The Religious Demagoguery of Gillian Cameron

A collection of selected quotes from sermons delivered by lead pastor of ARISE Church, Gillian Cameron. Links in the titles and time stamps have been given for each quote. This post will be updated periodically with fresh quotes.

ARISE Conference 2016

@5:58 See here we see this great king. He was anointed by God. He starts off so well. He has faith. He has faith for battle, he has faith for this part of his life, he has faith for the fight, he has faith for the public arena of his life. He does so well and you know what, an amazing miracle happens because of his faith. He goes from seeing, you know, what should have been insurmountable odds: He should have lost. He only had half the number of men to face this Ethiopian. He didn’t have anywhere near the amount of fighting men that should’ve taken on this challenge and yet we see that because he asks for the Lord’s help, he has the victory. He has the victory in the public arena of his life.

What happens to this great king, this great king who we’re inspired by his faith in this part of Chronicles? Unfortunately, let’s see what happens later on. It says this later on in Chronicles, “In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa developed a serious foot disease”.

Say “yuck!”.

[Audience: “yuck!”]

Say “ooo”.

[Audience: “ooo”]

Say “he needs help”.

[Audience: “he needs help”]

Well maybe some foot powder.

“Yet even, even with the severity of his disease, he did not seek the Lord’s help but turned only to his physicians, so he died”. I think this scripture is so amazing because it’s showing us…I believe it’s in here because perhaps he should have asked the Lord for help. You know, instead of actually just thinking I’ll just go to my doctors, I’ll go to my doctors. Look, we should seek professional help, absolutely. Doctors have been given the wisdom of God. However, he turned only to his physicians. And it’s such a sad thing for the people of God to turn only to the natural resources when we have the supernatural resources of heaven that have been made available for us by the cross of Jesus Christ.

@9:30 You know, Romans 8:32 says, “Since he did not spare even his own son”, this is God the Father, “since he did not spare even his own son, but gave him up for us all won’t he also give us everything else?” So if we were to ask God, what greater thing could he give us than what he has already done? There is no greater thing more precious to God than his own son. If he was willing to give his most precious thing already to us then how much more will he give us what we need? How much more? He wants to bless us, he wants to prosper us, he wants us to be in health, he wants us to have what we need, he wants us to be a blessing, and in Jesus name, if we begin to get this on the inside then anything is possible for him who believes.

@11:46 There are no accidents in scripture.

@14:16 You know, sometimes I think in the Pentecostal Church, perhaps we’ve been encouraged to shy away from a name it and claim it culture. I wanna encourage us Christians: let’s get our naming and claiming on, let’s get our faith on, let’s start to declare that if we have been faithful God will be faithful to us, that if we have not withhold…God certainly is not a withholding god, he is a generous god. He supplies all our needs, all our needs in Christ Jesus. If we ask for it according to his will he will supply.

You know, this morning, sometimes we just have to activate that belief that God wants to bless us and then begin to pray and declare that his provision is on the way.

@17:27 Somebody give God a praise that when we sow in faith there is a reaping in faith. My friends, we’ve gotta combine our faith with our giving if we wanna declare the promise of God. Don’t just give, believe. Give believing God will prosper you, God will prosper you. He wants to bless you. If he didn’t withhold Jesus he will not withhold, my friends, what we need to graciously do his work. In Jesus mighty name.

You know, this morning, I think in this room this morning at this conference that there are many people believing God to own a home, for a new job, for a promotion in their job, for their business to grow. There are people who are believing for things, waiting for things. My friends, name it and claim it. Begin to declare Malachi Three over you financial position because we are not bound to the world’s economy. We are not bound to that economy. We are the people of God living by a supernatural economy, not tied to the worlds markets, not tied to Brexit, not tied to anything around the world that takes place in the political arena, tied only to our understanding of the supernatural blessing that Jesus Christ has made available for us. Can I hear an amen this morning.

[Audience: “Amen”]

@19:58 You know, when we are personally needing healing, I believe we are to ask others to pray for us. I believe if someone needs healing we are to pray. Let’s turn to James chapter five verse fourteen. It says this, “Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord. Such a prayer offered in faith will heal the sick and the Lord will make you well, and if you have committed any sins, you will be forgiven.” See here in this scripture do we see any doubt? Do we see any hesitation from this Holy Scripture, from this god-breathed word to us, from this living word? Do we see any doubt? No, there is none. If you pray, you will be healed. Just like God will bless, just like God will prosper, God will also heal. Such a prayer will heal the sick.

