The Religious Demagoguery of John Cameron

This post is a collection of selected quotes from sermons delivered by the lead pastor of ARISE Church, John Cameron. Sermon titles and time stamps have been given for each quote so that one could potentially verify them should one feel the need to. Original audio material can be found at iTunes and then searching for “ARISE Church John Cameron” as well as at the ARISE Church YouTube channel. This document will be continuously updated as more sermons are transcribed.

Misbelief 1

35:10 You know it’s amazing that in Genesis chapter two verse nineteen that we’ve got Adam and God, and the Bible says that God brought to him every kind of animal and then God said to Adam, “What are you gonna call it?” And then- it’s on your screen hopefully- that Adam named the animals, and whatever Adam named them, God said, “Yep, alright, that’s what it’s gonna be called from now on.” “Adam, you can choose. Adam, you can decide.”

Misbelief 2

16:15 “Misbelief first jumps into the Bible with Adam and Eve. I mean, you know, here they were created by God, ruling and reigning over the world and then sin enters and the Bible says they’re so afraid that they hide in the bushes. They’re filled with a sense of we are useless, we’re nobody. God turns up and says, ”What’s going on?” And they said, “Well, we were afraid because we were naked so we hid.” And God just says, “What, hang on, who told you that, where did that misbelief come jump into your way of thinking and seeing, that you see yourself that way? That is not a right belief, it’s a misbelief and the symptoms of that misbelief are seen in the emotions of your life.” We’ve got Adam who was hiding.”
30:14 That’s like Gideon, who is in a wine press, a little scaredy-pants, yet when God turns up in his life, God looks at him and says, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valour.” We think God’s lying. No! Gideon has been living with a misbelief, and coming face to face with God, Gideon began to realise it’s a symptom always. He was fearful, he was doing nothing, he was burying his head in the sand, he was unable to deal with conflict. I mean these are themes, and God said to him, “Stop allowing your misbelief to rule your life.” Flip over a page in the Bible and we’ve got Gideon with three hundred warriors confronting the army of Mideon and winning a great victory for his nation.
32:38 Oh what grace I found in you my Jesus that my soul should entertain your greatness. If this life holds nothing but my Jesus, then I will praise you.
36:13 C’mon, if you believe that Jesus is victorious, then no matter where you are I want you to stand to your feet and give our God one great shout of praise this morning.

Start to Finish

21:04 This is one of the things I appreciate about Tony Clark. He’s been my friend for the whole journey of ARISE Church and one of the things I love about him is his life is constantly about what he felt God spoke to him about many, many years ago. I mean, he’s got a family now, he’s got pressures, but I love you Tony because you’re just committed to always advancing that mission that God’s got on your life. It’s like I’m not, I’m going to keep the blinkers on, I’m going to learn Chinese, I’m going to go forward, gonna influence governments, gonna change the world. And it takes a lot of guts to stay through every season of your life saying I’m gonna remain just as on fire, and just as focused and just as sacrificial and just as determined as I was when I started.
29:00 Now listen, in the book of Exodus the bible talks about Miriam and Aaron and it says they began to speak against Moses, began to speak against Moses. Then God says, “You guys come out to attend a meeting. I wanna have a chat”. God turns up and says, “Alright, here we go, Miriam, you now have leprosy and I am going to finish what you have started.”
34:39 We talked about the fact that God started creation, and he finished creation. Everything he’s started, he’s finished it. But break it down for me my friends, because God just didn’t start and finish creation, he did it in stages. So the Bible says the first thing he did was he said, “Let there be light and darkness”, and he created the chronology of time. The sequential nature of this universe that intolerates [sic] our finite existence was the first day of creation. And that’s all he did, he said, “That is first!” Then he said, “Okay, now I need to separate the expanses, I need to have water, I need to have land and I need to have sky. Gravitational fields, the fact we have an earth and there is not just water and earth and everything everywhere. God said let there be, and this where the universe really began to take shape. Was not just through an explosion but because of the hand of God upon it. He said, “That’s day number two”. Then day number three, he says, “My Lord, we’re gonna have some plants, we’re gonna have some trees, we’re gonna have some vegetables”. This is incredible by the way because that’s what he did on day three, he laid the, he laid the structure of fertility and multiplication on day three. But check this out, it’s not until day four, that the light came and enabled that which was already created to begin to flourish. So God literally says, “I’m gonna get it ready, and then turn the lights on.” How cool is God. And then in day five, the bible says he created the birds and the fish, in other words, everything in the ocean, everything in the sky. And then on day six he created the animals. And once he’d done that he breathed life into a lump of clay and as a result of that came humanity and life and the breath of God is our lives which is why we are the pinnacle of all of his creation, because he chose to breathe life in to it. But look at it my friends, it is actually a construction of something God built progressively over time. This just absolutely blows me away because really what God wanted was to get everything ready for you and I so that when we came into this world, the whole universe would be ready for the arrival of us. And then he said, “Now you rule and reign over everything that I have created.” Check this out, if you start and finish the wrong thing first, then you don’t rule and reign over it cause now you’ve got a lot of stuff that’s actually at the bottom that should be at the top.
38:53 In other words, what you’ve started, you’ve got to finish it, and you’ve got to keep going until you finish it. It struck me as I was preparing this message the longevity with which the heroes of the faith had to keep going before they finished what they started. And it seems to kinda go down over time, but Noah was 500 years old approximately when God told him, “Build the ark”. But the bible says it was after his six-hundredth birthday that he entered the ark.
40:17 But think about Noah, a hundred years building that ark.

