through the book but here are my initial thoughts:

1. John seems to be quite enamoured of the word “conquering” and all the ideas and imagery that it pertains to, especially in an Old Testament context where it refers to destroying or subjugating another group of people and taking over their lands and possessions.

2. The affinity for the above connotations that are invoked by use of the word “conquering” is reinforced by the shield emblem which bears a resemblance to a Knights Templar shield. The Knights Templar played an important role in the Crusades of the Middle Ages. Much of their history is steeped in blood. What does that say about the choice to include a shield-cross emblem on the front cover?

3. Quotes from the introduction:

“The Book of Joshua has spoken more to me than perhaps any other. The Israelites crossed the Jordan, they possessed the Promised Land.”

“The fulfillment of the ages has come. God is again raising a conquering generation on the earth. Psalm 78 promises that a ‘generation that is to come’ will ARISE and declare God’s fame; that they will remember his works and not forget his principles. It is to this generation that I have pledged my life.”

“As we learn from the journey of Joshua and the Israelites, I pray that God will bring you into your Promised Land, so together we can be a conquering generation!”

4. When John has stated his desire to see New Zealand become a Christian nation, it makes one wonder what he has in mind with all these references to “conquering”. What exactly is it that will be conquered?

5. The references to the “Promised Land” reeks of entitlement and betrays a conceitedness and self-centeredness because of the connotation that there exist things in this world that have been divinely earmarked especially for oneself (and not for others) by Yahweh, the omniscient real-estate broker of the Old Testament.

6. The Book of Joshua is one of the most brutal books of the Bible. What does that say about John Cameron that he draws his primary inspiration from this book? Here’s a quick tally of the number of estimated deaths in the Book of Joshua.

Sixty thousand brutal deaths. This is the “conquering” that occurred in this grand source of inspiration.

(The reference used for the above statistics can be found here).

7. After briefly flicking through the pages of the book, it appears to be be John Cameron’s manual for self-empowerment. I will give a more detailed review shortly

4 thoughts on “Book Preview: Tales Of A Conquering Generation by John Cameron

  1. ….”a generation that has yet to come”….from Psalms 78, Mr John Cameron has incorrectly interpreted bible scripture yet again. Cameron fails to point out that the Psalmist (David), is actually speaking of a “next” generation that will be told to obey Gods instructions, and that the next generation will be reminded of the great, awesome deeds God had done, which the Psalmist reveals throughout Psalms 78. Nowhere in the chapter from the book of Psalms does it mention that “a generation that has yet to come” will rise to conqueor foreign nations who come against Israel. Cameron has merely added his take (his interpretation of what “HE” thinks the verse in question means).

    1. Oops my bad Cameron mentions that the next generation will be reminded of the principals, good deeds God had done for the nation of Israel….

  2. The book of Joshua doesn’t reveal to a believer a model to be used to allow one like John Cameron to be able to enter into the promise land the way Cameron envisions. This particular book is only a historical account of what Joshua had achieved by listening to the voice of God and His (Gods) instructions.

    1. The book of Joshua and the verses from this book are not progressive revelations that apply to believers today. It only applies to the Hebrews in that point of time/history. Yet Mr John Cameron believes it to be applicable for Arise Church today.

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