@22:01 It’s an interesting thought that these two scriptures connect because you see, when Jesus healed the paralytic man, the first thing he said is, “Your sins are forgiven, your sins are forgiven”. I wonder if all the sick person needs to is get themselves right with God, is just get their heart right with God because then we see in this other scripture, “Confess your sins and you will be made well”, when you have the prayer of faith. So it is only up to the sick person to get themselves right with God and get themselves ready for the miracle that God wants to do and is willing to do in their life. You know, by faith we can access healing. This does not mitigate, however, the sovereignty of God. This does not deny the fact that his ways are higher, that we don’t understand why healing is delayed, or why healing is sometimes full life in heaven. You know, death on earth but life evermore. Sometimes we don’t understand God’s sovereignty in this matter but what we do need to understand is that Jesus was made perfect through his suffering; that God does not make us sick and he may delay our healing to bring something through us that he needed us to get on the inside, but God never wants us to stop asking. He never wants us to stop asking and believing.

@23:58 C’mon Christians, maybe you’ve accepted that diagnosis. Maybe you’ve accepted this is the will of God. My friends, ask for healing, look for the Lord to heal. He is willing to move on your behalf. If he can raise up a paralytic, if he raise the dead, then surely the spirit of the Lord can bring breath into your lungs, and the spirit of the Lord that raised Christ from the dead will lift you up my friend. We don’t stay bound in our sickness because Jesus has taken it captive by his work on the cross.

This morning, believe again, hope again, ask again, pray again. God is willing, my friends. Just get our heart right and get ready to receive his miracles.  By faith we need to receive that prayer, confess that we are healed.

@26:13 Exodus chapter fifteen, “For I am the Lord who heals you”. Oh, somebody, somebody, “I am the Lord who heals you”. Somebody! Oh stand to your feet. “I am the Lord who heals you”. Maybe you’re believing for a loved one. Maybe you’re believing for something to shift in your body. Pastor Jenson prayed last night there was healing happening in this meeting. Perhaps you felt something shift. It’s gonna happen again. You’re gonna know that the spirit of the Lord is at work within your body giving life to it, that you are gonna be raised back to full health. My friends, he is able, he is able, he is the Lord who heals us. Lift up a praise in this place in Jesus mighty name. You heal us Lord. You deliver us. You are the Lord who heals.

@28:25 You know, I’ve got a great friend who’s part of our church and her name is Ann. And Ann came up on stage in a meeting just like and she got prayed for, for healing. And she said even as she was on stage she felt the power of God move through her body. She said, “You know what, I was standing there. I knew God had healed me”. But she was telling me that the next day, she woke up the next day and her symptoms were back. Her neck was sore. She was uncomfortable. She had a choice that day. Was she gonna listen to that and think, “Ah, was just a tingle in the moment. Maybe I just thought God did something but God’s not powerful enough for it to actually keep on going”. Or am I going to say, “You know what, I’ve been healed. God has begun to do something in my body. I felt a physical change in that moment and I know that God is gonna complete his work of healing in me. He will bring to completion every good thing concerning me. He will lead me in triumphal procession in Christ”.

By Faith

@4:51 I believe that in New Zealand we’re gonna see an amazing move of god, we’re gonna see this nation won, we’re gonna see things that haven’t been seen. I believe the devil’s been throwing everything he can at us because we’ve started to build ARISE HQ, and you know what, it’s dominoes, all I can see is dominoes. As soon as that is built, oh my goodness! The devil knows that the next building, the next building, the next building, the next building, the next building, the next building, the next building, the next building, up and down this nation.

God Pleasers

@19:40 Would Noah have built an ark if he was living for the approval of people? Would he? I don’t think he would have. If Noah had cared more about what people thought, you and I might not even be here today.

7 thoughts on “The Religious Demagoguery of Gillian Cameron

  1. Hi I’m curious to know why the author of this website has not explicitly named themselves? There is much exposure and photo’s on this website which have been taken without permission, but the author themselves remain hidden? Seems a little unfair I would say, as it is very easy to throw stones when you keep safely hidden from open and transparent interaction and dialogue.