You Tell Donna

30:20 That’s why we pray like crazy for the harvest to come in.
32:40 At best, teens in New Zealand; thirteen, fifteen per cent go church on a Sunday. Eighty plus per cent don’t. We can’t cater to the needs of those who have been in it for so long at the detriment of those who have yet to find it.
34:18 Why do we do what we do? Why do we do Sunday church. Why do we do Friday youth. The answer: We do what we do with our church services with our number one goal that lost people find Jesus. It trumps all other decisions. It is above every other want and whom and fancy that lost people find Jesus.

Get Your Provisions Ready

And we’re gonna spend some more time in this book this year because I believe that god has called our church, ARISE Church to be a Jordan crossing, promised land possessing group of people who will defy every obstacle, every boundary, every limit that has ever been spoken over God’s church and do something amazing for Jesus. If you believe that that might be possible in this church, then shout yes!
8:45 Joshua has just become the leader of the greatest move of God the world has ever seen, the Israelites leaving the wilderness and literally taking over the land that is now called Israel. An amazing moment, an incredible movement of God on earth.
9:05 This must’ve sounded weird to a generation of Israelites who had lived with a constant supply of mana every morning and quail every evening for the last forty years provided for by God.
13:14 The last ten [years] was believing that we could build a church that would defy boundaries. The next ten is believing that we could build a church that will impact an entire nation for Jesus Christ. C’mon, who says we can’t do it, start ten more campuses in the next ten years, reach every segment of this nation, from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South? Be part of reaching a nation for Jesus. Changing statistics. Seeing Christianity flourish in abound. Seeing people find hope and life and faith in Jesus Christ. C’mon.
15:12 I believe that this is a season where God’s saying over many people in our Church, “Get you provisions ready.” That he wants you to have more influence in your high school teenagers than you’ve ever had before.
19:57 I’m not reading it to feed you, I’m reading it to change me, because if I haven’t got a bigger Jesus then I’m not gonna take this church forward into the bigger thing that God’s got for it.
36:56 I’ve got a commitment that every single bay of that balcony will be filled with people who find Jesus Christ, that we would progress forward and see a city won and a nation impacted, lives come alive, promises kindled, hope for the hopeless, freedom for the captive, c’mon, that Jesus is the answer, the reason, the one we worship.


12:22 But the Bible tells us in Genesis that God spoke, and there was light, that he sent out his word and it performed it, that he said let there be living creatures that will fill the waters. And when he said it, that’s exactly what happened.

