Expansion: The ARISE Centre

In the last two posts I provided the transcripts from two sermons in which John Cameron talked about the inspiration behind the ARISE Centre and where it fits in with his vision and purpose for ARISE Church as an organisation

We’re gonna build a church with campuses everywhere, with small groups covering an entire nation.

We’re gonna build a church that is mobilizing believers, multiplying disciples, raising a new generation of leaders, rapidly expanding, increasing in influence, and reaching a nation for God.

A church that see’s life to every spirit, love to every heart.

A church that empowers believers to reach their world for Christ.

A church that enables believers to represent Jesus in every city and town in our nation. No city too large and no town too small.

A church of exponential increase, a church of innovation. Are you alive about this?

A church large enough to give voice to the gospel in our nation and personal enough to heal every broken heart.

Watch a video about the ARISE Centre here





















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