    1. Knowing my identity would be of little consequence. Who I am actually shouldn’t matter and should have no bearing on the veracity of the information on this website.

      Photos are mostly from social media which means once they are uploaded and available to the public then the right is granted to let others use them i.e. they are able to be used by anyone without permission.

      Why don’t you address the concerns raised on this site: concerns like the promulgation of scientific ignorance (creationism), the ambition to get New Zealand to become a Christian nation (theocracy), the coercive persuasion tactics used to generate converts.

      I think it is possible to have an open dialogue without disclosing my identity. What do you say?

    2. Sam, it is interesting you raise the issue of privacy. Cameron and Cameron have put themselves out there in a very public way facebook, live streamed services, travel etc. You can’t have it both ways.
      J Cameron has even declared that the other churches in Wellington are dying and ARISE is the only growing church, which again shows the narcissism the guy has.

      I fully support the author remaining anonymous. Their safety is important.

      What exactly would you get from them saying their name?

      1. Hi Lisa,

        Thanks for your comment of support.

        A rather astute observation on your behalf. John Cameron is another prototypical charismatic narcissist and I suspect that he is somewhere on the NPD spectrum. Pentecostalism is a bug light for his personality type, being an inherently charismatic movement.
        He has mentioned on a few occasions how much of a control freak he is. He has admitted to struggling to empathize with others and he constantly exhibits an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement (thinks God will give him nations).
        He knows where people’s psychic weak spots are and leverages that knowledge to manipulate his audience and ultimately to recruit them to the ARISE enterprise to further his own grandiose ambitions of “winning a nation for Jesus”.

  2. Interested to know why you think it is wrong for a nation to have Christian values?
    You know, the stuff Jesus taught – Don’t steal, cheat, lie, murder – love one another, honour others above yourself.
    I’m praying that your blog will lead people to Christ, and you will have a full revelation of how much He loves you.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I don’t think that I’ve said anywhere on this site that “it is wrong for a nation” to have the specific values you are talking about (please point out if I am wrong). The issue I have is that Christians like to claim that these values lie solely within the purview of Christianity, that without the teachings of Jesus we wouldn’t be able to tell a right action from a wrong one, morally speaking.

      Christianity isn’t needed come to a realization that stealing, cheating, lying and murder are bad. It is entirely possible to discover the goodness of these values (and were discovered independent of Jesus) purely though rational contemplation.

      It is us as readers who project our values onto the Bible when reading it. (It is worth noting that our values are a product of both evolutionary biology and of the culture and history and thinking that preceded us). We are the ones that decide what scriptures are morally acceptable, not the other way around. When we read what Jesus said about love and charity and forgiveness, it is us that ascribes virtue to those sayings. It is our ability to imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes that enables the realization that the Golden Rule is a great moral precept to guide our actions.

      For example, it took approximately 1800 years from the writing of the first gospel (Mark) before civilization reached a consensus that slavery was an abomination. If Jesus was supposed to give humanity the perfect set of moral values for humans to abide by, how did he manage to leave out such an important precept: don’t enslave one-another.

      Yet this moral insight was achieved independent of Jesus six centuries before Jesus’s arrival on the planet by Mahavira, the Jain patriarch:

      “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.”

      Given that Jesus is supposed to be the creator of the universe, he would have known how much pain and misery would be inflicted on humans this simple omission would cause. If you’re a Christian then this dilemma is mysterious, but it is entirely consistent with the view that the Gospel books are just like any other religious text: contradictory, fictionalised accounts of dubious historical events.

      Jesus may have had some good moral teachings, but it doesn’t prove that he was the son of god, that his father was Yahwey of Jewish scripture, that the died and was resurrected, and that if you believe this on faith then you can spend an eternity with him. Accepting as good some of Jesus’s teaching doesn’t mean that you also have to accept as true the supernatural elements of the Bible. And it is the desire to get an entire population to believe in the supernatural elements of the Bible (which is what is implied by the desire to see New Zealand be a Christian nation) that I am fundamentally opposed to, especially when emotional manipulation and cult-like persuasion tactics are used in generating new converts.

    2. Basic morals were around for at least hundreds of thousands of years before modern religions, if not longer .
      Attributing them to any religion shows a lack of understanding and possibly a blindness to reality.
      Are you scared of dying and becoming a memory.

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