Faithcation-Faith for God’s Promise

10:34 From there that’s not the end. The reason why I’m believing that we can do this with either or just a very short term loan is because change a nation in the next ten years. Christchurch needs a campus. Hamilton needs a campus. What about Dunedin, other cities, Palmerston North, I dunno where god’s gonna send us. I kinda do but I don’t wanna say it out loud. But we’ve got a great future, we’ve got ten years of expansion, changing a nation, doing something great for god. This is our vision, this is our future, this is what god has called us to do, to do something great for him. And as we move towards this future that god’s got for us, I believe this is an amazing season for our church and a season where we need faith.
12:22 Hebrews eleven also tells us that through faith we conquer kingdoms. We’re not here to conquer the, you know, the, the civil kingdom of New Zealand but we are here to conquer the kingdom of darkness that is at work within New Zealand. To see, to see animosity go out of relationships, brokenness go out of hearts, addiction flee from people, to see suicide eradicated, marriages strong and healthy, salvations come to life, pornography vanquished, prostitution out of business. We are here to empower life and wholeness and healing and love and grace and forgiveness and blessing and joy. We’re here to see the kingdom of God come at work. We are here to put to nothing the things. We are here to see the kingdom of god established and it is faith that enables and it is faith that enables us to achieve this for our god.
17:34 And then the next thing that happens is Abraham gets to verse six, and the bible says that he got there, and when he got there, the bible says that god said to him in verse six, “And I will give you the land upon which you are now standing”. Go, show, give. Go to the land. I will show it to you. When he got to the land god said, “I will give it to you”.
35:34 Does anybody believe we can change a nation for Jesus.

Faithcation-Faith and Hope

12:32 Thanks be to god, we are being led in triumphal procession in Christ. But that triumphal procession is not just tiptoeing through tulips. It’s about the fact that no matter what hardship comes your way, greater he that is in you than he who is in the world. That’s what it means to live with an expectation that is inline with the faith that we have in our Jesus. Great preaching John this is so good. God is good. Our church, our church at the moment is just so, I think, pregnant with that sense of expectation. And god wants us to live like that. He wants us to live, I mean I’m here in Christchurch tonight. For those of you in Hamilton and Wellington, it’s a long weekend let’s be honest. Cantabrians go away for long weekends. And this place is full with people, I mean it’s just alive. We’re out of rows at the front but we’re also going back. It’s filling up with people. Jesus is on the move. We’re seeing amazing things take place. I mean, man I was in Wellington this morning, it was just alive, sense of expectation in Kapiti. We baptised eighteen people. I mean in Hamilton we’re experiencing growth. We’ve just purchased this amazing block of land in Wellington. Five thousand square meters. One and a quarter acres. And on two Sundays time on the tenth of November we’re gonna receive an offering and as one church in four different locations I’m believing we’re gonna raise seven hundred thousand dollars that day and be able to buy that land outright. And here’s the thing, everything that we do in any campus of ARISE empowers everything that we do in every other Campus of ARISE. So we’re all-in in Christchurch, we’re all-in in Wellington, we’re all-in in Hamilton, because one step leads to two steps. I’m so excited about what God is doing here in Christchurch tonight, but I believe god wants ARISE in Christchurch, excuse me, to be right at the centre of a new Christchurch. As this phenomenal city is rebuilt out of the ashes to become something great for the glory of our god, I think the church should be at the centre. It should be shouldn’t it, because the city is called Christchurch. We’re gonna build this campus in Lower Hutt, we’re gonna build on here in Christchurch, we’re gonna move forward.
21:24 Somebody just needs to do some stargazing tonight, needs to look out and realise that if god made all those stars and then said, “Hang on a minute, you’re greater than a star, you’re greater than any problem, you’re greater than the sunrise. You are god’s pinnacle of creation. He made you and he’s the best thing he has on offer. He painted that sunrise just for you to have a good morning. You are the good morning. You’re putting the good back in to morning. Tell somebody near you.
27:27 I don’t know about you but I’m finding that in my life as I’m entering into this next season, I’m so fully persuaded that god is gonna move in this nation, more persuaded than I’ve ever been before. Living more out of that conviction that the promise of god is alive for us, that New Zealand is going to see a move of god in our nation, that the church is ripe for god to breathe upon it, that god’s got something great in store just around the corner. We’re gonna make a decision whether we’re gonna waver through a want of faith and live our lives just being driven and tossed around by circumstance and pressure and what’s coming our way.
30:53 I believe that what we’re doing in the next season of our church is gonna be the most exciting season. I really just wanna just take a minute and speak to every venue tonight and say, as we receive this offering on the tenth of November, I’m believing that we can rock seven hundred thousand. I’m personally holding a faith goal that whether with no mortgage at all or with a short mortgage over a couple of years we can build that Lower Hutt campus and pay it off outright. Why, because I don’t want to spend the next ten years of our journey moving slowly and incrementally towards something. It is going to be a powerful force for change for what god has called us to do in the Wellington region and in the nation and the equity is going to empower us to do so much more. But I believe god wants us to move towards it speedily. Seven hundred people giving a thousand dollars. Seven hundred grand. Done. There are people who are literally just gonna decide this is the moment because it’s all going in to building equity, land. It’s time to write that check for fifty thousand, time to write that cheque for a hundred thousand. If we rock seven hundred thousand it’s just going towards phase two, the construction of the building that will go on it. But I’m believing that we can move so much faster. I really am. This next ten years. Let’s believe that we can build a church that’s growth rate is literally unprecedented. And that, and that many other churches experience the same. We’re not the frozen chosen, we’re not the only ones. But this we can influence. This we are part of. This is not just an empty prayer for revival. This is substance, this is power, this is change for a nation. This is the future of the church in Aotearoa. This is what we are a part of, somebody shout amen. See, c’mon, let’s believe together for something incredibl… in your own life. I’m believing, I’m believing for a church filled with conquerors, filled with people whose lives are a testimony to god’s greatness.

Keeping Your Edge

8:12 And that’s what happens when Jesus jumps into your life. You leave goodbye the world where the Devil holds you in slavery, where sin’s got it over you, where hell is your ultimate destination. Because of the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, over your life, you are now set free.
10:37 We recognise that God is going to do something quicker, God is going to do something bigger in Whangerei than he’s ever done in generations that have gone before, and in order for us to do that we have to leave behind perhaps a way of even thinking about church that can get too small. We’ve got to embrace something bigger as we build not just a local church in different environments, into a church that can touch one city, no, that we build a church that can touch a nation with the love of Jesus Christ. A united company of believers from Northland to Southland who can partner together to see the name of Jesus lifted up, to see people won for Christ, to see the love of God put back at the centre of our nations agenda. C’mon, if you reckon that can happen, why don’t you pause and give God some praise, c’mon.
12:40 And I believe that for the church of New Zealand, that for the church of New Zealand, there have never been more opportunities for us than there are in this season, that with the changes in technology, with the present state of our New Zealand Climate, that this country has never been more ripe for revival than it is right now.
14:52 We’re believing in these days that we’re gonna build a church of influence not just for a city but for a nation. We’re believing that through changes in technology and strategy that we can now network together a company of believers from the top of New Zealand to the bottom of the South and see this company of believers empowered. Not an up/down model of church but a groundswell model of church that propels life groups to be in every location, everywhere in New Zealand, not bound by geography, not bound by buildings, not limited by any means, but able just to touch people wherever they are. We wanna build the church that puts resources in the hands of believers, that empowers the harvest, that says we can reach that school, we can reach that uni, we can reach that workplace, we can reach that town for Jesus Christ. That’s the kind of church that we’re committed to building. We’re committed to building a church that in every city where there is an ARISE campus, that ARISE campus is large and prominent, and cannot be hidden. We wanna build a church that is so portable that it’s accessible to the smallest of towns in the most remote of locations. It has access to prison’s, retirement homes. It can access people no matter where they are, and we can build a church that through God’s people in a spirit of unity might actually have a shot at changing a nation for Jesus Christ.
16:26 Embrace the favour that is ours.
24:23 We’re also gonna do some things online. We’re gonna do some things with little microcampuses in prisons and rest homes in places all over the country. How about we believe that we can minister on a Sunday to fifty thousand people in ten years time?
I’m not afraid of moving beyond because we have got to make sure that no matter where we are in this nation, that we keep our edge.
29:53 We’ve got to be committed more than ever to reaching teenagers in high school, university campuses, people in work places.
32:11 We started the first decade of ARISE Church with a small vision. We thought it was big. There had never been a church in over a thousand people in Wellington so we said, “Right, we’re gonna have a vision in our hearts to put a church of influence for the city of Wellington. It’s gonna fill large indoor arenas. We’re gonna do this thing” Ten years later we kinda outgrew the vision. Now we’re saying we’re gonna build a church of influence for the nation of New Zealand.
33:00 Let’s get some big vision. We’re trying to rewrite the script of what it means to be a church of this country. To believe that we can create resources that flow down into Christian believers. We wanna build a church that is without walls, without geography, without limits. We wanna build a church for everyone, everywhere, campuses from the top of the Island to the bottom of the south. We wanna give the ability for church, any group, any people, anywhere, who wanna have one of our services linked in to where they are to make that possible, so we can empower the church in Motueka on the West Coast and in Auk…wherever, wherever you want it, that we can go there. We’re saying, “Man, let’s get a big vision. Let’s believe for five thousand life groups in ten years time. Let’s believe for an army of believers that can touch a nation for Jesus Christ. Let’s get a vision that’s gonna blow our socks off and inspire us to grow.”

Diminishing Doubt

8:55 And because his [God’s] resources, his riches are infinite, his supply is limitless. So it doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, what I am lacking, whenever somebody is lacking something, if you lack wisdom, let him ask of God. Here, let him ask, because God has the ability to meet whatever need we have in our lives. Can you get an amen to that one. Let him ask of God who gives to all generously without finding fault. Man that is one of the most encouraging phrases in all of the scripture. “Who gives to all, who gives to all.” In other words, he gives to everybody. He’s not a respecter of persons. He doesn’t have a precious few that he wants to help out and a lot of people who should just, you know, have no confidence and whether God cares about them or not.
18:42 I’m a Pentecostal Christian, born and raised a promise believing, you know, a faith person from the time I came into this world. I grew up sleeping in a sleeping bag under church rows hearing that God can do it, that God is big, he heals, he prospers, he restores.
He gives to everybody, he’s not a regarder of the individual. He has no special few who can be confident in his provision and others who should doubt. What he’s done for one he wants to do for all, amen
39:53 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said we believe he’s good, he’s gonna help us, He didn’t, he threw them in the furnace, but then he turned up in the furnace.

Troubling the teacher

29:13 and as I looked up towards the stars I heard god speak into my heart, I knew it was his voice, and he said, “If you ask me I will give you nations.”

The oil is in the new bean

33:14 See, what makes church exciting is mission. See, Elevate, Elevate exists so that we can win high-schools for Jesus Christ. Some Elevaters shout, “Yeah boy!” HUGE! Exists so that we can win university campuses for Jesus, someone shout, “Yeah boy!” But listen, it’s about every age and stage. You know God’s given to our church huge open doorways to teach Bible in Schools. It’s literally in our New Zealand law that churches and people of religion have to be allowed in to schools for thirty minutes every week to talk about religious things. Well I reckon that what they need to see is not just a grandma whose sixty five-although God bless her, I’m not speaking against her- but they need to see someone in their thirties, someone in their twenties, someone in their early forties, whose part of a vibrant and alive church who actually loves Jesus, got some energy, saying to a whole new generation of New Zealanders, “My Jesus is alive, he loves people”. C’mon, somebody needs to be salt and light. We’re on a mission! C’mon. Children’s about mission. Young Inc. C’mon if you’re over twenty five, you’re in Young Inc, you’ve got a salary, somebody shout amen. Enjoy it, enjoy it, and save. But anyway, you’ll never have more money than you do right now, I’m telling you. But, you know, if you’re part of Young Inc., it’s not just a kinda we’re gonna sit round drink cappuccinos, it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that this city has more young worker, people between the ages of twenty-five and thirty, eighteen to thirty, more people in that age bracket than any other city in our nation by an over ten per-cent. This is the young worker capital of New Zealand. And so we have Young Inc. because it exists to win your workplace to Jesus Christ. C’mon, because people move to Wellington, are looking for hope, looking for life, looking for friends, and we exist to win a workplace. Young family life groups. It’s about the fact that you go from someone whose got a whole day to hang out, to basically ninety minute sound bites in between feeds, nappy changes and sleeps. C’mon, if you’ve got young kids you know what I’m talking about. And it can be a lonely stage. So what better than a young family groups filled with people who are great parents, or trying to be, you know, and are also just loving and kind and know Jesus. C’mon we got adult life groups so that we can win communities to Jesus. Young family life groups so we can win young families to Jesus. Young Inc. life groups so that we can win our workplace to Jesus. Young adults ministries so that we can win university campuses, we can win high schools, we can win our world, we’re on a mission from God.

Thoughtpocalypse-Part 3

8:15 You know it’s so easy in life to live without the right kind of thinking and therefore to not live the right kind of life. God’s got a purpose for every person in this room. Every person in Christchurch, every person in Hamilton, there is a purpose for why you are here, a purpose for why you’re alive. You’re not an accident. Many people think that they’re just kind of here by chance, somehow we’re just, you know random, amoeba and, you know, monkeys, and off we come, here we are, some distant cousin from a Chimpanzee and, you know, we’re just all kind of this one big set of random…I’m so grateful that I know that there is a creator to this universe. Purpose in every life. Purpose in every day. Purpose in every person. There are no random people, no leftovers, that God never made a mistake. God never looked down and said, “Whoops, really stuffed up that one. Hope I do a better model next generation”. God looked down and said, “You are exactly the person that I want you to be. You are right here in the right time that I wanted you to be here. Your life is brilliant, you are special, you are unique, you are talented, and you are breathed by God”.
20:54 but then I began to realise that there was a greater purpose for my life, began to take these thoughts and channel them towards God, spend time in prayer, spend time memorizing his word. Something came alive in my life and man, then I began to realise that I was on this planet for more than curtains and carpet. I was on this planet to do something for Jesus. Man, I’d pray, and I’d see stadiums filled with people, I saw high schools being won to Jesus, saw shopping malls, saw revival, saw New Zealand covered in fire, knew that God was gonna do something great with my life.
23:28 You start thinking, “Man, man, if Esther, if Esther can rise to be a queen of her generation then so can I impact this nation for God”. You start saying, “Hang on a minute. I’m not a worthless nobody. I’m not left out. You can throw what you want at me but God put me here for a reason. And you know what? I’m not a nobody, I can change the nation, I can impact a school, I can affect a generation”.

Thoughtpocalypse-Part 2

28:25 Imagine something worthy of praise. Look, the doctors can say what doctors…doctors say what doctors know but I’ve found in life, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. And I’ve found in Jesus, the healer, the deliverer, the saviour of the world, the one who can turn anything around. And we can know what we know, but we’ve gotta focus on who we know ‘cause all we need is found in him. It is found in Christ and in Christ alone, the hope of glory. Fix your imagination on the good things of God my friend.

HODOS-Why Were You Searching For Me

28:13 Many people try and fill their life by just searching the Scriptures. I believe in searching the scriptures but Jesus said, “You search the scriptures because I them you think that you have life. But you will not come to me and I am the one who gives you life”. And there is a difference between a head that has been educated about religious activity and a heart that has been changed by devotion to the god of our worship. There is a difference. And God calls to us for something deeper and the longer they searched in Jerusalem the longer their search came up null and void, and if there is something missing in our lives we’re never gonna find it by just trying to educate ourselves, to protect ourselves from perhaps religious whatever that is out there. You’ve gotta come to a point, we’ve got to come to a point, if we and Jesus in our lives then we look for him not with open Bibles and just, you know, a defensive stance, but we find Jesus on bended knees with hands that are lifted up. You only find Jesus in surrender. You only ever do.

The many and the one

If God could find tonight some young man, some young woman who would say, “I am gonna pursue a different course. I’m gonna look a little bit unusual to some people. I’m gonna stand out”. And God could use you. He could do something great through your life. Whether he calls you in to education, media, politics, government, workplace. I don’t know. Maybe God calls you to family life. Maybe God calls you to the mission field. Maybe God calls you to the ministry. It’s not about a special few for a special purpose, it’s about a whole lot of individuals that God has got a plan for that are in this room tonight. And together we can change the world!

The old has gone and the new has come

10:40 When you think about baptism it goes all the way back to Noah, this man who built this ark and went through the flood and, you know, 2012, the movie that came out a couple of years ago, had arks in it, you know, the…the Mayan calendar comes to an end. We’re living in the post Mayan era, I’m encouraged by that. But you know, in the movie 2012, they literally built arks to get through the flood, the you know, they know what’s coming in the waters. But the first guy, the one they borrowed it from was Noah who went through the flood waters, out of the old into the new.

Horizon – Part 2

10:46 I’m here in Whangarei this morning because I believe God’s got a promise for New Zealand, that he wants to do something in the church of Aotearoa. I believe that the greatest days for the church are in tomorrow. I believe that the greatest days for the church in Whangarei are not today but in the future. I believe that God’s got a great plan in mind.
22:17 Imagine if thousands of believers this morning were willing to say, not just in Whangarei but across New Zealand, “We believe God has got a plan for the north of New Zealand.” Imagine. Imagine if a group of people said, “I am going to be willing to believe that God’s promises for the North are as real as they have ever been. That what began here is gonna continue to move here. That we will see, not just one generation see revival, but every generation be recipients of revival”ARISE is driven by a belief that we can see New Zealand won for Christ
I mean, man, we’re believing that New Zealand teenagers are going to connect with God. We’re believing that Whangarei is going to see its teenagers not just partying on a Friday night but worshipping Jesus on a Friday night, on a Sunday that they are going to be in Church. We’re believing for hope and promise for young…Whangarei young people.

Fresh water in the ocean

39:35 People might be here this morning, perhaps in Kapiti, maybe here in Wellington, and you’re literally saying to yourself, “I don’t know how I can do that. I mean I would love to be a fisherman on the shores but literally don’t know a single non-Christian”. I mean, maybe you are here like that, or maybe you’re feeling like there’s something more that I need to do. Well you know what, it’s possible through every sporting fixture, every time you go to the gym, every interaction you have. But you know what, there’s also things like Bible in Schools. You know as a church this is for us, I feel, a new season that we’re entering in to, is to make that, you know, Bible in Schools teachers are getting older, while our church is getting younger, and I feel like God’s saying, “Hey church, how about you don’t just look at that, how about you do something about that”. So we’ve been talking to the people who run Bible in Schools across the country, and saying what if we just decided to encourage our congregation to engage in Bible in Schools because, you know, we don’t want the next generation of New Zealanders coming up without knowing that Jesus died for them, that the Bible is the word of god. It’s a huge opportunity. Um, Ivan will be out in the foyer, there’s a big stand out there, isn’t it? You can sign up today if you’d like to. Kapiti, I’m sure you can sign up as well. It’s half an hour a week. You’re just teaching Christian values, the word of god, literally the Gospel, to students. It’s a massive opportunity. And I for one don’t want to see another Dominion Post front cover with a kid in a Catholic School uniform in a Zen meditation posture. We’re going to do something to see a new generation of New Zealanders know that Jesus loves them. C’mon somebody.”
31:53 Three years ago, the Lord laid a heavy challenge on me. He said, “Would give me Isaac [referring to the son of Abraham who was almost sacrificed by his father]”. Um, 2011 I literally travelled literally I think about four continents on the globe; spoke at many, many significant conferences. ARISE was blowing up and everybody wanted to hear our story. Plus, I was the thirty-something pastor with the church that was rapidly growing. And the phone was ringing, the invitations were coming, the invitations were coming, the twitter followership was going up hundreds every single week. Everything was great. My wife was like, “I can’t believe it. Look at how many people follow you.” I’m like, “I’m kind of big around here.” And in the middle of all of that I began to feel the pull of heaven and God spoke into my heart, and he said, “John, would you give up the world, to win one nation” I mean my journey since then has had other instructions from god and there’s always things on the other side of your surrender. But the challenge was would you give up the world to win one nation. Would you exchange London for Blenheim, Sydney for South Auckland, Cape Town for Te Awamutu. Would you be ordinary?

Rolling Back the Reproach

11:12 I’m grateful for a Jesus who didn’t go to the cross so that people would always rip me off, so that life would always do me wrong.
12:17 And my friends, you’ve got to know that there are dual realities happening in every believers life in this room today, cause you’re born into slavery to sin, yet you live in the courts of the king. Paul said, “My body is a slave to sin, yet my spirit is alive in Christ.”
13:40 Listen guys. Wait up, pause, check, have a little mental assessment. Your future is dependent on you. It’s not shaped by your parents. It’s not shaped by the family you came from. Our nation is ours, it’s yours, it’s mine. We can do something great for God. We get to write the next chapter of New Zealand’s history. Oh man in this room we could do something amazing for Jesus, but at the end of the day, it really comes back to what we believe about us.
15:30 Now note church that the god who is saying this is the same god who said let there be light. In other words, when God speaks he creates, he shapes, and he defines. And when God said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” He wasn’t making social commentary, he was declaring spiritual reality. He’s saying, “If I said it, it’s done; deal, seal forever. I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.”
20:10 Somebody give that god praise tonight.
22:55 How stupid are people who are saying we should legalise cannabis in this country, it destroys brain cells. It’s not okay to destroy brain cells. I mean I’m against alcohol, you getting drunk on alcohol as well, but at least you’re not going to destroy someone’s mind. I mean I’ve got friends who have just smoked cannabis, and they can’t even remember what they did yesterday just because they had too much of it. Now listen, it’s not good.
2:17 Verse three. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at god’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.
2:47 Verse five. By faith Enoch was taken from this life so that he did not experience death. He could not be found because god had taken him away, for before he was taken he was commended as one who pleased god.
4:26 When I sit down to talk about my faith with my children they say, “Why does everybody in our school not believe in Jesus. How come they don’t all believe in god? And we say, “Well kids, that’s because it requires faith to believe in a god that you cannot see. But children, have you experienced that god, do you know that god”.
6:34 Our hope is that New Zealand will be won, that our families will be impacted, that we will win back a lost generation to Jesus, that teenagers will sweep in to the church, that the church will not become an old accompany of believers, but like our church, the church of New Zealand will be populated with a new generation. C’mon, give the Lord some praise in every campus. That the church will rise as a people of answers to the challenges of Aotearoa, that we will, we will see god’s plan advance. That’s our hope.
14:29 I don’t know what you’re looking at in terms of limits, but I know my god has none. He can use anybody who gives their life to him, anybody who puts him first can change their generation for Jesus
18:34 Church, we have to take ground for Jesus.
22:50 Oh my gosh, I believe with all my heart that the greatest days of what god is going to do in New Zealand we are yet to see. C’mon
24:07 …and I’m here to tell you that if you put god first we can see god do something amazing. We can see the greatest testimony for god that a generation has ever seen in the days that are ahead of us. We’re here to take ground for Jesus. If you believe it say amen this morning.
24:37 We held hands in February across every ARISE campus and prayed together and said we are the church planting team of ARISE church for the next ten years and man, I believe that with all my heart. I believe it. I believe we’re stepping in to something powerful. I believe we’re launching in to something new. I believe we will see New Zealand won for Jesus.
27:28 You know what? Disciplined action is moving him forward. And there are people who are Christians who are doing too little for god for too long, too long. You are who god is going to use. Step up. Get rid of what hinders you. Move forward. Open your home, open your heart. Move forward. Let’s take a nation for Jesus. I believe that literally maybe about four-hundred people hearing my voice right now and god’s saying to you specifically, “It’s time to live like he’s alive. It’s time to live like he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Push forward”. I’ve got four points for you and no time but let me throw them out because I’ve put some time and they’re worth sharing. Number one: If we’re gonna earn the commendation of heaven in our generation we need to invest in a greater tomorrow. We need to make an investment not into today but in to tomorrow. We’re gonna build this campus in the Hutt Valley, we’re gonna pay it off. Then we’re gonna move on to the next one and spend the next ten years moving forward in resources that will position our church to touch this nation for Jesus. It’s a season where we have to invest not in to what we’ve got, but in tomorrow.
30:02 We need to make in investment right now to see the future that we wanna see. You know we’ve got, we’ve got right now like two or three buses parked outside this Michael Fowler centre, it’s awesome. But I was driving out last week and god said, “You’ll need a car park for buses in the days to come, a car park for buses”, because we’re gonna bus in a generation who are gonna find Jesus. Man it’s costly, but let’s invest in greater tomorrow, let’s take ground for Jesus. C’mon, let’s move forward, amen.


7:30 Church, if there’s one thing I know, it is that you and I as Christian believers were designed to have on going and regular encounters with our Jesus.
11:23 We last year, last Sunday sorry, announced our vision for the next ten years of ARISE Church; encounter, community, mission being the process and the three things we are really committing to because we recognise as a church community that if our church is really going to move forward in to the great things that God’s got for it, we need more of us to live our lives out from a God encounter.
20:01 Notice that when God begins to speak to Jacob in our passage of scripture he never imposes himself upon Jacob. He says, “I am the god of your father Abraham, and I am the god of Isaac.” And then he begins to prophesy over his life, but it is Jacob who makes the decision to say if this god is real then he will be my god.
20:52 Some people in this room have had great families and a lineage of faith. Others come from brokenness and turmoil. But you know what, no matter what your family background has been like, the moment God intersects your life and becomes your god, then your family begins to make sense at that moment, your life makes sense, your challenges, your family setbacks all just got turned around in to one great-yeah give god praise this morning- that your life counts.
39:23 Adam and Eve, every evening the Lord would come and walk with them in the garden as a man talks with his friend, he would talk with them, and you and I were designed by God for a living relationship with the king of kings and the Lord of Lords.

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